Keto Pancakes in 1 Minute | EASY LOW CARB Almond Flour Keto Pancake Recipe!

keto pancakes
keto pancakes

Looking for keto pancakes ??

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How To Make Keto Pancakes in 1 Minute! This is THE BEST EASY LOW CARB Almond Flour Keto Pancake recipe. They’re SO FLUFFY and thick, and just so delicious too. If you need a quick, easy, of the go keto breakfast idea you’ve got to add this recipe to the top of your list! That’s because you can make the single serve version in a minute, or a whole stack of pancakes from scratch in 15 or less. The choice is totally up to you!

100+ Keto Recipe Cookbook:

Full Recipe:




Food Scale:


Measuring Cup:

KIRKLAND’S Almond Flour:

Vanilla Extract:



Macros Per Pancake (or half mug pancake):

242 Calories
20g Fat
4g Carbs
2g Fiber
9g Protein



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46 thoughts on “Keto Pancakes in 1 Minute | EASY LOW CARB Almond Flour Keto Pancake Recipe!”

  1. These look great Joe! Do you know if I can use this recipe to make waffles in my waffle maker? btw…I wanted to share with you and all your fans, that many of your recipes have helped me drop my A1c from 14 to 6.5 in the past 2 years! I have changed my diet so much, that my doctor told me she might be lowering my diabetes medications, or even removing me from them if I keep up my better low carb eating habits! Thank you SO much! …Peace!! 🎼❤☮

  2. I am VERY new to Keto. I have enjoyed watching your videos. I wanted to ask about the net carbs for this recipe. At the end you said less than 2 net carbs in each. Were you referring to each of the 3 pancakes or each batch?

  3. I have no idea why I watch your super delicious videos late at night before I sleep and super hungry. But they sure do look amazing 😩🤤😵

  4. These are great. I did a little modification, I added an extra Egg and a full
    TBSP of butter to make it more smooth and it came out great.

  5. Omg this is so easy and less ingredients, delicious and sooo fluffyyyyyy 😳❤️ THANKS!

  6. Hold up, you got your flour out of the fridge. I didn't see a "refrigerate after opening" on my bag (granted, I wasn't looking for it now that I think about it.) am I supposed to refrigerate flour or at least almond flour?!?!

  7. I just made these pancakes on the stove top and they were the best I've ever had. Great job on the recipe Joe Duff! 👏

  8. I’ve made your Keto Tortillas, keto cheese crackers, easy keto bread, chocolate peanut butter mug cake, best savory chaffles. Your recipes do not disappoint. Thank you for sharing these wonderful recipes. You’re a genius. Just bought Swerve Brown sugar to make the pancake syrup!

  9. Made these pancakes this morning and they are so good that I deleted all the keto pancake recipes I had in an app where I store all my recipes. I’ve made your Ket Butter Pecan Ice Cream 4 times already, a must have in the freezer!

  10. Can you add eggs on the side for a complete breakfast or that's over doing macros for the day? (Newbie question)

  11. actual 9/10. They're not regular pancakes, but they are the best keto pancakes I've had. I usually don't like the no sugar syrup, but mixed with the batter, it's delicious!

  12. Looks delicious however is never like it seems, is there any other keto friendly flour you can use instead?

  13. Another winner for me. I'm loving these keto/microwavable recipes. Makes life easier. Thanks Joe.

  14. Just made this pancake style. Fluffy goodness. I used Maple Extract instead of Pure Vanilla Extract. Next time I'll do the microwave cook and a side of bacon. 😀

  15. I love this – if u wanted to add my protein shake to it one scoop how much almond flour would I need to reduce

  16. I'm new to Keto, and your recipes are excellent. So easy and portion control is built into almost all of them. Absolutely brilliant Joe.

  17. I tried making these twice EXACTLY how he did. So why are the inside of my pancakes mush.. even using longer heating time and stove top!?

  18. Hi maple syrup is sweetened with sucralose i wish somthing with stevia or erythritol

  19. if i eat the whole mug is more calories? cuz it says 242 cal per half of the mug? or is the whole mug 242 cal? 😭

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