Keto Diet Meal Plan 1200 Calories | What I Eat in a Day on Keto | Easy Recipes

Keto Meal
Keto Meal

Looking for Keto Meal ??

Check the full video review from the experienced user who explains in detail below.

An updated keto meal plan! The recipes are easy to meal prep and bring on the go if needed. If you’re looking for more ideas check out my previous video here:

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17 thoughts on “Keto Diet Meal Plan 1200 Calories | What I Eat in a Day on Keto | Easy Recipes”

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  2. Very satiating. Can you do o.m.a.d. with 1000-1200-1300 cal/ day, how that would look like for keto, pls? Or 2 meals a day with about the same amount of cals (never over 1300 cals)

  3. 1:26 and others. Hmmmm I tend to argue iff thats a Keto. As I understand its vitaly important to have ratio 75%fat 25%protein and rest or less net carbs for each meal.
    In Your meals You eat basicaly protein. And collect fat only by calculating all day together.
    What do You think? Anyone? Am I right?

  4. You are amazing and I LOVE your videos, starting today a 1200 cal 20 net carbs and you are the ONLY blogger that broke it down so well and easy. PLEASE make more and thank you again

  5. I love your style Monica. As a person that doesn't like to cook and especially do not like making complicated meals your meal plan is so for me. Thank you. Keep up the good work. I did subscribe to your channel. Priscilla

  6. I just found your channel and I'm feeling like I'm the luckiest person on earth ! I would love it if you kept making this type of beautiful useful videos thank you so much for your effort ❤❤ we really appreciate it ❤❤

  7. just found your channel and im obsessssed!!! love the simplicity hehe ive been preparing my bokchoy the same way this whole week! its so yummy!

  8. PLEASE MAKE MORE OF THESE. Thank God I found your channel. Someone who does keto and calorie counting, plus no unnecessary intro and great meal ideas!

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