Keto for Boxing

boxer keto diet
boxer keto diet

Looking for boxer keto diet ??

Check the full video from the proof user who explains in detail below.

Why ketogenic dieting is rubbish for competitive boxers.

The keto diet reduces a key enzyme in the body responsible for explosive energy release and therefore can seriously limit performance.

It’s not a great idea for training camps or fight prep even though it may help with weight loss.

Keeping the same calories but with carbs in will bring the same fat loss results however you will be able to train harder.


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7 thoughts on “Keto for Boxing”

  1. I found this video because Im doing keto and that is exactly what Iโ€™m experiencing.. I race go karts and Im also a huge boxing fan and do a bit of shadow boxing during my training and noticed the speed and reflexes werenโ€™t there.. although Ive found one meal with carbs and its back almost instantly…

  2. This is so true I'm going through it right now, it's just hard to cut weight and I figured keto would do the trick but you cant preform your best in boxing because it's a HIGH INTENSITY CARDIO TYPE SPORT.

  3. What do you think of doing keto during the day, but eating carbs before and after training?

  4. So if I am cutting weight it would be ok to do muay thai with low carb? Or will it make my performance worse and should I just use my regular high carb but cutting calories instead of the low carb to cut weight?

  5. Great advice. Good luck blasting kicks and jabs and crosses on low carb worst workout ever.

  6. Pretty good video,as someone who Thai boxes and has tried keto a few times, you're definitely right, it limits performance in the fight and in training as well.

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