Keto Diet: Heart Attack Waiting to Happen or Best Diet for Weight Loss? | Exam Room LIVE

What Is The Keto Diet
What Is The Keto Diet

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Is the keto diet the best diet for weight loss or is it a heart attack waiting to happen? Research from multiple studies is analyzed to find out!

Dietitian Lee Crosby joins “The Weight Loss Champion” Chuck Carroll for a live keto diet Q&A on The Exam Room LIVE.

Questions answered:

Can a keto diet cause a heart attack?

Does a keto diet work for long-term weight loss?

Is a vegan keto diet healthy?

How much fat is too much fat?

What is the difference between a low-carb diet and keto?

Is it safe to deprive the body of glucose?

And many more!

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25 thoughts on “Keto Diet: Heart Attack Waiting to Happen or Best Diet for Weight Loss? | Exam Room LIVE”

  1. Probably a dumb question but I’m going to ask anyway. My Diabetic friend who just had three toes amputated also has congestive heart failure. She is dyed in the wool, plater of bacon, bag of pork rinds keto. She won't listen to me.😭Is she a heart attack waiting to happen?

  2. So what is a diabetic supposed to eat to stay off insulin that guarantees weight gain. Insurance companies don’t want to cover the better diabetic meds. Weight gain guarantees staying diabetic. 😭😭😭

  3. It depends on what fats one eats. And balance of all foods ingested. Humans should not eat corn, wheat or high cholesterol things such as a 200 mg egg. The beef I eat is grass fed (you are what you eat applies to cows). All vegetable oils such as canola are poison. I use olive, avocado, and peanut oils… I do in moderation use animal fats. Wheat is a hard one to weed out but avoid it in all forms. I eat a lot of foul and some fish but I have to have beef once a month (yum). A world of vegetables are available. Tens of thousands of recipes. Mix it up. Eat at least 4 avocado's a week there again are many recipes. Parts of some diets are great and finding the balance is very hard. KETO is not the answer! Wish you all well.

  4. Bulshit lol is not cholesterol most of the people who are commenting are vegan claiming to be keto eater fist we would never talk about cholesterol because that shit has been debunk so you are a lier stay in your lane you are a Doctor not a health physiolog

  5. I tried a keto diet years ago, and felt progressively worse, so I had to stop. A good thing I did – because after doing extensive research into it I recognised that I had been eating a DIY heart attack diet. The kicker? The diet had been recommended to me by an obese doctor. At least she did briefly mention the dangers of ketosis, and the need to do it under medical supervision, and urged me to drink plenty of water.

    It's crazy that so many keto fanatics don't know or don't care that ketosis is NOT a normal or desirable state of the human body, but is potentially dangerous. I guess they live by the idea of losing weight by any means possible, even if it ruins your health. A pity that so many of them are abysmally ignorant about the dangers of keto diets – and they spread their misinformation on social media.

  6. Click bait biased presentation. Her call name is The Fiber Queen, what else would you expect.

  7. Did keto for a year with my wife to help her (she's insulin resistant, I'm not). I ended up with atrial fib and she's fine. Since then I've been off keto and went back to doing 18:6 intermittent fasting and I've had zero problems since. Took 8 months for my heart to get back to normal.

  8. Regarding triglycerides, some folks eat meals consisting of corn, white potatoes and brown rice with limited green vegetables and no legumes. I saw this all the time in my wfpb FB group. Technically this is wfpb eating but it has a high glycemic load and could raise triglycerides.

  9. Your answer on whether the keto diet makes one more liable to have a heart attack is WRONG. Yes, LDL cholesterol goes up, but the hard dense LDL particles decrease. The increase is in the large fluffy LDL, and this is the good LDL. Your err in saying that LDL is bad. It is not all bad. I do the keto, but I have replaced meat for fish. My diet largely of green vegetables of fish. You need to say something about insulin resistance. You are simply missing the point. Carbs spike insulin, and this causes fat to be stored. Why don't you interview Tim Noakes.

  10. Vitamin B1, B6, E and magnesium missing in the keto diet? What the hell is she talking about? There's plenty of them in most keto diets unless you're doing some really weird mono version. Not even fiber is missing unless you go all carnivore, most keto people eat lots of leafy greens and other vegetables. Not only whole grains comes with fiber. Also, lots of people develop intestinal permeability (spelling) from eating whole grains and legumes, and improve from excluding them. WFPB is great for many but certainly not all people, to claim otherwise is biased.

  11. Not everyone is on keto lifestyle because of diabetes or weight loss. Silly girl. You are a dietitian, mmmmkay

  12. The reality is that, regardless of what Dr. Atkins died from exactly (the details are highly debated), he had significant and advanced cardiovascular disease. And the fact that didn't give alot of people pause before this country dived into the low-carb craze is really troubling.

  13. Lee Crosby is a shill… And triglycerides rise from weight loss in general… You're an idiot!!!

  14. What nutrient is missing from the vegan diet??? Bioavailable iron, B-12 and calcium…

  15. I followed Keto for many years and even though I'm no longer "Keto" when I took a diabetes test my blood glucose never even went over 100…. Y'all are morons.

  16. As much as I agree with the information, Lee comes across as smartass and smarmy – she's not helping people change their food habits, more like causing rebellion from keto eaters who are being shamed by her

  17. Gad. I have the unfortunate pleasure of having a keto nerd on my ass at work. Lost 50 pounds doing keto and is always chomping at the bit to spew her keto shit in my face. I wear a sticker on my bump cap at work from a vegan take out place I order from and she told me that she should then get a sticker for her bump cap with a giant C for carnivore, and I suggested insted C, for Colon Cancer. She said nothing a walked away. HA!

  18. I tried all these diets and gave up on all except for one. Only the Agoge diet helped me get rid of that belly fat.

  19. Why bash a diet that is life saving and gets results. You must be tied to big pharma because with this diet if done right puts big pharma out of business. This diet must be done properly and followed strictly. It also requires managing electrolytes and getting proper sleep. What leads to stroke and heart attack is not watching electrolyte levels, hypoglycemia, dehydration. If you cheat on this diet by taking high fat content and mixing carbs of course you will get high cholesterol and eventually might lead to a heart attack.

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