Keto Diet vs Balanced Diet – Which Is Better?

agoge diet vs keto
agoge diet vs keto

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Keto Diet VS Balanced Diet. Which Diet is Healthiest for You? Or do they overlap? The idea behind the Ketogenic diet is where your body burns fat vs carbohydrates. The Keto diet is very successful in burning fat and reversing insulin resistance and diabetes. A balanced diet is what most people think of when they are talking about a mainstream diet and believe it will be effective for weight loss. Dr. Ekberg explains what the difference and similarities are and which is best for you.



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39 thoughts on “Keto Diet vs Balanced Diet – Which Is Better?”

  1. When you get this your target weight and balanced health, can you have a cheat day every 6 months, and not really negatively impact your weight or health?

  2. Very nice & informative video Sir and very nicely explained. Thank you and God bless u always.

  3. Isnt it about the speed in which these carbs break down.
    People ate carbs in other countries, and you say they were fine, until sugar.
    You have said bread breaks down just as fast as sugar, but does Rice, and other carbs that these people were eating in other countries like you say that had no problems, break down as fast as sugar or bread. That is what I learned , that it is about the speed of the break down of carbs.
    You say the stomach can absorb sugar/glucose –
    I wonder why, the stomach can absorb sugar/glucose from a evolutional reason.

  4. This is what "THE answer" should be… not all those "run and do crunches until u die" and eat 5 small carby meals garbage. Real food as much as possible, avoiding chemicals, toxins and processed substances. I have started that more than a month ago – never had more energy and now i feel better, lost like 14 kilos already, I really want to stick to fasting and extremely low carb forever. Thanks for making these videos, u are the reason I started my change 🙂

  5. I had been on a version of the Atkins diet many years ago, I was 18 years old or so, I lost almost 20 lbs in one month, but then I fainted at a supermarket and got on the ambulance into ER, they said my blood sugar was too low, put me on IV with glucose and gave me chocolate. I started eating carbs again and gained it all back just as quickly. Since then I have been very skeptical of keto. Probably the problem was in my young age.

  6. Beautiful explanation and in my view and extensive experience having tried many diets for years , this advise is spot on. What I have found is if you are living in the western world the types diets we are encouraged to eat so unnatural that it enivitably makes us sick so we need the keto diet to detox the body of all the sugars we eat and to repair damage to our liver , kidneys and other organs destroyed by sugar. In the natural world a balanced diet would consist of natural animal products like meat fish eggs vegetation and natural carbs like yams and berries that's it. This is the perfect balanced diet. We would probably only eat once a day and everything would be fine.

  7. If I stop consuming carbs on Sunday evening I am in mild ketosis by Thursday. How would this compare to others experience? Can number of days required to enter ketosis be used as a rough indicator for level of insulin resistance?

  8. there is not perfect diet if you think about it, everybody has his own diet according to his body

  9. I was always joking that my diet is balanced … half junk half healthy. Now enjoying keto/IF while keeping everything healthy.

  10. What heart disease and cancer which are linked to saturated animal fats and red meat?

  11. I can't do keto because my brain and body just dosen't do well running on ketones. I tried it for 4 monts strict. Low energy, flatulence ect. I felt great before i started

  12. I'm skinny but am having a hard time with carbs (suspecting Candida /gut issues etc). Can you be insulin resistant even if you are slim?

  13. Well the aztecs in mexico eat a lot of corn and some say that is the reason the priest eat the hearts of the human sacrifice ( to avoid pelagra) or protein deficiency.

  14. WOW this is amazing. I have broken the machine. I had hoped to get my Blood sugar down to Hba1c down to about 30 mmol, they are 39 at the moment. I am right to double down on my efforts ! You are an inspiration thank you.

  15. I have all those dis eases. :(…How old do i look in this pic. I was 53 now 55. I broke it by dieting not abuse. Always ate veggies, not a soda drinker, not alcohol, never tried any drugs including marijuana. I do like sweets but i had rules in place for those.

  16. May I ask what diet do you recommend for athletes like middle distance runners? There are usually two high intensity trainings in the week and without enough carbs, I feel like crap. How do I preserve good health and lean body without energy deficiency? My method now is like 8 hour eating window starting with carbs and last meal without carbs. After some hard workout, I eat carbs also at dinner. Thanks for the answer.

  17. Excellent analogy about broken machinery. I'm an ER physician and I use the opportunity to talk Keto lifestyle to my patients. They will listen when they come in suffering from complications of metabolic syndrome. Using your explanation will help me convey the principles to my patients.

  18. I am suffering from fatty liver and gilbert syndrome can i use keto diet dr.stene please reply

  19. Humans in the past have been eating low carb for most of the time. Lol wut?

  20. I battle IBS-D everyday and other stomach issues. Always looking for dietary tips and ideas. Will see ya soon from ya boy Blaise McCoy.

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