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Amy Berger from has a perspective that benefit us all – We don’t have to go crazy trying to go keto. Amy has a no nonsense, practical approach that helps people see how they can get the benefits from keto without all the struggles. Based on the popularity of her Youtube channel, this message has struck a cord with many. If you are looking for a practical guide for how to use a ketogenic lifestyle as a tool to regain your health, Amy’s message will definitely help you on your journey.


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39 thoughts on “Keto without the crazy with Amy Berger — Diet Doctor Podcast”

  1. My main goal is no sugar, no grains, no seed oils. I eat meat, vegetables and a salad and add some proteins. I try to keep it simple with some commonsense.

  2. Another thing sometimes about keto is if you aren't doing dirty keto you are staying away from more crap in foods and therefore it gives healing to many symptoms of diseases…glyphosphate one example

  3. 51:09 fie! If you are serious about your health then the only way to drink alcohol intelligently is to avoid the posion like the plague, keto or not, the problem with alcohol consumption is not adding cranberry juice! Ethanol is a known carcenogen, research has confirmed a direct link between alcohol and cancers of the mouth, breast and throat. This risk is increased with any amount of alcohol*.

    *Stockwell T, Zhao J. Alcohol's contribution to cancer is underestimated for exactly the same reason that its contribution to cardioprotection is overestimated. Addiction. 2017;112(2):230-2.

  4. I eat a lot of carbs and keep loosing weight which I don’t want, I’m too skinny.

  5. It's true, since going to a keto like diet, I'm less hungry. I like the title, keto without crazy, because that's my overall philosophy. The only thing I've missed so far, is tortilla's for tacos and burritos. I'm not fascist about anything, or measuring food. I eat around 3 dark chocolate almonds occasionally and don't feel bad about it. I was losing 4.5 pounds a week, until my sister visited. I had several things I shouldn't and didn't lose any weight the week she was here. lol

  6. Success was also elusive back then as well. Tracking for some makes you mindful. There is no set way for everyone.

  7. 9:08 yep, I travel internationally every week or so. Keto is still possible but you gotta do a lot of self catering from home, and finding grocery stores in other countries to make your own salads etc. it’s actually a fun challenge.

  8. Keto and IF has been AMAZING for my mental health and epilepsy. I'm off both my antidepressant and anti-anxiety medication, I'm on less anti-epilepsy medication and my insomnia has resolved and I've never felt better. This has been life changing for me, better than any pill I've taken!

  9. Amy has a good mix of science, logic, and practicality. This yields consistently positive results.

  10. I’ve tried keto a few times but got tripped up with confusion how much fat do I need, macro logging, not having support at home and the constant temptation of making carbs for my family. But I’ve recommitted to doing keto again with support from my husband who is now eating keto, not for weight loss but for some health issues. I am so optimistic this time because of the support but also because of the simplicity of just keeping carbs under 20g until I get close to my goal and not pay attention to all the keto info and products out there. Thanks for keeping it simple

  11. Wow, two equally balanced and pleasant professionals! So many commonsensical 'revelations" and reminders. Yes, much of eating is stress-eating – psychological. And yes, it's not the blood sugar, it's the high insulin. And yes, people have different bodies, different minds. Don't try to shame, except when there is evil hurting other people. "Maybe it's not so much about the keto – maybe it's about getting rid of all the junk we have put in there – exactly, and keto can't hurt.
    But I was shocked at their casual complacency when talking about 'cultural constraints' for a young girl 'who is just not going to eat the steak'. Well, that's serious sexism at play here. If steak is what the girl needs and culture is putting the constraint on her eating it, WHAT THE HECK, call for changing that culture!!
    What horrendous sexism is that, instead of sitting pretty on your powerful platform and saying with a laugh, "a young girl is simply not going to eat that" or "so, we have to meet them where they are" . It's not funny at all, not in the least, so don't just sit there and laugh. Show some outrage, for chrissake! If a girl does need to have meat, don't just say that beans and sweet potato should be fine! If anyone, it's people like you who can influence culture. It's not carved in stone, and don't try to make it seem that way to any young girl who might be watching! Jeez!
    Anyway, loads of information – thanks for that!

  12. I'm done with paying attention to studies in rodents. What does a rat study tell me? Only that I shouldn't strive to become a rat! I think that common sense has been lost by too many scientists. Or maybe they never had it.


  14. When I travel on a cruise ship I noticed that I would eat food that I would never eat at home.
    Is it because it’s free or is it because the showcase of colors etc! Trigger eating to stuffed.
    Since on Keto/sometimes carnivore I can control those desires to stuff carbs one bacon, hotdog and it’s calmed
    For me coffee also works..

  15. Are the cells resistant to insulin or are they just too full? Why can’t it be a mix of both?

  16. still easier, fast when you have no keto options or it's prohibitively expensive. a day or two will just be good for you.

  17. This works! I started my journey on 8/2021 at 289lbs. I did 16/8 IF program and Keto currently weighting at 239lbs. I'm aiming for 165lbs by 9/2022 with omad/ADF/Keto. My family history is also filled with diabetes, cancer and obesity. This is the best solution to get your health back. Good luck to all and awesome interview. Good work!

  18. I really enjoyed this, and agree with it. This culture is definitely addicted to eating..

  19. The book you referenced where the "anti-depressant" was a cow for income, etc. is called The Noonday Demon

  20. I realize this is an old video, but at age 69 my mother went into a nursing home with Alzheimer's and never left until she died 15 years later, living in the big "now", not recognizing her children, a mere husk of the person she once was. I'm 69, been doing keto for a year and a half, reaping its benefits. I desperately want to do all I can to avoid Alzheimer's because I've seen what it can do.

  21. Food addict anonymous is great for this and keto is perfect for it!
    I released over 100 pounds over 13 years ago stopped all flour and sugar. Now I’m going to do keto for the health benefits.

  22. The problem is, We eat too much and not enough of a balance of foods. Eat less and Eat less Carbs and Sugar. Move your body (Walk) every day. Drink water instead of soda or fruit juice. If You have to drink Alcohol, limit it to just one or two a time. Take some supplements. You will be more healthy.

  23. Great point about TMI! It can be confusing and overwhelming.

    I found once I was diagnosed as insulin resistant and went on keto cold turkey it took less than a few days to not be hungry only a few weeks to start intermittent fasting so it is possible with patience and awareness of your body. In fact it’s at a point where some days I have to force myself to eat for nutrients but I feel so much better with so much more time and control not obsessing about my next meal and a fake hunger that comes with insulin issues.

  24. I went carnivore. One beer had me talking loud and having a great time. I was fine in a half hour. But it was pretty cool. I don’t drink regular but it felt better than last year.

  25. Thank you for talking about food addiction! I agree that nearly no one is discussing this. Everyone seems to be focused on the food replacement, but not talking about what got many of us into this food challenge predicament in the first place :0)

  26. When I go low carb I develop insomnia. Anyone else? If so, did you find a way to overcome it?

  27. Hormone signalling is messed up in so many people. It's the number one issue with "dieting". If you want to get rid of the cravings, you need to reset your signalling system, which might require a few days of fasting.

    Fasting is, by far, the most powerful tool in this regard. Keto is great for general diet concerns, but it will not be as therapeutic, or impactful, early on, especially if the person has major hormone signalling issues.

    The point is to get to a place where you're not eating all the time, largely because your signalling is working properly. At that point, you don't have to monitor anything; you simply only eat when you're hungry, you crave fats, etc., and the idea of eating three+ times/day sounds absurd.

    In short, you become like Neo, in the matrix, when he asks Morpheus, "You mean, I can Dodge bullets?' … and Morpheus responds by telling Neo that, when the time comes, "You won't have to."

    You won't have to count calories, macros, etc., because your body's hormone signalling system, at long last, is working correctly. You won't have to deal with carb cravings, because you won't have any.

    But it takes a while to get there, and, if you're insulin resistant, even one lapse can set you back. If it took you 10 years to be insulin resistant, it's gonna take a while before your insulin sensitivity is "fixed". And that one cookie "cheat" can erase weeks of Keto discipline.

    This is why, in my opinion, keto and/or carnivore works best when paired with some kind of fasting routine. This, more than anything, mirrors the diet and eating patterns of our early ancestors. This cannot be overstated.

  28. Being lied to for decades on the sad diet ..standard american diet..does make it very confusing. 66 years old always careful…no eggs or meat..just unsaturated fats etc. Overweight and sick. Keto …eggs meat real food very low carb . It is so nice to be able to eat real food and be healthier than I ever have been in my life.

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