Low Carb Fast Food Options Part 2

keto fast food options
keto fast food options

Looking for keto fast food options ??

Watch the full video from the experienced user who explains in detail below.

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24 thoughts on “Low Carb Fast Food Options Part 2”

  1. Ok, I didn't know five guys doesn't charge for extra bacon! I'm totally doing extra bacon next time! Oh, and I always order an extra patty, and all the way with no bun and no ketchup. BOMB!

  2. Every Friday I treat myself to Burger King double whopper with bacon and cheese no bun. The charbroiled burger has much better taste

  3. I haven't had Five Guys in a while, but I LOOOOVE them. Honestly, I usually just get the 'little' burgers as they're not-so-little, but just a single burger instead of a double. Plus, if you add on a bunch of toppings, it can help fill you up. Or peanuts on the side! The ones near me have boxes where you can scoop out peanuts to munch on FOR FREE. Haven't gone since COVID, though, so it might not be a thing anymore.

    But yeah, they're expensive! The sad thing is when my wife and I go, she's not keto, so she'll get fries and even the 'little' size of the fries is a HUGE bag and waaaay too much for her to finish, so I have to do my best to not to be tempted to 'help' her eat them — LOL. Most of the time the extra fries go in the trash, unfortunately.

    Oh, and I love the Freestyle machines as well. Being in Atlanta they are ALL OVER THE PLACE (since it's Coke Town and, also, I think we were the test market for them originally) and they're just so much fun to experiment with drinks with.

    As for Zaxby's, pre-keto I used to go there all the time, as I really loved their chicken tenders (I'd get a Zak Snack or whatever it was called and I looooved their Zak Sauce). I haven't ventured in to try their salads though, so I'll have to keep that in mind as an option. The one nearest to me usually has terrible service and even the one that's the second closest — which I think might be one of the very first locations EVER — is a bit of a mess (they both have 1 star on ratings), so they were something my wife and I would grab while traveling instead. Still, I'll keep them in mind for our next road trip.

    P.S. Speaking of road trips, I'll actually be back up by you in a few weeks. My brother-in-law is getting married on the weekend of May 15th in Kingsport, so we're spending a few days before and after up there. I'm guessing you'll be out of town in New York with your family by then, but I'll wave to you when I drive by, nonetheless. 🙂

  4. Wendy's has some amazing keto options. If you're not a beef eater like me, they will sub a grilled chicken out for the burger patty on any sandwich and will do bunless no problem.

  5. No zaxbys in the Chicago area but 5 guys is definitely one of our favs! Pricey though so we don't go too often, but definitely an awesome treat!

  6. Subway has a protein bowl, which I normally get double meat and extra cheese. My local sub shop will make me anything without the bun, and put it in a salad container, plus my extra oil and vinegar on the side. Arbys also has a no bun key. Though the portion is always terribly small, but when they have smoked pork, or brisket, gimme 😋 . Burger King also has a low carb key. I get to go at regular restaurants all the time. Steamed broccoli with ranch, yes please 😋😋😋. I rarely cook. Too tired. The grocery store where I work, has prepared food. Dinners and sides. Plus a sub shop. They will make me anything I ask for. Great co workers ❤️ I’ll take a few carbs, not to have to cook. Plus, we just got a low carb bread in our bakery. I tried a bite today. 2.5 carbs for 2 slices, though, it is dirty Keto…just saying, but it was excellent. I’ll be having dippy eggs with a side of toast for sure. Oh how I’ve missed that. I know I could make mug bread, but I just can’t. And if anyone is wondering where I work, it’s Giant Eagle. ❤️ I love Starbucks, I get the bacon and cheese egg bites, and a Trenti Cold Brew, ketoized 😋 Our Local Boys pizza shop is Bruno Bros 😋 they started doing Keto since they have watched me shed the pounds. I can take a pack of my Mission Carb Balance Tortillas in and they will make me a pizza. Plus, they will make me any hot sub, or salad with double meat too. Love them so much ❤️❤️❤️ Marcos Pizza also makes a pizza in a pan for Low Carbers. It’s not too bad. I’ve been off and on low carb for most of my adult life. I think I’ve said before I started it back in 2004 doing Atkin’s. I get to know the people in my local restaurants and they are more than happy to help. I do wish when I was traveling across country that it was easier. I will say though, it has gotten better than even a few years ago. If I can think of one I’d like you to try, I’ll pop back in and let you know.
    Happy Low Carbing to all ❤️😘❤️😘❤️😘❤️😘

  7. OMG YUMMMMMMMM Sad!!!! Nowhere near us!!! One of the perils of living in the wilds of Arkansas! I make my own patties in bulk, 2 lbs ground beef (fatty) 1 lb ground pork, 1 small tube country sausage (like Jimmy Deans) cheese and chopped onion, a little hamburger seasoning. Make em up with parchment paper between each and pkg in qrt size baggies 4 to a bag. SOoooooooo good fried up in bacon grease. Carnivore rocks.

  8. Thank you so much for this video! Ohhhh yes, Zaxby’s. I miss them. They were a “Covid casualty” and closed in our area back in November. We loved going there, bc you could get a salad & wings and still be keto/ketovore. We have since started getting salads from Chick-fil-a, but imo they aren’t as good as Zaxby’s. The closest one to us now is an hour away. Boo, lol.

    Next time, please stop by Wendy’s & Freddy’s (if those are in your area). 😊

  9. Five guys is good but way over priced! Suggestions: Subway, Firehouse subs, Panara, Pot Belly Subs, Jersey Mikes Subs, Arbys, Hardees! Nice vodeo!

  10. When on the go: grocery stores are good options also, as you can go to the produce and deli sections and get tons of options for very little. Also would be nice to have you do one episode at convenience store (just in case no other options)

  11. Love these videos. Yes please do a low carb sauces video!! Can you do Culver’s Burger King and Buffalo wild wings

  12. Love watching all your meals- never eaten at any of these restaurants😊🥰🤗

  13. I'm in the Pacific NW. I like 5 guys but my "go to" is Wendy's baconator with lettuce bun. Delish.

  14. Great video, Kristi. I want to let you know on Wednesdays at Zaxby's (around lunch time, it may be all day? But I always go for lunch) anyhow, on Wednesday's if you order a drink, any size you can get any Salad at half price!!! Which is AWESOME!!!

  15. I just tried your hot pepper pickled onion recipe and now I'm hooked! I make a sloppy joe sans the bun and tons of those onions. Game changer!!

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