Let go of excess mental baggage to uncover the hidden secrets of life

We humans spend most of our lives giving freedom to our minds. We let our thoughts wander randomly and fill our minds with constant chatter. Research shows that people register an average of 6,000 thoughts each day. Our obsessive planning, cataloging, and paraphrasing crowd out our ability to explore our deeper meaning and purpose.

Even when we try to bring our consciousness closer to the present moment and see it with a broader awareness, we usually do not free ourselves from thoughts and worries. We are not used to traveling light. In fact, wherever we go, we pack more than we need, and I’m talking about mental baggage.

It is not easy to appear with an open, uncluttered mind. This is because the “I”, the person we really are, is not fully known to us. How can we be fully present in the moment without knowing who we really are in it?

Yes, we know ourselves, but that knowledge is mostly based on the identity we created or how we feel about ourselves at the moment. When we can decipher and then shed the mental baggage we carry, we can begin to connect to a deeper reality as awakened and aware as possible.

Mindfulness Practice

Practicing mindfulness not only helps us stay awake, but it also helps us recognize the impermanence of life. As a result, we get more acceptance of it. We are increasingly aware that our lives matter. The moments of our lives matter. We don’t want to waste them – none.

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Through mindfulness, we can rein in our busy minds and step into the present moment. We begin to move beyond limited thoughts and beliefs and into silence to unlock a higher level of consciousness. Mindfulness opens our mind so that we can see with full awareness. In this pure state of mind, we can participate in life as more thoughtful, sensitive, and attuned human beings.

Use these mindfulness practices to live more mindfully and free yourself from mental baggage:

1. Take “present moment awareness breaks”

The more you are present, the more you are aware, and the more you are aware, the more you are present. It continues to evolve from there. With consistent practice, mindfulness will sharpen your awareness so that you can see beyond the surface.

2. Curb Your Selfish Thoughts

Learn to appreciate slowing down and calming the mind by refraining from trying to manipulate the world to satisfy your ego. Get out of your own way and out of the drama you create. Don’t let your “little self” rule everything. Strive to increase your awareness, elevate your consciousness and continue the path of spiritual development, removing one by one the veils of lies.

3. Strive to engage in more conscious knowledge

Mindfulness is a mental state of consciousness and awareness. It helps you find oneness with a reality free from illusions. Don’t you want to know what this life, this reality really is? It cannot be only what lies on the surface. Staying outside is like living outside a magnificent palace and never getting inside.

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4. Take care of your spirit

When you feel some kind of emptiness or apathy, it is your spirit that is telling you something extremely important. But if, instead of going deep within yourself to find what’s bothering your spirit, you choose a distraction or a way to anesthetize yourself, you don’t care about your spirit. Feeding your spirit can mean meditation, yoga, sitting in contemplation, walking in nature, gardening, playing with your pet, making love, painting, cooking, helping those in need, or moving to music. Enjoy the occasions when your spirit can soar.

5. Open yourself to a sense of unity

As you begin to explore life beyond the surface, you begin to realize that there is so much to experience and learn. You are part of the collective, the universe, the cosmos, the unity and higher consciousness that breathes life into all of us. Consciously tune into it. Mindfulness will lead you along the mystical path. If you keep your mind open and your thoughts enlightened, you will become aware of the hidden truths of life.

Author biography

Ora Nadrich is a pioneering mindfulness expert, international keynote speaker and trainer, and founder and president of the Transformational Thinking Institute. A sought-after expert in mindfulness, transformational thinking, and self-knowledge, she is the author of Says Who? How One Simple Question Can Change Your Mind Forever, and Live the Truth: A Mindfulness Guide to Authenticitynamed by BookAuthority “one of the top 100 mindfulness books of all time”. Her new book Mindfulness and Mysticism: Connecting Present Moment Awareness to Higher States of Consciousness (IFTT, November 11, 2021). Learn more at oranadrich.com.

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