Kiss My Keto Bread Review | Is it keto? Is it good?

kiss my keto bread golden wheat
kiss my keto bread golden wheat

Looking for kiss my keto bread golden wheat ??

Check the whole video from the proof user who explains in detail below.

Hi! I’m Jared Taylor “JT” and I’m a certified keto and intermittent fasting coach. I’ve seen Kiss My Keto advertise their keto bread all over the place. I have wondered, “Is it really keto? Does it taste good?”

So I thought I would buy some and make a “Kiss My Keto Bread Review” video in an effort to help others who may be wondering if they should try it too.

Although I have grown accustomed to not eating bread I recognize that good keto bread is something many people are looking for. Truthfully I wanted to try it for myself too.

In this video, we will discuss five categories.

1) Is it keto?
2) Are the ingredients good?
3) How available is it?
4) How much does it cost?
5) How does it taste? (this one’s my favorite!)

There are a lot of options for keto bread out there. Whether you are buying some or making it yourself it’s hard to know which options are best.

I hope this video helps you make that decision for yourself. Especially if you are considering keto bread from Kiss My Keto.


Ping a person interested in kiss my keto bread golden wheat and make it best friends thank you again.

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21 thoughts on “Kiss My Keto Bread Review | Is it keto? Is it good?”

  1. Just curious (not being judgemental, I'm very pro keto), who certified you, and in what?

  2. I follow Keto. However, I am underweight, I need to gain around 5 kilos. How can someone gain weight with Keto do you know?

  3. Have you reviewed Mission keto or low carb tortillas I was looking at spinach herb. As far as accuracy

  4. Great explanation.. subscribed I paid 11 for bread at whole foods called zero bread or something.. it tasted horrible so I threw it out.

  5. Hi JT, I haven't tried this bread and I'm not Keto but pretty interested since I'm on a 100 lb weight loss journey with 41 lbs off so far. But back to the Keto Bread, here in the Midwest we have a nature market chain that has this brand for $9.99.

  6. The cost is freakingly expensive… I can just baked my own Keto Bread!!! Why bother??? Plus I pretty much know about my ingredients without spiking my insulin level!!πŸ˜«πŸ˜‚πŸ€£πŸ˜…πŸ˜πŸ˜Š Cannot rely with honey nor wheat!!πŸ˜‚πŸ€£πŸ˜πŸ˜±πŸ˜Š

  7. I saw the company answer a social media question about the honey – it is only used to activate the yeast, which eats the sugar leaving no significant remaining sugars.

  8. Amazon sells them in bulk, and it's discounted if you get more than 2 (and free shipping). I got 3 packs for $30 and gave my friend one for $10 😊 it's still a steep price but if you're just eating it as a treat on keto then I think it's perfect!

  9. You should include blood sugar and ketone testing if you can that's always what I'm most interested in

  10. I was considering buying this product until I saw that the company charges 9 bucks to ship it. That’s on top of 12 bucks to purchase it. If shipping were free, they would have my business.
    Otherwise, forget about it!

  11. I agree that the prices on these keto breads are off the charts. It also disenfranchises people who don't have the income to afford to be healthy, so now you have a larger gap between the haves and the have-nots, contributing to economic inequality when it comes to being healthy. OTOH these breads are made by very small companies that don't have millions of people buying their products, like Sara Lee, or Wonder Bread, Pepperidge Farm or Arnold breads does, who can then afford to lower their prices because of the huge amounts of people that are buying their products, not just their breads but all the other products these big corporations sell that keep them thriving.

    These small health food businesses don't have a large target audience. And with the prices they charge, it turns off the majority of potential customers, because Sara Lee is what they can afford, leaving these small businesses to charge more in order to make some sort of profit.

  12. Sprouts Farmers Market on the West Coast sells this bread in their stores. If you go to KISS MY KETO website you can do a "store locator" to find which stores in your area carries this bread. Here in California, GNC, The Vitamin Shoppe, Ralph's (Kroger), Walmart, Sam's Club and some other local non-chain health food stores.

  13. The sandwich looks so good. Keto for almost 2 years and have lost 120lbs. Gonna give this a try as more of a once every few months kind of thing based on the price. Thanks for a great video.

  14. Important point about the gluten. Also, gluten is very inflammatory. Eliminating gluten can help relieve chronic muscular and arthritis symptoms.

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