Keto Tuna Salad | The BEST Easy Low Carb Tuna Salad Recipe You Can Make

keto lunch ideas
keto lunch ideas

Looking for keto lunch ideas ??

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Keto Tuna Salad makes for an awesome low carb lunch idea. And today I’ll show you how to make the best tuna salad recipe for keto. It’s so easy, so creamy, so flavorful, and each cup has UNDER 2 GRAMS NET CARBS!

My Cookbook:

Things I Used In Today’s Keto Tuna Salad Recipe:

Dijon Mustard:

Food Scale:


Tuna In Water:

Tuna In Oil:

Written Recipe:
Macros Per Serving (Recipe Makes 5 Cups/Servings):

305 Calories
26g Protein
2g Carbs
.5g Fiber
22g Fat


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47 thoughts on “Keto Tuna Salad | The BEST Easy Low Carb Tuna Salad Recipe You Can Make”

  1. My Mom always washed her canned-tuna in a wire basket under fresh water & then dried it while it was in the basket straining most water out… No soggy tuna for her & no unclean tuna either!!! I am not sure why they washed it through the 50's-70's but when I make anything with canned-tuna I always wash it first & foremost 🐟

  2. Quick questions: Does the mayo act up with the lemon juice if you keep it in the fridge? Is it safer just to add the lemon just before serving, or does it even make a difference? Am I just being paranoid? How long can one keep it in the fridge? I'm thinking 2 days max(?). This salad is delicous, by the way. The Dijon really makes it kick.

  3. This looks delicious! Thanks. I recently really cut back on my total daily calories and tightened up my macros. This will be great since it is so low carb and the proteins and fat will keep me full.

  4. How can you minimize the fishy taste? What can you add to tuna to make it taste better?

  5. Only the Agoge diet worked for me, I lost so much fat and feel great. Keto just made me tired.

  6. Dont drain the water and especially the olive oil in the sink drain (oil can lead to plumbing issues). Best to drain it in a bag

  7. This channel and black tie kitchen is my favorite channels!!! You guys need to collab

  8. This is great – thank you! I'm a diabetic and always feel tired after a sandwich lunch. Have just tried this and it tasted great. I certainly don't feel tired afterwards so this has helped me. Thank you.

  9. Another good version is making pico de gallo , and just adding tuna. But season it with black pepper to remove the fishy taste

  10. Thank you so much for this recipe. Def what I was searching for. What type of mayo did you use?

  11. Excellent video and directions. Your recipe videos r nice and quick – to the point but still doesn't miss anything. Really appreciate not being overwhelmed by looooong videos which lots of others do – motivates me and makes me see how doable it is.

  12. I would make this without the mayo. I seem to break out from the oils in mayo. But yes this looks pretty normal for salad.

  13. tuna is soo delicious and healthy!! I just uploaded a video on how to make a delicious tuna and chickpeas salad if you are on a budget!!

  14. Dill is the best herb for tuna salad, chicken salad, all kinds of cold dishes are really kicked up to perfection with dill!

  15. I'm one of those who watches food on YouTube especially late at night but doesn't make much. Made this drunk at 2am in under 10 mins and it came out perfect. Especially on toast!

  16. Curious, my maintain is around 3200 cals a day, How many portions would i get out of this exact setup with 4 tins of tuna, Cheers.

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