Low Carb Diet: Fat or Fiction? Does it work?

Keto Diet
Keto Diet

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Recent research suggests low carb diets could improve the lives of people suffering from obesity and diabetes.

Reporter, Dr Maryanne Demasi, asks international advocates, sports scientists and Australia’s leading nutritionists is it just another fad or is there more to cutting the carbs?

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44 thoughts on “Low Carb Diet: Fat or Fiction? Does it work?”

  1. Imagine telling people to eat more of a substance that triggers the production of a second substance that turns what they've just eaten into fat. Then imagine also telling them to eat less of a substance that does NOT trigger the production of a second substance that turns what they've just eaten into fat. … Finally, imagine getting rich from forcing this genocidal advice upon people, and then showing up at their funeral after you've killed them to express your condolences to their family. … This is the definition of a medical "doctor" or "nutritionist" in 2022. … These are some very mentally disturbed people – whom you should most definitely avoid at all costs.

  2. Reveal your current weight at present, not years ago when you have lost the incredible weight

  3. I've stopped eating flapjacks. I now snack on small portions of veg and fruit, or simply drink water.

  4. I was raised on a high carb diet. It is very difficult trying to change that. However I do eat a lot of fresh fruit and veg now and I like healthy fats like avocados, nuts, oily fish.

  5. Realise this clip is old however the intake of fat and carbohydrates have both increased over time. Eating fast food is high in both in fact it's higher in fat as a proportion compared to recommended diet depending on the associated soft drink consumption. Cut out sugar except for unprocessed fruit and alcohol and only have wholemeal or whole foods you get the same results. Just cut out junk food and 90% of the obesity will just go away.

  6. The only problem with this old documentary from 2014, is vegetable oils are not longer recommended! please update this, some people will abuse this info! like with the carbohydrates pyramid!!!!!

  7. I mean it makes sense, look at every tribe in africa or worldwide who case and hunt animals to survive. all they eat is meat and animal fat and maybe some root vegetables and run 30 miles a day and they are absolutely ripped

  8. Follow the money, I don't trust the doctors, they're criminals, don't they know the negative side effects of there poisonous drugs, sure they do

  9. It does work, my HBa1C was 11. now its 6. I am on Keto + low GI food only. more and more people should try this.. below is the list of benefits I observe.

    1. got rid of hyperhidrosis.
    2. no anemia anymore, I sleep full 8 hours now, compared to 5 or 6 hours earlier.
    3. Skin benefits, Acne gone.
    4. No foggy memory,
    5. No tiredness.
    6. More concentration.
    7. Metformin free, Insulin free now.
    8. Lower triglycerides.


    Please note, when I started this, I also started weight lifting and jogging on alternate days.

  10. My type 2 Diabetes disease came to an end after using the natural herbs medication which I ordered from Dr IGUDIA on his YouTube channel. The herbs medication was indeed very effective and helpful and I encourage anyone who also suffers from Diabetes or any form of disease like Cancer, High blood pressure, Obesity, Herpes infection, Heart disease, COPD, Skin disease to contact the great doctor on his YouTube channel for help with his natural herbs for all kinds of illnesses.

  11. These governments sticking with the Low fat high carb diets are bought and paid for. Never listen to them.

  12. I've been saying all this stuff for 20 years. Finally people are doing the research. If diabetics should reduce carbs then why the heck would a diet high in carbs be good? Primates have been eating meats, vegetables, nuts and unprocessed sugars for millions of years. (Most unprocessed sugars are actually ok for diabetics) Why would someone think that eating all the other stuff including processed fats are good when evolution promotes peak performance?

  13. My Diabetes disease all came to an end after using the natural herbs medication I ordered from this great Dr IGUDIA on his YouTube channel. I will forever tell the world about your great medication doc.

  14. I have been on a ketogenic diet for 4 years. I did not need to do it since I have always been thin and moderately athletic. I wanted to remove the sugar/carbs in my diet for purely health improvement needs. Your body burns fat for energy. Your liver produces any required glucose your body needs converting fat. But the real glucose need by the body is very minimal. The effect for me has been tremendous. I do not have joint pain. I do not have gastrointestinal issues. My energy throughout the day is flat; no wild swings due to sugar/carbs. My thought processes have been improved. I am 57 years old and will never go back to a crappy sugar/carb heavy diet.

  15. 5 years with a maximum of 20 total carbs per day. I will never eat any other way. 5.2 A1C now with no meds and it was 11.2

  16. There aren't any essential carbs in a diet ,they are full of sugar,essential amino acids come from animal fat ,there is no fat in veggies and corn yet they make corn oil and vegetable oil where does the fat come from ,our government implemented the low fat diet in the 80s and look what happened the obesity rate shot up ,that should tell you what the real problem is ,open your eyes stop believing the B.S they give you, they see it as a money maker for them and big pharma,the more obese people ,the diabetics,the more meds sold ,it's a business and the masses fall for it,common sense will go a long way,it doesn't matter what diet you follow just get rid of all the processed foods and eat whole foods ,there is no one size fits all diets,the best diet is the one you can follow.

  17. Maryanne Demasi is an outstanding investigative journalist and an impressive presenter.

  18. At 28:37 , so-called “nutritionist” Tim Crowe, simply dismisses the general population as too weak to change their diets to a more healthy alternative;

    Wake up, bloke, low-carb lifestyle is not a fad.

    The more I hear from nutritionists, the less faith and respect I have for them. He is a prime example. The several I have dealt with (for ex. At Stanford hospital in California), the more i realize they are book-smart, generalists (I.e., “make sure you are eating ‘healthy’. When asked about an example of such a meal plan…”Oh, we don’t do that.” 😱

  19. I have lost 105 pounds eating healthy low carb and intermittent fasting…

  20. Everything is carbohydrates, and everything is sugar………………………….Oh! I love my chip butties!

  21. I've been on low carb high fat for 11 years. My hormones and blood work always surprises doctors when I tell them what I ear. People often say I look 30, when I'm 43 years old. Life's good when butter is plenty!

  22. Well my sugar craving stopped and i am less hungry so yeah in a way but its more a way to get your Food diet in shape and how you live your life after that you can go back to normal eating but in smaller portions

  23. Lol @ the idiot "expert nutritionialist" who says low carb diets are too difficult and people just end up reverting back to their crap eating ways from before. This is so wrong, its exactly the opposite – OH and its not restrictive to anything but processed foods and SUGAR, which in spite of what they've told you for years pushing the SAD on everyone. Always ask yourself, who's making money off what the government recomends as a so-called healthy guideline.

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