keto ice cream
keto ice cream

Looking for keto ice cream ??

Watch the whole video from the proof user who explains in detail below.

Keto Mason Jar Ice Cream is EASY to make and requires no ice cream maker or churning. And this low carb strawberry mason jar ice cream recipe only has 3 NET CARBS a scoop. Plus, it takes just 5 minutes to whip up!

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Chocolate Keto Mason Jar Ice Cream Recipe:

Vanilla Keto Mason Jar Ice Cream Recipe:


Mason Jar:

Food Scale:

Strawberry Extract:

Confectioners Swerve:


*NOTE: If you plan to freeze the ice cream for several days I recommend substituting the Swerve with allulose to help keep the ice cream soft. It will freeze quite hard if you use Swerve, and you’ll need to let it set out at room temperature for up to 30 minutes for it to soften up.



280 Calories
29g Fat
3g Carbs
0g Fiber
1.5g Protein


*NOTE: Do not count the “carbs” from the confectioners swerve towards net carbs….it has 0 calories and should be tracked as 0 carbs!

PRO-TIP: Use allulose if freezing for more than 1 day. It will keep the keto ice cream creamier. The ice cream may need up to 30 minutes to defrost depending how frozen it is, so let it set at room temp until it softens up to your liking.

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It’s BEST the day you make it!!


Inform a person interested in keto ice cream and make it people thank you again.


  1. Do you think there's any non-dairy substitute to the cream for this recipe? I don't know what would thicken like cream when it's mixed like this.

  2. Love your recipes. Dont understand why you use a scale though. Any way love the way you measure too. Can't wait to try all of these. Thanks!

  3. I was wondering how you get a heaping teaspoon of strawberry essence, or indeed any liquid? That being said, I made this and it was delicious! Thanks!

  4. This looks bomb!! I do have to try this. Being on keto, I’m craving sweets 🀀

  5. Everything looks great except for that red dye 😬 I just omit it in mine It don't have be red for me to taste the strawberry πŸ˜‹

  6. Easy, quick and superb in taste. Saw the video about 30 minutes ago, and made it 20 minutes agoπŸ˜‰

  7. This taste SO Awesome!! I love your Keto recipes πŸ₯°

  8. Thanks so much for showing us how to make it! I just finished making it, enjoyed it, and will be making it again. While I'm waiting for my Amazon order to come in with the double high 24 oz. jars, some extracts and the Swerve products, I just used what I had on hand for strawberry flavoring, which was candy oil, and used the coffee mill to powder the erythritol into confection. The 3 level tablespoons of granulated erythritol expanded to 4 tablespoons confection. I used the hand immersion blender and whipped it up and the 3 scoop servings fit perfectly in the 3 tupperware dessert freezer cups. Of course with a litttle bit for tasting and licking off the tools and pryex cup! I look forward to trying your other flavors. I'm on day 5 of Keto and really liked all the VDO's you have out. Thanks a Million!

  9. Could you just blast this with an immersion blender instead of all the shaking for several minutes?

  10. I don't recommend doing a texture/taste test 2 hours into the freeze..cause it ended up being gone in less than a minuteπŸ™„
    Now I'm having to remake it.. all over again

  11. Divide up the recipe into 3 separate small plastic cups for portion control. I have a problem with portion control.
    That's my theory. I hope it works. πŸ˜€

  12. The problem is you can’t refreeze it. It turns into a solid block.

  13. I have a Delonghi gelato maker. So I think I'm just going to double up on everything and use the gelato maker.

  14. Can you omit the strawberries and just double up on the extract flavoring? Or would that be too much? I don't have strawberries and seriously don't wanna go to the store right now lol

  15. 2 strawberry cubed, and mashed.
    Get a mason jar 16oz
    1 cup heavy cream
    Strawberry extract 5 mL
    Tiny bit of red food colouring
    Keto sweetner 3 tbls
    Screw on lid, and shake like heck, then freeze for hours,
    You welcome 😜

  16. I love you man, absolutely love all of your recipes.

  17. Don't add red colouring, it's very unhealthy and there is no need for it πŸ˜‰πŸŒΈ

  18. Joe I made your ice cream and did all the shaking. It came out like mousse and the taste was wispy.. Help!

  19. This confectioners swerve has 3 carbs each tsp which you’re hiding from your hand,,,, but why??

  20. Hi,
    I notice that for this recipe you do not use butter. I follow your directions but for some reason this time it did not came out good so i was wondering if maybe it was because of the butter.

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