Keto Egg White Bread

keto bread recipes
keto bread recipes

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Pan size: 8 x 4 inch (20 x 10 cm) silicone loaf pan or regular loaf pan (greased or lined with parchment paper)

4 large egg whites at room temperature
½ teaspoon (2g) cream of tartar or 1 teaspoon (5mL) lemon juice
¼ teaspoon (1g) salt
2 tablespoons (25g) granulated Lakanto sweetener
6 tablespoons (45g) egg white protein powder

4 large egg yolks
2 tablespoons (30mL) avocado oil or any oil of choice
2 tablespoons (30mL) water
2 tablespoons (14g) coconut flour
1 teaspoon (4g) baking powder

Bake at 320°F (160°C) for 40-45 minutes.
Turn off the oven then rest inside for 20 minutes.

Yields 14 slices (macros per slice)
FIBER: 0.3g
FAT: 3.5g

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Tamaño del molde: molde para pan de silicona de 8 x 4 pulgadas (20 x 10 cm) o molde para pan normal (engrasado o forrado con papel pergamino)

4 claras de huevo grandes a temperatura ambiente
½ cucharadita (2 g) de crémor tártaro o 1 cucharadita (5 ml) de jugo de limón
¼ de cucharadita (1 g) de sal
2 cucharadas (25 g) de edulcorante Lakanto granulado
6 cucharadas (45 g) de proteína de clara de huevo en polvo

4 yemas de huevo grandes
2 cucharadas (30 ml) de aceite de aguacate o cualquier aceite de su elección
2 cucharadas (30 ml) de agua
2 cucharadas (14 g) de harina de coco
1 cucharadita (4 g) polvo de hornear

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Hornee a 320 ° F (160 ° C) durante 40-45 minutos.
Apague el horno y luego descanse adentro durante 20 minutos.

Rinde 14 rebanadas (macros por rebanada)
FIBRA: 0.3g
GRASA: 3,5 g

Dimensioni della teglia: teglia in silicone da 8 x 4 pollici (20 x 10 cm) o teglia normale (unta o foderata con carta pergamena)

4 albumi grandi a temperatura ambiente
½ cucchiaino (2 g) di cremor tartaro o 1 cucchiaino (5 ml) di succo di limone
¼ cucchiaino (1g) di sale
2 cucchiai (25 g) di dolcificante Lakanto granulato
6 cucchiai (45 g) di proteine in polvere di albume d’uovo

4 tuorli d’uovo grandi
2 cucchiai (30 ml) di olio di avocado o qualsiasi altro olio a scelta
2 cucchiai (30 ml) di acqua
2 cucchiai (14 g) di farina di cocco
1 cucchiaino (4 g) di lievito in polvere

Infornare a 160°C (320 °F) per 40-45 minuti.
Spegnete il forno poi fate riposare all’interno per 20 minuti.

Produce 14 fette (macro per fetta)
FIBRA: 0,3 g
GRASSO: 3.5g

Taille du moule : moule à pain en silicone de 8 x 4 pouces (20 x 10 cm) ou moule à pain ordinaire (graissé ou tapissé de papier parchemin)

4 gros blancs d’œufs à température ambiante
½ cuillère à thé (2g) de crème de tartre ou 1 cuillère à thé (5mL) de jus de citron
¼ cuillère à café (1g) de sel
2 cuillères à soupe (25g) d’édulcorant Lakanto granulé
6 cuillères à soupe (45 g) de poudre de protéine de blanc d’œuf

4 gros jaunes d’oeufs
2 cuillères à soupe (30 ml) d’huile d’avocat ou de l’huile de votre choix
2 cuillères à soupe (30 ml) d’eau
2 cuillères à soupe (14 g) de farine de noix de coco
1 cuillère à café (4g) de levure chimique


Cuire au four à 320 °F (160 °C) pendant 40 à 45 minutes.
Éteindre le four puis laisser reposer à l’intérieur pendant 20 minutes.

Donne 14 tranches (macros par tranche)
FIBRE : 0.3g
GRAISSE : 3,5 g

Rozmiar patelni: 8 x 4 cale (20 x 10 cm) bochenek silikonowy lub zwykły bochenek (natłuszczony lub wyłożony pergaminem)

4 duże białka jaj w temperaturze pokojowej
½ łyżeczki (2g) śmietanki tatara lub 1 łyżeczka (5ml) soku z cytryny
¼ łyżeczki (1g) soli
2 łyżki (25g) słodzika Lakanto granulowanego
6 łyżek (45g) białka w proszku

4 duże żółtka
2 łyżki (30 ml) oleju z awokado lub dowolnego oleju do wyboru
2 łyżki (30 ml) wody
2 łyżki (14g) mąki kokosowej
1 łyżeczka (4g) proszku do pieczenia

Piecz w 160°C przez 40-45 minut.
Wyłącz piekarnik i pozostaw w środku przez 20 minut.

Daje 14 plasterków (makra na plasterek)
WŁÓKNO: 0,3g
BIAŁKO: 5,4 g

حجم المقلاة: 8 × 4 بوصات (20 × 10 سم) صينية رغيف سيليكون أو صينية خبز عادية (مدهونة أو مبطنة بورق زبدة)

4 بياض بيض كبير في درجة حرارة الغرفة
نصف ملعقة صغيرة (2 جم) كريمة التارتار أو 1 ملعقة صغيرة (5 مل) عصير ليمون
نصف ملعقة صغيرة (1 جم) ملح
ملعقتان كبيرتان (25 جم) من مُحلي لاكانتو الحبيبي
6 ملاعق كبيرة (45 جم) مسحوق بروتين بياض البيض

4 صفار بيض كبير
ملعقتان كبيرتان (30 مل) من زيت الأفوكادو أو أي زيت من اختيارك
2 ملعقة كبيرة (30 مل) ماء
ملعقتان كبيرتان (14 جم) دقيق جوز الهند
1 ملعقة صغيرة بيكنج بودر

اخبز في 320 درجة فهرنهايت (160 درجة مئوية) لمدة 40-45 دقيقة.
أغلق الفرن ثم استرح بالداخل لمدة 20 دقيقة.

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ينتج 14 شريحة (وحدات ماكرو لكل شريحة)
صافي الكربوهيدرات: 0.7 جم
ألياف: 0.3 جرام
البروتين: 5.4 جرام
الدهون: 3.5 جرام
السعرات الحرارية: 61


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23 thoughts on “Keto Egg White Bread”

  1. Update on my bread: I made this yesterday for our dinner and do some grilled cheese with the leftovers. The texture is nice and amazing! No eggy smell and taste, toasting is doesn’t compromise the texture. My kids enjoyed it too. Thank you Miss K!

  2. Hello! May I know what I can replace with the egg white protein powder? Or will it be okay if I bake this without that ingredient?

    I really hope you can reply to this comment 🙂 thanks!

  3. I have tried so many keto bread recipes and this is by far the best bread ever. No spongy at all just like real bread ! Thank you!!!

  4. Wow, this is incredible. I subbed and hit the like button to officially Thank You 👍

  5. What do you recommend if your mixture deflates completely when you add the egg yolk mixture

  6. Hi, I've tried this 3 times with no success 🤦🏻‍♂️lol…I have used the exact same ingredients and followed the recipe. Every time I add the yolk mixture to the firm egg whites the whole thing just turns to liquid then when I cook it, it hardly rises and doesn't turn out appetisable…any tips if anyone else had experienced this?

  7. I made this loaf yesterday. This was my first egg white bread, so I wasn’t quite sure what to expect. I liked this recipe because it combined liquid and powdered whites. I was a little nervous about how it would taste because while it was baking their was a very heavy egg smell. However, once it came out of the over, I didn’t detect any egg taste at all. It did have a slight sweet flavor, which I suspect was from the coconut flour. Their was also a squishy texture I wasn’t expecting. Having said all of that, it was a good substitute for bread and I was so excited to have a PBJ. I might play around with a substitute for the coconut flour, but in the mean time it will work just fine. Once again, thank you so much for all of your amazing recipes. I also want to add that I love how easy your videos are to follow, whipping egg whites can be tedious, but following along with your vide was so easy.

  8. Miss K, you are truly a godsend. I made egg white powder bread before using only egg white powder and whole egg powder; I got the recipe somewhere. The result was the most disgusting thing I had ever smelt or eaten in my life and was so chewy! I thought it was the egg white powder that was bad. I was so sad that I considered throwing it away.
    Then I saw this recipe and tried it! The bread is so amazing. Fluffy, no disgusting smell or taste and it’s not chewy. I’m so so happy. Thank you for all your amazing recipes!

  9. I messed up the recipe and my whites didn’t whip due to the small bit of yolk in it 😭 It still tasted great though! Will try it again tonight for a 2nd time.

  10. Anyone have links to getting the Lakanto sweetener? I really don't know where to source this…

  11. I liked the texture of this bread, but I didn’t like being able
    to taste the sweetener in it. I didn’t have the Lakanto so
    I just used something else, was that critical? I see in
    other recipes you have allulose added and I understand
    that this is to make the bread brown. Is the Lakanto
    important to the recipe because I would prefer to leave
    out any sweetener if it can be tasted after cooking and
    include some yeast instead.

  12. …and “they” said adding egg yolks to the meringue batter wouldn’t work, they apparently don’t know what You know – this is awesome! Now I don’t have to eat choke bread. Thank you!!

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