Keto diet for runners | Zach Bitter and Lex Fridman

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keto-to-go by belcampo

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Check the full video from the experienced user who explains in detail below.

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Zach Bitter is a ultramarathon runner and coach.

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10 thoughts on “Keto diet for runners | Zach Bitter and Lex Fridman”

  1. I think in ancient days there wouldnt be a whole lot of need to adapt to being a good runner for a carb heavy diet. Fruit and grain doesnt run away. It would make sense that evolutionary adaptation for those that could run fast would be meat/fat fed considering we used to need to run down trap and spear stuff.

  2. Keto, 80% animal products.
    I was never fat, but I feel so much better in more ways than I feel like listing. 3 years in.

    Not going to lie though, consistently saying no to the carb habits of a lifetime was more difficult than quitting cigarettes.

  3. Lex- possible for you to detail your carnivore diet for a few days or week? By meal? Just to allow us to understand the diet that makes you feel so well? Would really appreciate it.

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