Low carb for doctors: Side effects and how to handle them

keto flu symptoms
keto flu symptoms

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Watch the full video from the proof user who explains in detail below.

In the twelfth part of our low carb for doctors series, Dr. Unwin discusses common side effects when patients switch to a low-carb or keto diet.

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21 thoughts on “Low carb for doctors: Side effects and how to handle them”

  1. Like your advice and the way that you give it. Above all the recognition that our own noticing and experience is a powerful part of self care. Thank you.

  2. I cut 90% of all carbs a month ago when I found out I had diabetes… I started exercising daily and I feel great . I’ve lost weight and my blood sugar is now under 100 fasting rate every morning for the past 10 days … I basically just eat meat and greens and maybe a potato once a day for lunch and if I get hungry I’ll eat some eggs 🥚 or make a small piece of chicken or steak. I do feel kinda sick if I cheat so I only “cheat” a little on sundays …

  3. Bp increases ,it was normal before diet ,but in low carbh recently there is long breath n increase in Bp ,,how to solve this

  4. I'm so glad to share with you my experience on how I got rid of my Keto breath with dr.oyalo herb on channel. No more mouth or nose smell. I'm completely free. Thanks Doc

  5. Been on keto and Omad for 3 months and feel better than ever! However, the last 10 days i wake up in the middle of the night (around 1am) and can't get back to sleep. I roll around for hours, finally fall asleep between 3-4am and wake up exhausted. Please help!

  6. for beginners having issues, trust me, a proper transition period where you slowly shift into low carb, instead of quickly diving in, is far better. try to reduce carb intake over a month or two. just dont do weird stuff like high-carb-high-fat. and youll be fine.
    also, stop fearing salt and saturated fat. theyre not as bad as you think.

  7. Not sure what to do here. I did 3 weeks of low carb (no pasta, rice, bread, potatoes, sugars etc) but I'm not at all keto. I ate 2 meals a day, proteins and vegetables, freshly prepared, intermittent fasting 18/6. Lots of variation in the food. Water and tea and deca coffee in between. I felt very well. Now since two days I feel soooooooooo tired. Can't get anything done. I feel drained. This night I woke up at 3.30h (I never do), I was clearly awake, and had tinnitus in my ear. It went away later on but what is going on ? … What to do ? I cannot be so tired all the time. Impossible to function like this. It's also depressing. I've also been dizzy when kneeling or bowing my head.

    (I only want to lose a few kilo's long term, and I have no diabetes, liver or kidney issues.)

  8. Low carb does not mean "no carb". This is the mistake a lot of people make. No carb diets decreases your serotonin and can make people mentally ill. For people who are serotonin reactive to low carb can spiral into obsessive no carb eating and don't eat properly. Because of this change in mental state, the person is usually unaware of their new mental problem. It is really important that you change your eating habits while being monitored by someone else that can observe any changes in you that you don't see in yourself.

  9. Low carb over 8 month now. Besides losing more weight than I cared for , no improvement in A1C. No energy, my BP on the very low side. ( Wasn't high to start with )

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  12. I'm just over a month in and I've gotten really bad dizzy spells after i had a cheat day. I'm super weak in spite of being a man who works out 5 days a week. I've been up on my electrolytes. I don't know what to think. Maybe just not adapted because of the cheat? I hope something changes soon because this is scary.
    I would go to the doc but he'd just tell me that I'm crazy and to stop.

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