Keto Earthquake Cake

keto earthquake cake
keto earthquake cake

Looking for keto earthquake cake ??

Watch the whole video review from the experienced user who explains in detail below.

This crazy mixed up low carb cake is truly delicious stuff! Keto chocolate cake swirled together with sugar-free cheesecake, pecans, and coconut for a healthy take on the famous earthquake cake.

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33 thoughts on “Keto Earthquake Cake”

  1. It's in the oven right now. The batter taste fab! I'm so excited to taste it after dinner tonight, mm mm mmm 🤣. PS I'll post a pic on FB later. Hugs and Thank you for all the wonderful recipes! 😚

  2. Just printed the recipe, can I use egg white protein for my protein powder? I wasn't too make this tonight and fed it to my non keto hubby. Shhh

  3. I see that you can refrigerate this a couple of days ahead, but does anyone know if you can freeze it?

  4. I have made this recipe several times in the past two years since going keto.. It is my favorite and even my non keto family will eat it. It is rich and fullfilling.

  5. This cake is “da bomb”!! Everyone who’s tasted it loves it. Add a scoop of low carb ice cream over warm cake to add another layer of decadence. 😋

  6. This is sooo delicious. Best keto cake I've made so far, but I'll be testing your next recipes, so we'll find out… they all look delicious! Thank you for sharing this!

  7. I made this cake yesterday .it's so rich in flavors the coffee and cinnamon added the richness to it .
    I added 1/3 cup coconut flour instead of the whey protein. And also I added 125 gm soure cream If u eat it out of the fridge direct yes it's more like Brownie but of u leave it to room temperature it will be cake like .
    Thanks for sharing this recipe

  8. So… I have to tell a story. I made this and it looked beautiful. I took it out of the oven to cool before bed. (Was taking to a potluck the next day) Fell asleep and it was out all night. It seemed dried out and ruined. then I had an idea. So… I stuck it with a fork all over and added some more pecans, coconut and …yes more Lily’s chocolate chips….and shhhh it’s a secret but poured some heavy whipping cream over the top. Heated in the oven for @ 350 for 10 min. WaLa!! It was moist and PERFECT!!! Biggest hit at the potluck. Sometimes being Keto means improvising. Thank you for this wonderful recipe.

  9. I made this yesterday and it came out totally delicious and gonna serve it to my family later today and see if they can tell it’s keto friendly; I doubt it. 🍰😋

  10. That looks so good! Can't wait to make it. Thanks for sharing your talent and skills!

  11. That almost reminds me of like a Mississippi mud pie without the cream and heavy fudge. Looks delicious!!❤️🙂

  12. Can we substitute the whey protein with something else please? Because i don t use whey protein

  13. I think I gained over 5 pounds from making (and eating) peanut butter cookies . I can't have one….come on.

  14. Just cooled and tried it. Wowzers! So delicious. My keto grandson is gonna love a piece of this after therapy today. Thx for sharing.

  15. This looks amazing!! Can I substitute whey protein with vital wheat gluten? Thanks for the recipe!

  16. Wow! I am so making this cake! Gotta use sunflower seed flour instead of almond flour but it should still be delicious, right? Miss seeing you on the video, Carolyn. ^&^

  17. Thank you! My hubby's fav is German chocolate so maybe this will be a good sub for his coming birthday.

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