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keto drinks
keto drinks

Looking for keto drinks ??

Check the whole video review from the proof user who explains in detail below.

Can I drink anything other than WATER when doing keto? If you have ever asked that question then I have a great video for you! Please like and subscribe if you find this video informative. See you soon! Thanks

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If you are having trouble finding these products in your area then here are some links for some of them on amazon.com. Note – These are affiliate links. Thanks

Bai Coconut Flavored Water

CORE Organic Fruit Infused Beverage


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31 thoughts on “Low Carb Drinks | Keto Approved”

  1. Hi I’m new to keto, and I’ve always enjoyed the bai drinks but now that I’m starting keto I was wondering if they are a good alternative. So I know to get the net carbs you take the total carbs and subtract the fiber and sugar alcohol, would erythritol be the same as sugar alcohol?

  2. THANK YOU! I’m just starting and I am missing pop/soda so badly! I also do not drink alcohol but I do love my root beer. I’m trying hard to drink mostly water but sometimes I just desperately want something carbonated. Again, Thank you 🤗 lots of love from West Virginia.

  3. Hi, I'm glad you put that video up. Yeah it gets kinda boring drinking water 24/7. Do you know who makes that Blue Skies? I'm in Tx and shop at Walmart and HEB? Thank you for sharing this with all of us. Have a nice day.

  4. 😳 I'm gonna have to start wearing a bra pretty soon if this Keto diet doesn't work. Thanks for the info man. 👍☮

  5. Before I got into keto I tried la croix and I personally thought it tasted like shit now since I’m on keto it’s my best friend.

  6. I drink the Zero Glacier Cherry. It's really good. It's 1 gram of carb. I'm keto as well.

  7. Question…I am in day 9. Think u need electrolytes. So i started drinking coconut water with pineapple. Then realize it has 14 carbs for 8oz or 1 cup! Should i ditch it? Help!!! Lol Ty 💕

  8. I've been living and traveling in China for the past few years, where its not so easy to keep keto. But while my friends and I were staying in Guilin, we discovered something called luo han guo (monk fruit). The monks have been making tea out of the fruit for 700 years. It has no sugar or calories, but its naturally sweet, and keto friendly! Some of you guys may have seen it in sweetener form, but my friends and I made a deal with a local Chinese farm to ship the real deal to America and the UK. Hope you can try it out and tell your friends, it's truly a miracle fruit! You can check it out here at our website: travelingdukes.com

  9. Sobe life water uses stevia as well. My fiance found it for me yesterday. He got me the strawberry dragonfruit one

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