Keto diet improves arthritis pain

What To Eat On Keto Diet
What To Eat On Keto Diet

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A new study, plus another from 2019, report that very low carb diets help relieve arthritis pain. Part of the effect could be due to weight loss, but is there something more with an anti-inflammatory effect of keto diets? Let’s look at the studies to decide.

Earlier news story about the 2019 study:

Table of content:
0:21 The first study
2:12 Results from the study
3:52 About the second study
4:42 Conclusion

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37 thoughts on “Keto diet improves arthritis pain”

  1. Keto is great for me for reducing inflammation. I need more discipline to maintain it though

  2. I am obese and menopausal. I've been following a healthy ketogenic diet for a year and a half. I've lost 55 lb. Had ZERO pain before this and now my knees are killing me. Just had to get my first steroid injections. Make it make sense 😢

  3. Almost 80 inflammation 5years gone is that glycation reduced? What about uric acid lowered eventually after prolonged lowered glucose fructose?

  4. This is exactly what I have experienced after going low carb, 5 years ago. I also add collagen peptides to my morning coffee. I have bone on bone medially in my right knee and a ACL repair in my left knee. Before low carb, pain after strenous exercise, running, hiking etc. Now, no pain at all and inflammatory markers low. I have always been lean so weight lost was not a factor

  5. Most people star a keto diet because they want to loose weight. I started this lifestyle because of my arthritis and PCOS and is one of the best decisions I've taken to improve my health

  6. Depends on the arthritis, osteo or rheumatoid , osteo is inflammatory and I have found lemon juice brilliant, my neck has gone from no mobility and pain limiting movement, to no pain and full mobility. Flavanoids is the answer.

  7. I have diabetes, knees pain and over weight really want to adopt keto diet pl advice.

  8. My chronic fibromyalgia and arthritis pain started to improve within two weeks of going keto. The 'it's just due to weight loss' is the eternal excuse of those who don't understand and really don't want to.

  9. Any diet with restrictions will help you. Eating less and doing more shouldn't have a name to it.

    Crossfit also helps with disabilities, I am one of them, broken wrist and leg, with metal. More veggies and training. That will help arthritis

  10. 5 years ago I was 370 lbs due to untreated/ undiagnosed severe sleep apnea, which screwed up my appetite hormones.

    I began losing weight once the sleep apnea was treated, but back when I was sti 320 lbs my dr gave my end stage arthritic knee a kenalog shot. It was only supposed to work for 3 mos but I never needed one again after cutting processed foods, sugar, and grains from my life.

    My new ortho dr said he couldn't believe I had zero pain after seeing my xrays a few mos ago! When I told him about my diet, he said, that explains it!

  11. I cut my daily sugar intake , a major carb, down by at 98% and then a week later I started keto/low carb eating so my fibromyalgia and arthritis pain would be less.

  12. I guess I'm in the minority but I've been low carb for almost 10 years and it has not helped my arthritis pain whatsoever.

  13. My knee pain disappeared within two weeks of being on Keto, so I know it wasn't from the weight loss as I hadn't lost enough by that time to make much of a difference.

  14. Oh, Dr S Hallberg… I’m so sorry she has passed. A brave & wonderful doctor and human being.

  15. Absolutely, Keto can improve conditions such as arthritis. It's what we're NOT eating, right? Wheat and sugar, both highly inflammatory and ubiquitous! I have a long-term neck injury that wouldn't allow me to knit or crochet for any time at all without paying for it in pain. Since I've gone Keto, I can do the things I want! No inflammation! 🙂👍

  16. I had Gout in my right big toe for years! Within a month on Keto the pain and swelling starting decreasing and now I have no pain in that toe at all!!

  17. How can that be? As soon as I try to eat a little meat or fish, I get gout, which is a type of arthritis after all.
    As vegan now I am fine.

  18. Keeping my blood glucose low and ketones high is how I manage chronic pain (not arthritis related) without the myriad of prescription meds my doctors are all to eager to give me. Pain management is why I fast and eat low carb whole foods. Mitgating weight loss hopefully will never become a problem.

  19. I wrecked both my knees skiing in my early 20's, and since then lived with pain and selling daily. By the time I was nearing 50 I was diagnosed with osteoarthritis and taking pain meds to get through the day. At 62 I was put on Prednisone for another autoimmune disease, PMR, and methotrexate for my RA. A year later I discovered Keto and was off my Prednisone and done with PMR, but still on methotrexate. Every I tried to taper off methotrexate I developed terrible pain in my wrists and hands. I later read about oxalates and eliminated all plant foods and was off methotrexate and pain free in 30 days. A short time later by accident I that I sitting with my legs under me on the floor playing with my grandkids, and my knees didn't feel like they were exploding. At 68 I can now do ladder work all day with no knee pain and hike all day through the mountains. I'm more capable in my late 60's than I was in my 30's.

  20. Not probably but definitely yes.
    I had suffered from RA since I was 20, I am 50 now. Ever since I switched to keto, I stopped taking all meds and pain free. I am on carnivore now and it is even better.

  21. You will spend the rest of your life having to explain the benefits of the ketogenic lifestyle. In addition to full body physical function and many other bodily functions it cures many things including sleep apnea to hemorrhoids, not at all kidding. The channel “Critical Bench” (sorry to call them out) just put out a video saying keto was a waste of time, not sustainable, not healthy and people shouldn’t do it. I’ve been living this way for 4 years so if I can do it anyone can. I’m not Superman but I’m 55 and sure feel like him because of “ketones”. Thanks Doc!

  22. LOL, arthritis is ALL about nutrition and energetics! The joints needs to be nourished!

  23. I don't know if it's that or the concoction I make. Tumric, blk pepper, pink salt, 🍋 juice, cayenne pepper, lime juice, and ACV daily…although, I consume no man made foods either. and IF.

  24. Of course because sugar, grains and seed oils are highly inflammatory and avoiding them, along with starches on a keto diet will make a significant improvement in weight and even elviate pain by removing the cause!

  25. Been ketogenic for 2.5 years no aches or pains just got back my blood work not sure if this any good Triglyceride 0.69 mmol/L
    Cholesterol 6.56 mmol/L
    HDL Cholesterol 2.69 mmol/L but I feel great Thanks

  26. My knee and back pain almost disappear on keto/carnivore, and that is with almost no weight loss.

  27. My son has a driver job,and his feet is swollen,wat cause that,and what can he use to get it sorted

  28. At age 70 I've been on keto for nearly 2 years now but fortunately I have no arthritis pain, actually no pain at all but since keto is a highly anti-inflammatory diet I'm not surprised it would help with arthritis pain.

  29. My pain was greatly reduced within weeks of starting keto. I went full carnivore and now have no significant pain. No more pain meds. Seven months in. I haven't lost significant weight , just eight pounds.

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