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keto flu symptoms
keto flu symptoms

Looking for keto flu symptoms ??

Check the full video review from the proof user who explains in detail below.


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Today I’m going to be discussing keto flu. Keto flu has been discussed a lot without a detailed scientific explanation. Watch as I explain what’s actually happening during this adjustment phase to ketosis.We are launching a new 10 week low carb protocol the week of July 17, 2017 for a NEW challenge starting 7/24/17. This is ideal for those of you who expressed interest in eating higher fats and lower carbs for a variety of reasons which I will be covering all this week on Youtube. Please comment all your questions below if you are interested!

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  1. A lot of keto fans hate me when I tell them that ketosis is part of starvation mode. Our bodies does everything it can to keep you alive. When you stop eating sugars your body thinks your starving itself. So to get the nutrients that it needs to keep functioning it burns fat.

  2. What about sinus drainage? More like a cold? Are those symptoms anyone has experienced?

  3. I completely avoided the keto flu or sodium deficiency by preparing ahead. Purchased magnesium ahead, soduim free salt for potassium, pink salt for sodium.

  4. Would the keto diet help with sugar cravings? Every time I try to cut down on carbs, I end up "relapsing". I know that eating fruit instead of chocolate is "not as bad", but I know that for my body type (endomorph) I should be strictly limiting my carbs. I am already the heaviest I've ever been, and worry that I may even be pre-diabetic (based on what I've learned so far in nursing school). How can I shut down sugar cravings on the keto diet?

  5. What about the cravings do they go away on their own or is it the body craving something else?

  6. Ooh my gawd😩 I’m going through this right now… holly hell, my guts are a damn mess , can’t go anywhere

  7. I really want to try this keto method as low carb worked great before for me but now I have kidney stones again and I am hesitant. 🙁

  8. Damn, now I know why I've been feeling slightly nauseous, I don't need to eat extra sodium because I already eat a lot on everything, my taste buds are shot.

  9. Can you do a video on nutrient timing if you haven't already? I've heard many different things depending on what the end goals are. Some people also say it doesn't matter so I'm just confused. Love your videos!!!

  10. Should you be counting net carbs on a keto diet (subtracting fiber from carbs) instead of total carbs??

  11. Sorry this might be a silly question, but in your previous videos you have clients that you are personally helping do you do that all of the time or was that just for your videos? If not I would be very interested and would love to have more information on how to be one of your clients.

  12. Yay! Thank you, it's so nice to hear a scientific explanation not just "your body is adjusting, it passes".

  13. Can the keto diet be used for someone without a gallbladder? Also, when will the Chicago seminar be open for registration? Thank you!

  14. I really hope you try keto out yourself and make series of that for us. Would love to see how your body responds to that protocol!

  15. Thank you for a proper explanation. I feel like I finally understand this whole Keto Flu business.

  16. Is sodium bicarbonate good for your body if you take one teaspoon before breakfast? I follow a low carb diet because of insuline resistance and I want to know whether it is appropriate to drink it or not, for how long and whether it could have side effects. Thank you in advance.

  17. Hi Christine! I've watched quite a few of your videos to gain get informed on the best eating plan for me. I'm currently on active duty and my weight fluctuates so much, and to add to that I have injured my knee. Do you have any workout for individuals with injuries? Any information is greatly appreciated.

  18. Yes, I'm interested in the low carb protocol. Will online or group support be avail? I need more info like this video bcz I just started Paleo, 2 days ago, and this video is how I feel exactly. I had no idea I would need to increase my sodium intake. Thank you!

  19. This challenge couldn't come at a better moment! I've been following u for years Christine ❤️ and I've recently discovered I'm insulin resistant. I also have PCOS since age 13 (I'm 33) and I'm non celiac gluten sensitive. As a bodybuilder myself I'm in tune with my macros and since lowering my carbs to around 90g a day I'm feeling SO much better! I'd be interested in trying ketosis but I'm worried about the effects that low glucose (therefore low glycogen) could have on my muscle quality and strength 🙁 any help? ❤️❤️❤️ Thank u for all u do!!

  20. This is the most helpful and complete explanation I've found to-date what the chemical changes that result from going Keto and why the plans tell you all these seemingly inverse nutritional advice (eg: eat a bunch of salt). OH! Keto Flu is mostly a homeostasis issue, not just a sugar crash. That makes SO much more sense. Now I know why I'm so drawn to my greendrink electrolyte supp, and why I am running to pee 700 times a day. Thankyou, this is such smart stuff, go science!

  21. Hi christine ! You have great content. Would you do a video about how much would one who wants to get abs train? Or abs in general. Thanks!

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