Kiss My Keto – Four Breads Reviewed with Surprising Glucose Results 😲

kiss my keto bread golden wheat
kiss my keto bread golden wheat

Looking for kiss my keto bread golden wheat ??

Check the full video review from the experienced user who explains in detail below.

In this video, I review all four flavors of Kiss My Keto bread: golden wheat, dark wheat, seeded wheat, and cinnamon raisin. Like my other bread reviews, I do glucose testing on each bread. The results were surprising…

0:00 Intro
0:56 Golden wheat
4:54 Dark wheat
8:18 Seeded wheat
10:35 Cinnamon raisin
14:17 Summary

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35 thoughts on “Kiss My Keto – Four Breads Reviewed with Surprising Glucose Results 😲”

  1. The best KETO bread i have tried is Aunt Millies low carb bread, its soft and moist , I don't eat it every day but when i want bread, or to eat a sandwich, it is the best. its about $4 a loaf and its a small loaf.

  2. Just wondering, if you are not diabetic, why would you jab that thing in your arm. Of course, I’m scared of needles🤷🏼‍♂️

  3. Thx. Based on ur review, ordered seeded and golden wheat. Like having the texture of bread with bacon and eggs bkfst, and stable blood glucose levels after consuming? That’s what I want. I’m not pre- or diabetic either, so blood glucose response should be abt the same. Thx again. Very helpful.

  4. Thanks, Steve! Have you tried Aunt Millie’s keto bread? It’s the closest thing I’ve had to white bread. They have a wheat version too and the size of their pieces is like regular bread.

  5. I would be wary of anything that has flax seed as a primary ingredient. I’ve heard that it can really lower a man’s testosterone levels. I would be too nervous to give this to my son.

  6. Thank you for this. I can't eat any of these because of celiac but I am going to recommend this video to the keto support group I manage. Hope to get you some views!!

  7. How can something have honey, but it says no carb or no sugar?🤔🤔 Surprised it doesn’t effect the glucose level.

  8. We make keto "chips" using Joseph's brand lavish breads from walmart. Use pizza cutter to cut, toss with oil and seasoning in its own bag, and bake for 7 minutes at 375F

  9. I got a kick out of getting a message from you while I was still watching. I'm a VERY regular watcher that has been keto for a couple of years. Lost over 100 lbs and depend on info like this. THANKS AGAIN

  10. I was impressed that your wine rack went from 6 bottles to 1 by the end of day 3. Great job! 😂

  11. Are there any store bought breads that don't have any wheat products? And are clean? I haven't found that so for in your testing. Great videos.

  12. You sounded so pleased after tasting the seeded wheat bread that I immediately ordered six loaves directly from the company as Amazon only had the 4 variety pack. The package just arrived and I opened a loaf and toasted and buttered two slices. I'm so disappointed. The taste is not good, this bread is either stale or our tastes are too different for me to rely on your reviews and that's really making me sad. I've spent so much money on Keto ingredients and products over the past two years but eating only meat and salad for most meals. I reached my goal weight in less than 4 months and haven't gained a pound since. So many Keto YouTubers (not you) still look as overweight as they did in their videos from several years ago so I guess I shouldn't complain that my dull diet is working. My pantry is stuffed with every Keto sweetener, no matter the cost, and I still can't make a cup of coffee that tastes good to me so I'm just going without. I've also tried every potato substitute and every pancake recipe but none of them tasted good. I do appreciate the time and effort you put into your videos and will continue to watch but this bread was just another fail for me.

  13. Wondering which version of this bread would work best for sopping up my over-easy eggs.? I have a VERY TIGHT BUDGET! Thanks, I really miss over-easy eggs with toast.

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