KETO Tortilla Chips In 10 Minutes | EASY KETO RECIPES

keto recipes
keto recipes

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These Keto Tortilla Chips are crunchy, salty, and only take 10 minutes to make! So, it”s actually crazy easy to make tortilla chips keto, and today I’m showing you just how to do that.


My Cookbook:

Things I Used In Today’s Video:

Almond Flour:

Xanthan Gum:

Food Scale:

Parchment Paper:

Rolling Pin:


Nutritional Info & Macros:

Recipe makes about 50 chips
(Serving is 10 chips)

108 Calories
4g Protein
3g Carbs
2g Fiber
1 NET CARB … I misspoke in the video
9g Fat


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31 thoughts on “KETO Tortilla Chips In 10 Minutes | EASY KETO RECIPES”

  1. "Whisk that egg up with a fork until the yolk and the white combine with one another." struck me as very funny. 😂

  2. Just made these today for wifey and holy smokes they came out absolutely awesome. Thanks a lot man. Also have your tried King Arthur's keto flour yet? Please see if you can use it in any recepie

  3. I wonder if I can finally use my tortilla press for this. In definitely making this today.

  4. My husband was just put on a grain free diet, and I’ve been experimenting with recipes. Made these but used my air fryer. They came out amazing and he really enjoyed them. Thanks!

  5. Just made these with sunflower seeds! While it turned out much thicker per piece (my batch also yielded 36 pcs), it was so light and crispy! I was not expecting this yummy crunch as I had countless failures with several keto chips recipes including Joe's plain crackers. I also tool a leaf from one of the comments here, used a tortilla press and and baked it at 180 degrees but for 15 minutes. No fuss with the frying. This recipe is a keeper!

    @joe any idea the macros using sunflower seed flour?

  6. It is nice to see this 📷.
    May God bless 👍with happiness, good luck, wisdom and good health🏋️. My best wishes are always with you. Keep growing and stay blessed. 👍👌……..

  7. I'd really love to try your recipes but the vast majority of people don't measure with a scale ☹

  8. I’m going to make these this week. They look amazing.

    Just a suggestion: a tortilla press can make rolling them out go faster. I used to use a round cake pan, which gets things thin too.

    I really enjoy your recipes, and they’ve helped me branch out, and use techniques for other recipes as well.

  9. How can I cut that recipe in half ?
    Plus, my husband can’t have almond flour cause he can’t have anything with oxalates. Can I use white flour in place of the almond flour to make him some chips .

  10. Not knocking you, at all, Duff. Thank you, for all your recipes.

    But, holy crap, all that for 8 chips, per tortilla? EIGHT? (Again, not a knock on you, Duff.)

    I enjoy Quest chips. They're yummy, but why can nobody make a PLAIN keto chip? All of Quest's are taco flavor or ranch or lime pepper. Just make a plain one, already!

  11. Now how do you make a cheese powder to make them like Doritos without killing your carb count?

  12. 150g almond flour -1/2 tsp xantum gum + 1/2 tsp baking powder mixed with a pinch of salt
    Add well mixed large egg
    Make a dough
    Make it into a totilla bwt parchmeny paper
    Cut it (on the paper) – cut the paper in a round shape-
    Microwave 1min , check add 15-30 sec if necessary – cool it – heat in 30 secs on a frying pan

  13. I went looking for several tortilla chip recipes knowing it would have to be with almond flour and no cheese or coconut flour as almond flour baked goods have a cornbread like taste. Yours is great! I did went straight for a nonstick skillet and a bit of macademia oil. I also tried the microwave part but did not like it like that. Also I used one long strip and fried in a bit of butter then sprinkled monk fruit sugar and cinnamon. This recipe would be way easier with the tortilla maker though. I also added several seasonings within the dough and after it came out of the skillet and that seemed more efficient. It was really tasty with my homemade cooked spicy salsa and sprinkled fresh lime juice. Thanks for sharing.

  14. This looks great….but if you dont mind, do you have any other alternatives to xanthan gum?….I dont get it very easily around my place

  15. I will be making these delicious chips on Saturday to go with my mole 😋 and mexican fried cauliflower rice !
    Great reviews
    Thank you Tracey 😊

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