Keto Low Carb Donuts: Crave Bakehouse Review

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Watch the full video review from the experienced user who explains in detail below.

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This is a sponsored video by Crave Bakehouse. The opinions are of my own.

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11 thoughts on “Keto Low Carb Donuts: Crave Bakehouse Review”

  1. They look amazing! what was your order to get all of those cupcakes also , does the discount still work?
    Thank you in advance ^^

  2. These come in 6-packs?
    Big mistake!
    I will never buy them just because of that.

    If these are in the baked-goods aisle at the store as a single serve I would buy them!

  3. I ordered these and found them pretty bland. The only one I found good was the Almond was sweet and very good. The others were prerry bland, needed more sugar…its a dougnut after all

  4. Omg! Strawberry top tart 😲 yum!!! The pumpkin spice one looks amazing too! Woah! What great flavors

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