Kiss My Keto Bread Review | IS IT A LEGIT KETO, LOW CARB BREAD OPTION? | Blood Glucose Results

kiss my keto bread golden wheat
kiss my keto bread golden wheat

Looking for kiss my keto bread golden wheat ??

Watch the full video review from the proof user who explains in detail below.

Hangry reviews Kiss My Keto’s Keto, Low Carb Bread. 4 Flavors Reviewed – Golden Wheat, Seeded Wheat, Dark Wheat, and Cinnamon Raisin.

Kiss My Keto Variety Pack

Lakanto Maple Syrup

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18 thoughts on “Kiss My Keto Bread Review | IS IT A LEGIT KETO, LOW CARB BREAD OPTION? | Blood Glucose Results”

  1. great review …my favorite keto bread at home is "SOLA deliciously seeded" 2 carb net OMG toasted with avocado and tomatoes or a fry egg on top. We also like a lot the hot dog buns , but I preferred to eat one half toasted with peanut butter and Jam.

  2. I make french toast with Aldi's multiseed bread!! It is really good and use great Value sugar free syrup. Meets my macros!

  3. I love your reviews on keto/low carb bread. You've helped me out a lot in staying away from some of these breads, and also maybe considering others that might be good for me. I know you get asked a lot to try so many different things, so I hope you will consider trying this new bread I found that really surprised me with its taste and texture. It's a bit cleaner than some of the other breads I've seen. I don't know what part of the country you live but I did find it at one of my local grocery chains here in California. Some people refer to it as a Costco bread because, I guess they sell it, but it's actually a Canadian bread. It's called Carbonaut. It comes in 2 types, seeded and white. I prefer the white. I would love to know the sugar impact it has on you as I trust you so much.

  4. I really wanted to try this bread but unfortunately you can only buy them in bulk from Amazon for $39.99 or you can buy one loaf to try out from their website. I have thrown out so many keto breads because they tasted so bad, I was not willing to pay $39.99 just to do the same, should they not meet my expectation so I wanted only one loaf. Besides, I don't have the room to store 4 loaves of bread in my freezer. I tried ordering from the KISS MY KETO website and they wanted $9.70 for shipping. Not going to happen. They need to distribute their breads to local stores where people can walk in and purchase them without paying those ridiculous shipping charges. The bread's price itself is off the charts but I'd be willing to pay for that if it turned out to be as good as everyone says it is. But not an additional $10.00 for shipping.

  5. Yo quest has some buy one get one half off deals on amazon. The quest chips and peanut butter cups are on sale.

  6. I don't think you're late because this is the first time I'm hearing that kiss my keto makes bread lol

  7. Omg! Ur so funny 🤣 I love ur “Spirit Fingers” and I love when you say “It’s banggin’”

  8. Our aldis was out of their bread. They are having trouble keeping it. So I went to kroger thinking I could find something. Heard they had sola. No luck. Went to our Walmart and they had a new healthy life keto bread and buns. I picked some up. Similar ingredients as the aldis bread. The buns was amazing. Went back get a few more and that's all they had left. Shelf was gutted.

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