Keto Vegetables: The Best Keto Friendly Veggies (With Health Coach Tara & Jeremy)

keto vegetables
keto vegetables

Looking for keto vegetables ??

Watch the whole video from the proof user who explains in detail below.

What veggies can you eat while on keto? In today’s video, we’ll be sharing some of our favorite keto vegetables (and our tips for how to love them). You won’t want to miss this! #TarasKetoKitchen #WholeBodyLiving #SustainableKeto
💬 COMMENT below: What’s YOUR favorite new go-to keto-approved veggie?

Sustainable Keto Podcast:

00:00 – Keto Vegetables: The Best Keto Friendly Veggies
01:19 – Celery:
02:06 – Cucumbers:
02:56 – Broccoli:
04:48 – Cabbage:
05:57 – Asparagus
06:46 – Kale:
07:58 – Brussels Sprouts:
10:00 – Olives
11:47 – So, what do you do if you just don’t like veggies?

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9 thoughts on “Keto Vegetables: The Best Keto Friendly Veggies (With Health Coach Tara & Jeremy)”

  1. I prefer the brussel sprouts that come in the microwave bags in the frozen section. I always put lots of butter, salt, pepper, and garlic powder on them. So yummy. I’ve tried them roasted multiple ways and it just isn’t as good in my opinion.

  2. While I don't prefer salad I would eat it every now and then growing up. But I've been doing Keto and after about 2 weeks I can't look at salads anymore. I'm good with broccoli asparagus cucumbers and some other cooked ones but I'm getting a phobia of eating lettuce. Do you recommend any supplements or powders that could replace some of these for some days that I'm not totally being malnourished. I have no problem eating meat but I feel like I'm missing out not eating enough greens. Hard enough not eating my favorite food potatoes or drinking soda anymore. Ironic bc if I had some bread I could down a entire salad with it lol smh.

  3. I was in the process of drinking my veggies as I watched this. I made a smoothie with cucumber, celery, cilantro, lime, salt, water, ice. Very refreshing.

    I am anti kale! but otherwise, this is a great list

  4. Really helpful thank you! We’ve lost over 80 pounds thanks in part to your channel 💕💕↖️

  5. This answer provided me so many great veggie options that I already love but aren't eating for some reason. Thank you so much! I am picking up some of these in my next grocery pickup for sure!!

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