Keto with Magnesium | Why Magnesium is Important on a Low Carb Diet- Thomas DeLauer

thomas delauer keto constipation
thomas delauer keto constipation

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Keto with Magnesium | Why Magnesium is Important on a Low Carb Diet- Thomas DeLauer…
Drinking water, combined with a lack of carbs, results in minerals being excreted through urination, one of which being magnesium. About 50% of magnesium in the body is stored in bones and the other half is mostly located in organs and tissues and is the body’s calming mineral; helping to keep your brain, heart and muscles relaxed – also essential for protein synthesis, blood sugar control, energy metabolism and over 300 other biochemical reactions in the body. A study from the Journal of the American College of Nutrition found that 68% of Americans do not consume the recommended daily intake of magnesium and 11% do not consume even 50% of the RDA. Depleted soil conditions mean that plants (and meat from animals that feed on these plants) are lower in magnesium – use of chemicals like fluoride and chlorine in the water supply make magnesium less available in water since these chemicals can bind to magnesium. I took common problems associated with Keto and looked to see how Magnesium treated them:

Carbs improve entry of the amino acid L-tryptophan into the brain – tryptophan contributes to the production of serotonin, which calms the body and assists the production of melatonin, helping you sleep. Since keto diets mostly eliminate carbs, dietary sources of tryptophan are also eliminated.

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Mag & Sleep:
Magnesium aids the sleep process by activating the parasympathetic nervous system, the system responsible for getting you calm and relaxed. The parasympathetic nervous system is one of three divisions of the autonomic nervous system – also called the rest and digest system as it conserves energy as it slows the heart rate. Magnesium also binds to gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA) receptors – GABA is the neurotransmitter responsible for quieting down nerve activity. It’s the same neurotransmitter used by sleep drugs like Ambien.

Keto Breath:
Bad breath consists of volatile sulfur compounds (VSCs). You may not consider that cheeseburger as something that causes bad breath; however, it still provides protein for oral bacteria to eat and convert into sulfur gas. Magnesium is thought to interact with sulfur – this interaction can help prevent and cure bad breath as magnesium may neutralize sulfur molecules before they form odor.

The laxative effect of magnesium appears to come through two different mechanisms. Muscle Relaxation: Magnesium relaxes the muscles in the intestines, which can help to establish a smoother flow as the stool passes through the bowels. Stool Softener: Magnesium draws water into the intestines, working as an osmotic laxative. This increase in water stimulates bowel motility – it also softens and increases the size of the stool, triggering a bowel movement and helping to make stools easier to pass.

Magnesium directly interacts with your muscle tissue through a process called ion transportation. It bonds with specific receptor sites that open up the cell membrane and allow other mineral ions to enter, such as calcium and potassium – these ions help regulate muscle contractions and might ease muscle tension.

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Gluconeogenesis increases on keto, demanding more ATP. ATP (adenosine triphosphate), the main source of energy in cells, must be bound to a magnesium ion in order to be biologically active. What is called ATP is often actually Mg-ATP.


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  1. I'm a solid week into keto now, I'm definitely getting the head aches now and the last 2 nights I've been having anxiety and panic attacks during sleep. When i wake up i could literally run a marathon. Constipation hasn't been an issue, if anything I'm going more! probably because I'm eating lots of coconut cream. I bought the Magnesium, but all the warning labels are saying may cause diarrhea! and the comments from people are saying it wasn't just diarrhea, it's was explosive! So now I'm afraid. Like how long would that last?

  2. Is the ratio of 2:1 calcium and magnesium really that important in the keto aspect? I havent been able to get enough calcium but i still get 700 to 1000mg calcium, will it be bad to take 400mg magnesium on a low carb diet? (Not necessarily strict keto)

  3. I have suffered Bad breath critically for 11years , all promise for a cure are lies. I finally got cured with herbs medicine I purchased from Dr Oyalo channel and now I’m completely cured.

  4. What KIND of Magnesium? Looking at supplements there seems to be varying types of magnesium in the supplements and not sure which is best.

  5. I take 1000mg of magnesium daily and I still struggle BADLY with constipation and cramping on low carbs. I tried 1 tsp of Milk of Magnesia and 3 days later got diarrhea. Am I just meant to eat carbs? Please help!

  6. 500-800 mg magnesium, i suspected 400 range wasn't enough. i dont get positive results with 400, everything is just better on 800, but isnt there a risk of relaxing smooth intestinal muscles too much at the high range of 500-800?

  7. Thanks so much started taking magnisium today been on keto a few months now and my sleep has been totally crap so I hope it helps

  8. I've following you for a long time now. You gave me inspiration to follow my ongoing keto diet. Been following it for 1.5 months now and lost a visible amount of jiggly fat. I've been taking a drug twice daily called MGD3 which is basically 250mg Mag and 1000 IU Vit D3. Have seen significant reduction in lethargy and energy boost during my home workouts. My macros are 15g carbs, 110g protein (50g whey isolate included)and 100g fat (30g MCT oil included). Supplementing with 500mg acetyl L- Carnitine daily also. Do tell if i am going the right way?

  9. That magnesium you reccomend is way too expensive, I truly like you and the info you give via your channel but this magnesium recommendation is a complete marketing BS that annoys the shit out of me.

  10. Yup. I’m a physician at a teaching institution
    I teach my residents and students about this even though nobody else does since they just don’t get it

  11. Will the small amount of cornstarch and maltodextrin in my multivitamin kick me out of ketosis?

  12. That's awesome, but the Jigsaw website kinda felt spammy and made me feel as if my intelligence was being disrespected by the flashy pop-up discount wheel. Who came up with that website scheme? The product is good, I'd just rather get it on Amazon.

  13. Ive watched this video and the other one you have done about the different types of magnesium. I currently take Glycinate, I dont have issues with sleeping normally so I am think of changing to Malate. But I also IF, would a magnesium supplement break a fast. Im hoping not, but I think its probably yes, as I could do with taking that one on a morning. Cheers

  14. Just listened to your video on all the different types of magnesium. So what kind of mag are you talking about here? Should we be taking a mag complex?

  15. I've been taking magnesium for more than a month and it has not helped me sleep. Since I started keto I have lost weight but haven't slept for more than 2 hours. Weird thing is even though I dont sleep more than 2 hours a day, i don't feel tired and always feel energized.

  16. This is so true! Magnesium and Potassium! When on Keto you aren't getting enough electrolytes. I started cramping in my feet and legs and even when swimming not just in the mornings. I first thought it was potassium only but looked it up and magnesium is a major part of muscle and nerve function and part of what we are not getting whilst on the Keto diet. Within 2 days I felt better and within 4 days all of the cramps were gone

  17. Short, punchy suggestion 🙂 -> MCT oil issues when trying to make bulletproof coffee on the go (it melts your styrofoam cup). Anyone on Keto needs to be aware or they'll eventually find out the hard way, or worse yet, drink most of the bulletproof coffee before realizing a lot of the styrofoam has dissolved in the drink that is 1/2 consumed.

  18. I have a 400 mg magnesium citrate should I take it every night. I eat a lot of macadAmia nuts and spirulina

  19. with insulin not allowing sufficient serotonin to be released,wouldn't this also cause depression?

  20. How much salt do we need a day? I don't know if I'm getting enough. I've never really used much salt as a rule, thought it was bad for me, so a box would last me a year or two. Just adding a dusting makes my food taste very salty. I keep getting leg cramps at night and during the day. I take 1000mlg of magnesium a day and I take Potassium, and i drink black coffee and water all day. Help I'm stumped.

  21. My sugar went from normal to above 500. 8 months ago. I weighed 275lbs.

    Low, Magnesium, low D3, no excercise, garbage DIET, high STRESS, and lack of sleep all played a part.

    I take 2,000 mg Metformin /day. If you take this you MUST take B12. Doctors dont tell you this.
    I also was taking prednisone for an unkown allergy which the VA cant find and discovered it counteracts Metformin.

    Today I'm 226lbs. Sugar @ 111 in morning.

    I stopped bread and sports drinks, soda etc. I drink water 99% of the time. Probably too much tuna, some salmon, etc. High protein foods and salads most of the time with occasional cheating.

    I take Magnesium threonate and walmart D3, B12, etc but looking at other sources.

    Excercise is big but I still dont do much…. not enough. Long walks maybe once or twice a week. Creating a workout with push ups, situps etc.

    What type of magnesium do you recommend? Walmart brands are good for stomach problems but my research says magnesium threonate crosses the blood brain barrier and supposedly works better than the rest. I feel better obviously just from losing weight but still waiting for the fantastic memory gain everyone talks about. Unfortunately I lost memory after military deployments.. unkown reason but goes along with hearing loss and left facial nerve damage not caused by trauma so I dont know if the mag and overall better health will help or not. The VA doesnt really care but goes through some motions with ne real answers so I'm working on my own fixes.

    I didnt know how fat I really was and still am until I lost weight and I look at my old pictures.

    For others searching for answers The first step to get healthy is understanding that you aren't healthy. Take a picture of yourself and really look at it. Do you like what you see?

    Only can get yourself healthy. You have to choose it and give up your addictions: bread, milk, fast food, tobacco, alcohol, soda,, donuts..

    Yes, I said addictions. We are all addicts. What's yours?

  22. After a watching almost all of your videos for the last two years,my question is this,when should i take all my supplements? My stack is: Citrulline Malate,Creatine,Collagen,Glucosamine+Chondroitin+MSM (i have bulging disks and shoulder problems),Magnesium+D3,Vitamin C,Omega-3-6-9. The biggest concern that i have is,does it make sense to take Citrulline+Creatine prior to my morning fasted workout while intermittent fasting? Does it brake a fast? Will it work for me as a preworkout or it is going to waste because of the lack of carbs/sugar/insuline? How to combine all this stuff to absorb the most of it? Would appreciate any help!

  23. I’m requesting a video on niacin (B3), I’ve read it helps break apart fat cells which helps with the release of ketones, also it helps with cholesterol which again, helps with those on the Keto diet. There is also a lot I’ve read in the niacin flush which helps with various parts of the body, I know your research will far outweigh mine. Anyway, as always, great videos.

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