Keto reverses type 2 diabetes, science supports

keto c
keto c

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The evidences continues to pile up showing that a keto diet is sustainable and significantly improves metabolic health. Prof Noakes and colleagues from South Africa published a real world study showing a keto diet dramatically improves type 2 diabetes, and even leading to remission or elimination of insulin in many.


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25 thoughts on “Keto reverses type 2 diabetes, science supports”

  1. I did a modified keto diet – <25g daily carbs from "bad sources" like pasta/breads/corn/potatoes/peas, and then as much meat or veg as I wanted with one cheat day. A1C from 8 to 5.5 and was just told I'm in diabetic remission yesterday! Lost 60lbs and my bp and cholesterol levels all decreased to normal!

  2. My A1C has gone from 10.7 (93) to 5.6% (38) in 3.5 months on keto with mild exercise. i have gone from 2g to 0 metfromin per day. Its no myth! Keto and exercise can reverse type 2 diabetes

  3. The problem is not carbs. The problem is getting calories from Plants. Humans are obligate carnivores, if you try to practice veganism in nature eating grass you will die. Our natural prey is other animals. Not plants, but people noawadays are getting calories from soybean oil and Plant starches. which goes against what mother nature intended. Liver and oysters are also carby, but they are healthy carbs.

    TLDR: Healthy carbs = from Animals Bad carbs = from plants.

  4. I’ve started keto this week with my friend I’m t2d in 3 months I’m coming back to this video to let you know how I did . Wish me luck everyone

  5. can someone please tell me how to start keto diet yes I'm a diabetic part 2 and I want to really get off Medicine

  6. I have several friends interested in this. Were these done via more the Dr. Westman way of just eating fatty proteins with not really any added fats, Ted Naiman's low carb+low fat approach, or traditional 75/20/5 keto?

  7. I started Feb 2019 with an A1c of 10.1 by July it was 5.3. I was able to stop my T2D after 3 weeks on keto. I test my blood ketones and glucose everyday. I also am off hypertension meds, that took 4 months after having been on them for 10 years. Also lost 50lb so far.

  8. And why we would need control group at all? Wherever I read about DT2 official medical position is that DT2 is INCURABLE! I guess they have proved it in past. And here we have PROOF from study patients being free of incurable DT2. And I know many first hand. Knowing this I would even say it could be even considering unethical having control group denied keto cure.

  9. I do not have a prob lemme with hyperglycemia but am fat. Will keto lower my blood sugar more? Also can you discuss type 1 vs type 2?

  10. It worked for me. A1C went from 13.6 to 6.4. I expect to be under 6 in next test. My doctor initially was not overly supportive. That too changed over time. I haven't taken any medication for more than a year. I lost over 70 pounds. I rarely have any cravings for carbs. I do eat big salads, lots of low carb veggies and moderate amounts of low carb berries. It's the only diet that worked for me.

  11. Reference? His this been published? List of authors? Can't find this on Google Scholar….

  12. I think you're thinking about the veracity of the study a bit oddly. The comparison should be understood in terms of how unlikely the outcome is by chance, and so the norm against which this can be compared is not a control group, but the population norm, which is to say that diagnosed diabetics in the normal population do not spontaneously get better, but when you introduce the keto diet, they do. Look up Bayes theorem to understand this.

  13. The control group is the very very long history of the treatment of diabetes where it only goes in one direction….getting worse…for the life of the patient

  14. Low carb (not keto though) reduced my a1c from 9.0 to 5.8 in under 4 months. Going for 5.0. Of course it not a cure in that I'm still insulin resistant.

  15. This study is very important especially to us diabetics. Thank you diet doctor, we will still continue to pursue good health with our lifestyle change

  16. I am not a doctor, and I knew about these results for 5 years. Where have you been? I have a few friends who are type 2, and they have not been told by their own doctors. I think a large portion of the medical community is complicit in the promotion of diabetes. This is beyond sad. I have many doctor friends who haven't yet come up to speed. I think the medical organizations are too interested in profiting, and are not being truthful on the causes of many of our diseases. So sad!

  17. Honey that ain’t nothing. I started the ketogenic diet on accident I didn’t know what it was called but I just cut out every thing that had carbohydrates in it because three years ago when I was diagnosed as a diabetic due to medical complications the diabetic dietitians told me all you have to eat this and you have to eat so much for that well all that did was keep my blood sugars high and they kept giving me more medicine. So I just started eating saladsIn meat and my A1 C went from 9 to 5.1 I take no medication I don’t have cravings although I do have nerve damage that I am suffering through that I can’t get under control but my sugar is not an issue anymore and it’s one of the easiest things you can do for yourself to make a better future

  18. If ketosis cures diabetes then people could start to consume sugar again, once cured, and live happily ever after. If it is not a cure then, no.

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