10 Well Known Foods to Avoid With Kidney Stones


What Term Kidney Stone Is?

Kidney Stone identifies an infection or internal disorder that is a crystal made solid mass. This solid mass is little in size and it sits beside the kidney and causes severe pain that is unbearable by patients. However, it is not specific that kidney stone will originate only in kidneys, because it may be anywhere in the body through urine tract. Mostly, this stone exists in urethra, ureters, bladder and kidneys. Kidney stones are also known as renal calculi and these create an extremely painful medical condition which becomes out of control. Basically, causes or reasons of kidney stones vary with accordance to the type of this medical condition. You must look at the suggestions and measures regarding how to prevent kidney stones.

Shapes of the Kidney Stones:

Kidney stones may be of various shapes and colors. However, in general it is said that these stones might be of smaller size as the sand grains, and these may also be bigger as the golf ball. While, these stones usually have brown and yellow colors depending upon type of these kidney stones. When you examine these stones by some microscopes or other instruments, then you will find some kidney stones smaller and smoother, few bigger and brown and several jagged and yellow in color. In fact, these may be of three well known shapes that can be viewed either by general microscope or some special instruments.

Types of Kidney Stones:

Kidney stones are made of various type of materials which you can identify by different categories and names. However, it is assumed that all kidney stones are made of with same crystals, but in fact this is fake consideration. Usually, there are four famous types of kidney stones are;

  1. Calcium

    stones are unsolvable and thicker in structure. Calcium oxalate, maleate, and phosphate cause calcium stone in kidneys.

  2. Struvite

    stones are longer in size and mostly caused by urinary infection and bladder problems. However, this stone mostly exists among women and resists in urination process.

  • Uric Acid

    is much common among men and there are least chances of happening in women. This stone develops when urine is much acidic and purines are excessive in amount. These purines are colorless substances that are found in animal proteins.

  1. Cystine

    stone are not common, because these are caused by a genetic disorder cystenuria. Cystine leaks from the human kidney and mix with urine and cystine is a naturally produced acid in the body.

What Causes Kidney Stone Disease?

When you have read about what is kidney stone, shape and the types of such stones, then immediately you must turn your eyes towards what causes kidney stones. Yes, this is much important for everyone to know the reasons that may cause any of above kidney stones. Usually, medical science has discovered through a long term research that there are plenty of natural foods and fast foods that may cause kidney stones in men and women. Calcium Oxalate kidney stone is the most risky, because it is bigger in size. Some of common and rare causes of kidney stones are;

  1. Hypercalciuria
  2. Family shift
  • Cystic kidney disorder
  1. Renal Tubular Acidosis
  2. Urine blockage
  3. Gout
  • Bowl inflammation
  • Uric acid metabolism infection etc.

Major Symptoms of Kidney Stones:

Signs of kidney stone can be observed felt and confirmed by medical diagnosing process. Kidney stone creates much and severe pain which the patients become unable to tolerate. While, in various kidney stone types the patients do not feel any pain until these stones do not move and reach to ureters. While, renal colic will happen when the stone goes on developing. People feel restlessness when the pain becomes intensive. Many other symptoms of kidney stones are;

  1. Color change of urine, red, pink, brown and yellow
  2. Chills
  • Fever
  1. Nausea
  2. Vomiting, but rarely
  3. Foul smelling urine
  • Urination in smaller amount
  • Frequent urination
  1. Severe pain in abdomen etc.

Risk and Dangers of Kidney Stone:

Human diet may also cause the kidney stones, because these are formed when excessive amount of proteins, nutrients and calcium is consumed. Fast foods are biggest sources of animal proteins that are most common substances to produce the stones in kidney. These stones become bigger over the time and deliver severe and unbearable pain to the patients. There are plenty of risk factors for the kidney stones which may harm the body and ruin kidneys faster. These factors include following;

  1. Obesity
  2. Dehydration
  • Much protein, glucose and salt in diets
  1. Inflammatory bowl disease
  2. Low sex interest
  3. Pain when having sex and may be bleeding due to internal wounds
  • Hyperparathyroid infection etc.

Diagnosing Kidney Stone:

Medication for kidney stones will be suggested when it is confirm there is a stone. However, for this a proper diagnosing process is needed, while medical experts always use urine and blood to test whether there is stone in kidney or not. For this they generally choose the best testing procedure that depends upon the physical and medical condition of the patients. Some of well known tests in health industry for kidney stone diagnosing are;

  1. Blood test and verification of phosphorus, calcium, potassium and acid
  2. Blood Urea Nitrogen Test
  • Urinalysis to confirm kidney stones
  1. Passed stones examination
  2. Abdominal X-Rays
  3. Abdominal CT Scan
  • Intravenous Pyelogram (IVP)
  • MRI of kidney and abdomen
  1. Kidney ultrasound
  2. Retrograde Pyelogram etc.

Ways to Treat Kidney Stone:

Medical experts suggest many a treatments for prevention as well as treating kidney stones. In general, most of these medical advices belong to routine diets intake. Yes, there are plenty of foods which the people carelessly eat and enjoy their lives. But, unluckily most of these foods are rich in natural substances and minerals that may produce the stones form a minor size, however with passage of time these stones will become bigger.

Further, you must give up the intake of foods that promote kidney diseases and stones. While, you should also pay much focus on the diet for kidney stones. There are several recommended techniques and methods of treatments that are considered most effective to get rid of kidney diseases and stones. Some of these suggested treatments are;

  1. Use of the diets that cure kidney from infections and remove stone
  2. Avoid taking foods that cause kidney stones
  • Proper medication
  1. Drinking plenty of water and natural juices that can resolve the stone sin kidney
  2. Tunnel Surgery
  3. Lithotripsy
  • Uretroscopy

How to Prevent Kidney Stones?

When you talk about the ways that how to prevent kidney stones permanently, then you must view some of best suggestions. In these advices, there is also a point that avoid the foods and diets that may promote stones in kidneys and cause production of bigger stones. Usually, you must look at foods to avoid with kidney stones. Some of the foods that are forbidden to consume during kidney diseases have been explained in below with little detail.

1) Sodium Rich Diets:

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Sodium is a major substance that create thick layer of crystal when it reaches to kidney. Here, sodium is concentrated and kidneys do not push it out of body through urination. That is why; its stays longs and becomes a clog like particle that grows with passage of time. When it becomes a crystal, then it starts moving throughout the body via urine tract. You must avoid all of the foods and regular diets that are rich with sodium element. Cares and cautions are better than having expensive, painful and long term treatments.

2) Potassium Concentrated Foods:

Potassium is another element that reacts like the sodium and it also causes crystals in kidneys. Medical experts say that kidneys become unable to release potassium completely from urine by filtering the water. When you read symptoms of kidney stones, then you will see potassium in the main elements that cause continuous growth of crystals and stones in the kidneys. You must avoid the foods that have excessive amount of potassium. If you exclude such diets from your routine meal, then obviously you can prevent kidney stones successfully.

3) Processed Deli Meat:

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All of the meals like processed deli meats can cause stone in kidneys. There are some types of meat like fish, shellfish and other seafood that have massive amount of calcium oxalate, potassium, sodium, phosphate and carbonates. All of these substances create stone sin kidneys. These stones are also harder and bigger in sizes which are impossible to release from body as well as they are not soluble. Everyone must avoid meats that are processed, while the people having this medical condition in their family history should strictly follow dietitian instructions.

4) Soda & Salt:

Soda and salt both have sodium and it has been explained earlier that how sodium may cause kidney stones. When you search for what causes kidney stones, then definitely you will observe the soda and salt at top. These substances may also injure the kidney when crystal type stone becomes bigger and starts moving with urine tract. It will continuously deliver severe pain and more probably there will be bleeding through urine due to injured bladder. All the foods and eatable goods having soda and salt in rich quantity must be avoided to prevent kidney stones.

5) Frozen Meals:

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Most of women use frozen meals carelessly, but they do not know exactly the problems and side effects of such meals. You must include the recommended and health friendly diets, while for this you can take help from internet, doctors and physicians for finding right foods. If you want using frozen meals, then you should warm them on fire until it melts up and there is no frozen part of such meals. Secondly, when you preserve the meals in special accessories and containers, then there will be no harms for consumers.

6) Butter & Dairy Products:

All of dairy products and specially the butter have massive quantity of proteins, salt and nutrients that cause stones in kidneys. Regular intake of such products will cause quick weight gain and more chances of various physical and health diseases in which kidney infections are more common. Dairy products make the blood thicker and kidneys do less filter of urine that may cause kidney stones.

7) Mayonnaise:

High calories in daily diet will lead you towards the kidney issues. It has been discovered that just one spoon of mayonnaise will have 103 calories that will make the blood thicker and restrict it flowing. Thicker blood is a medical condition which slows down various internal body functions in which digestion, heart function to pump the blood, low filtration of water to make urine and breathing problems are leading. You must choose the diet for kidney stones and share it with any dietitian, so that you can get a better suggestion over your diet plan.

8) Excessive Amount of Protein:

Animal protein is a leading substance that causes kidney stones. This protein is excessively found in seafood, meat and other kinds of fast foods. That is why; doctors and physicians advise people avoid the foods that may harm body internally and cause kidney stones. You should know better that how to prevent kidney stones than which treatment is right to get rid of this medical condition.

9) Phosphorus Foods:

Phosphorus and phosphate both are toxic and much injurious for health of kidneys. Sure, both these are not completely soluble in blood and kidneys fail to filter them and release from body through urination process. When these elements stay longer inside the body, then they cause various injuries in which kidney infections and stones are much common. You must avoid the foods and products which have sufficient amount of phosphorus, as it is risky to take.

10) Carbonated Beverages:

Along with hundreds of chemicals, substances and natural elements, the carbonated beverages are also well known that cause kidney stones. You must pay attention consciously to the

foods to avoid with kidney stones

. If you exclude such foods from your regular diet, then more probably you will be free of kidney diseases and stones.

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