Live! Instant Pot Spare Ribs & Keto Potato Salad!

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Watch the whole video from the experienced user who explains in detail below.

Get ready for the best darn instant pot ribs! How to make a keto rub, prep your spare ribs, and easily make some fauxtato salad that will have you drooling for more!

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27 thoughts on “Live! Instant Pot Spare Ribs & Keto Potato Salad!”

  1. Nancy, what brand of sauce did you use on the ribs. Is it home made or a specific brand.

  2. Nancy I love making chicken wings in the oven 425 on parchment paper I take 1 teaspoon of baking power mix in the raw chicken wings spread on parchment paper season them and put them in the oven . Keep checking them turn them until there crispy like you want . Then you put frank hot sauce . There so good yummy 😋

  3. Glad your back Nancy congratulations your strong lady 💪and real . Stay positive and one day at a time .big hugs 🤗

  4. I've missed you Nancy. I love your realness and enjoy watching all of your videos. Thank you for everything you do.

  5. You are so resilient Nancy. So appreciate all your efforts. I hope you attain a level of health and weight that brings contentment. Regards from Australia

  6. I saw years ago that you grab that silver skin with a paper towel and it pulls right off. It works!

  7. you always inspire me to cook I thoroughly enjoyed watching you cook this awesome keto meal.

  8. My heart hurt for ya when ya said you hadn't been on because of weight challenges. You are such a joy to watch, listen to, laugh with and learn from. You are genuine and honest about challenges many of us face as our bodies age, change, get figured out, then… decide to go nuts on us and change everything up. Stay true to you, keep doin whatcha know to do and we love ya and appreciate you in all shapes, sizes and forms. You are a gem just as you are and I am thankful to get to share in your gifts.

  9. Thx for showing how to clean up an over large rack of ribs. Growing up, we couldn't afford them. When family, cousins and all got together, the men always did them so now, I know how to clean them up. Thx 😊

  10. Just watched this video and it made me sad that you were reluctant to go on because you had gained weight. We don’t watch you to see whether you’ve gained or lost! We just love you as a friend and we love your content. We all struggle with something in life and we all need each other’s support! God made us to need one another! So you keep right on helping all of us and you will be blessed for it!!! Sending a hug!

  11. I'm in Dallas and I HATE those damn bugs!!! Now that it's raining so much they are coming out by the droves!!!

  12. Can’t wait to try doing spareribs this way and to try making the faux potato salad

  13. For the egg, just use a teaspoon and push it in under the membrane and it will just peal off.


  15. I was in your shoes. I’m still keto but greatly lowered my fat and upped the protein.

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