Low Carb Donuts | Cinnabon Style Keto Donut Holes!

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Low Carb Donuts | Cinnabon Style Keto Donut Holes!

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Low Carb Donuts | Cinnabon Style Keto Donut Holes!
Low Carb Donuts | Cinnabon Style Keto Donut Holes!

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34 thoughts on “Low Carb Donuts | Cinnabon Style Keto Donut Holes!”

  1. Can you guys swap between the use of nut flours and the non-nut flours. Not everyone can consume nut's and seeds. Thanks

  2. My boyfriend loves these. Planning on making this again to surprise him. Thanks for the recipe!!

  3. I made these! My batter was loose at first, i still fried a sample and it fried up all spiky! kinda cool, i added a little more almond flour and the dough tightened up and fried with a smooth texture. It turned out well and was tasty, thanks for sharing. I don't think your macros accounted for the oil absorbed during frying. So I think there's nearly a 30% variance in actual calories/calories from fat. I figured this out by weighing my oil before and after frying.

  4. 1) Thanks for all you do to make Keto eating easier for us.
    2) Apologies if i missed it, but would have been nice to have the video icing recipe included in the printable recipe you linked.
    3) vid says keep oil at 330-350. Printable recipe says 270-290. I'd like to do it right the first time. Which is correct?

  5. Did anyone notice she said coconut flour but on the website it says almond flour and it cant be substituted with coconut bcz its absorption???

  6. They look just like an Indian sweet! I wonder if there is a non-dairy way to make the icing?

  7. I really really dislike stevia. I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one -could you give an alternate on your recipes for example ; erythritol or allulose and in what quantity’s. Thanks!

  8. so you guys say that you can lose weight on these? idk all this stevia stuff and then the inflammation.

  9. Can you reuse the coconut oil? Would we strain it and repackaged it in a diff container? I’d hate to toss it.

  10. I really want to try your sweet treat recipes but I cannot find all of the ingredients 😢 could you list some stores that supply all of these ingredients so your fans can try at home. Overall love your videos ❤️

  11. I just made these this morning. I don’t know what went wrong, but my dough turned out more like a thick batter. I was able to roll it out and as I was rolling it into a roll, it pretty much just flattened into a hot mess. Well, I got this far…I guess I’ll cut them into but size pieces and put them in the oven. They’re not baking through either.

  12. That shirt! I need it😁 my nick name is Normie. Btw can't wait to make these👌💖

  13. So not anti-inflammatory with the frying. Wish there was a good baked donut holes recipe that would turn out like this one.

  14. First of all, thank you for this amazing recipe!
    I made these and they came our perfect.
    I made three topping: keto lemon curd, cinnamon sugar (powdered erythritol and cinnamon, and zesty lemon glaze (cream cheese, powdered erythritol and lemon curd).
    I have had Cinnabon once and found it too sweet. I find the keto donut holes way better.

  15. we made these. They were delicious. They substituted for our "oliebollen" here in the Netherlands. We didn't have psyllium husk powder so we used 1 tsp xanthan gum instead. It was wetter than yours, so we used a quarter cup more coconut flour. We also didn't find them sweet enough (probably because of the olive oil (we only had EVOO), so we added about a teasopoon more stevia drops and maybe a tablespoon of xylitol. LOL. We added a pinch more cinnamon because we didn't have ginger, but I promise: These came out better than the the recipe that we followed for Oliebollen that we had all of the ingredients for. PLUS: these were NOT dry. Thanks for sharing these. Can't wait to do it the unmodified way as a household snack. The whole family is going Keto, 2020! yeah, baby!

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