KETO Naan Bread | The BEST Low Carb Naan Flatbread Recipe For Keto

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This Keto Naan Bread is incredibly flavorful and perfectly chewy. And it’s honestly THE BEST low carb naan flatbread recipe you can make for keto! Of course, naan goes by a lot of different names like paratha, chapati, roti and many more, but whatever you call it, I feel confident you’ll call this recipe delicious…and I hope you enjoy it!


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Things I used to make today’s naan recipe:

Almond Flour:

Protein Powder:

Cheap Food Scale:

My Food Scale:



1 1/4 Cups + 1/4 Cup (168g) Almond Flour
2/3 Scoop (20g) Unflavored Whey Protein …. or add use another heaping 1/4 cup (30g) Almond Flour to replace it
1 Tsp Baking Powder
Pinch of salt

1 1/2 Cups (168g) Full Fat Mozzarella Cheese
1 1/2 Tbsps (20g) Sour Cream … or full fat yogurt
1 Large Egg, whisked


Nutritional Info Per Naan:

530 Calories
41g Fat
28g Protein


Inform a person interested in keto recipes and make it people thank you again.

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48 thoughts on “KETO Naan Bread | The BEST Low Carb Naan Flatbread Recipe For Keto”

  1. This really is the BEST keto naan Ever… it's really like bread..delicious 😋 Thank you!

  2. Last night i was sick and swallowed too much saliva due to eating too many carbs and sugar , now im ceaving naan 😭😭😭

  3. I made these with sheep yogurt instead of mozzarella and added a little psyllium husk: they turned out all right though baking time increased slightly to about 8 minutes with another two once you flip them along with a short broil.

  4. Traditional naan doesn't have cheese or eggs. What most recipes are doing is making a fathead dough or similar and making naan. Naan has flour, yeast , yogurt as main ingredients. I wish I could find a recipe that gets that real naan taste without eggs or cheese.

  5. Made this today and it was so good that my non-keto husband loved it too. It's so easy and can go with any food or just plain. I airfried it for 8 mins instead and it was perfect. Thanks so much Joe!

  6. Mine was a little dry ..
    That said I did use only the almond flour as I didn't have the whey protein is that probably why?

  7. Mine turned out like a crispy shelled naan. Not the texture I was looking forward to…

  8. Have made them and they still taste like almond nothing like naan… sorry mate your cookies recipes are great but for naan I’ve to look elsewhere

  9. "And the we're going to boil them until they are golden brown"? In the oven? How?

  10. I wish that almond flour was cheaper.. at the cheapest price it's 20 dollars for 2 pound. What is the price in US dollars?

  11. Hi Joe, how about vegan protein powder or hemp protein instead of the whey protein please?

  12. Just got these beauties in the oven! They smell delicious and I can’t wait to try! Thank you!

  13. It is not even about the carbs for me. I just don’t like the health effects of eating grains

  14. Y’all gotta watch your calories. This mans recipe always have so many calories .. no thanks. 530 PER NAN?? Come on 😒😂

  15. Thanks I am totally making these and some curry this weekend. Add in some shiritaki and I am golden.

  16. When I do 2/3 of a cup of protein powder, I get more than 50 grams and not 20 grams so I'm not sure how much to use.

  17. Can confirm this is so yummy! I also put garlic and onion powder into mine and they’re were amazing!

  18. New subscriber here! Will definitely try your recipes 😊 thank you for the videos 😊

  19. Y’all call it keto meanwhile it probably has about 1,300 calories. No ones losing weight with this shit. Keto dieters are so f’kin delusional sometimes..

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