Keto Shopping List UK – Aldi & Sainsbury’s [Clean Keto Shopping] Keto Diet UK

keto shopping list
keto shopping list

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In this video, I share my Keto Shopping List UK that is mainly from Aldi, and a few items from Sainsbury’s. It’s a clean keto shopping list and my keto nutrition tips to make your keto diet a lot healthier. I even share a couple of easy keto meal ideas using these clean keto foods.


So first, what do we need for this healthy keto shopping list?

We need non-starchy low-carb keto vegetables for each meal. Foods like salads, and vegetables for cooked keto meals. We need grass-fed/organic or wild animal products, or if you don’t eat meat, organic plant-based protein sources.

Then, for this keto shopping list UK, we need healthy fats for cooking and adding to vegetables.

Then, we need additional fat sources such as nuts, seeds, and cheese for keeping us full.

We also need ingredients for desserts, including organic kefir or organic Greek yogurt, nut butter, and low-carb keto berries.

And we also need ingredients to improve the taste and enhance the health benefits of our keto meals, things like various fresh or dried herbs, spices, double cream, and lemons.

During this keto shopping at Aldi and Sainsbury’s superstore, I got keto foods including the best keto fruits, non-starchy keto vegetables, keto snacks, keto fat sources, and keto protein sources – pescatarian keto, meat eater keto and vegetarian keto.

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Keto Shopping List UK [Aldi & Sainsbury’s]

Aldi UK Keto Shopping List:

Rainbow rice
Cauliflower rice
Frozen wild pink salmon
Wild frozen Argentinian prawns
Frozen raspberries
Pak choi
Italian salad
Comte cheese
Wild frozen prawns Large
Pumpkin seeds
Brazil nuts
2 x Wild rocket
2 x Organic eggs x6
Piccolo tomatoes
Almond butter
2 x Red wild canned salmon
Baby cucumbers

Sainsbury’s Keto Shopping List:

SO organic double cream
Organic tofu
Mixed peppers
Organic sweet pointed peppers
Organic kefir

Aldi and Sainsbury’s are some of my favourite places for keto food shopping!
I hope you found some value in this video.

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  1. I know the theory about Keto diets but have avoided them as they all seem so complicated. Your video made a lot of sense and I am grateful that you simplified this for me. I will consider this approach…..I need to do something!!!

  2. Hi, great video, thanx for it. Would you consider putting a warning before showing graphic images please, especially of the mistreated animals, diseases etc, so we can know when to skip over those parts? I shop sustainably because I'm very sensitive to animal cruelty, even graphic pictures are triggering. Also I'd love to share your videos with my friends and family but some of them wouldn't be able to watch it. You provide great, valuable information but a little warning before a disturbing picture would help. Just a thought! Thanx.

  3. I learnt a hell of a lot here, calling the meat we buy, sick animals really hits home.

  4. While I knew which foods I needed to lose weight I was not sure how Diet has portion sizes for all

  5. Hi Grata….your vid is very nice and you are beautiful young lady. I did keto for one year and lost 30kg.
    my waist was over 46, and now it has gone down to 38. I was pre diabetic but i am in the clear now.
    will definitely try the rainbow rice!!!
    isn't unsalted butter better ??
    you can always add sea salt or pink himlayan salt(more minerals) which i definitely better than the factory processed salt.
    i use goats butter from tesco.
    Would you consider adding organic apple cider vinegar(with the mother) to your shopping list?
    You are very genuine, considerate and caring person.
    Take care gorgeous!!!

  6. Wow this blew my mind I had no idea about A1 and A2 dairy, thank you so much you are very intelligent and very beautiful have a great day

  7. Be careful with tofu it could be from GM if not organic..
    I agree with the rest of what you are saying..

  8. Oh wow I’m so glad I found you, what a brilliant informative video I’ve written my list ! New sub here x

  9. thank you beautiful lady, l started keto over a week or so ago trying to heal from a fibroid l have that is causing me pain as its pressing on my bladder. Thanks for these useful tips, shame l cant have cheese as supposedly dairy is not good for fibroids. Blessings🙏💖

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