MAF-180 formula for optimal running heart rate | Zach Bitter and Lex Fridman

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Zach Bitter is a ultramarathon runner and coach.

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14 thoughts on “MAF-180 formula for optimal running heart rate | Zach Bitter and Lex Fridman”

  1. To his bell curve analogy, let's imagine you have rarely or ever work out and your vo2 max and aerobic conditioning is shit, if you're 35 that MAF-180 number would give you a heart rate of 145 to work at. But if you reach that with poor conditioning I imagine you'll be out of breath, can't maintain that for several miles, and cant hold a conversation. So would it make sense to then drop your target heart rate by a few beats until you can get as close as possible, but without being winded and being able to maintain it, and use that as your new MAF number. Eventually, as you condition yourself you can increase that number to where it should be?

  2. Man people dont listen.
    MAF 180 =aerobic threshold
    220-age =maximum no go zone.

    Ex: you are 20yr old.
    MAF 180 = 160bpm is highest cutoff for easy aerobic training. (Aim for a target HR ~155)

    220 – 20= 200. This is the MAXIMUM. Higher rates could cause injury. Honestly most people will have to work really hard to even be capable of an output at this level.

  3. I applied for a job and did a physical test and the guy told me about that MAF-180 and im glad he did. 32 years old and i hit 176 within 2minutes low exercises and 200 when running for few seconds. This jog might saved me alot of problem in future.

  4. I’m 37 6ft2 and have ran for over 10 years with a sub19 5k pb and my max heart rate is 210bpm. An easy run for me is in the 140/150 range.

  5. Been using MAF-180 formula in the past with great benefits. Pretty much perfect balance for solid endurance zone workouts

  6. I’ve recently starting power walking for 3 miles a day. I do it at a HR of 140-150 😅 that would be my MAF180 tho

  7. So from when I've read about this 180 thing, even if you can go faster, it is an anaerobic exercise. You want aerobic. So even if you can blast past your 180 numbers, if you go slower as the months go on by, that is where you will see growth. Eventually your 180 number will be as fast as your old intensity. You have to keep it up for a few months

  8. heres a side note or useless info runners like world class swimmers develop whats called hard heart. The heart muscle becomes so striated from maximum exertion it becomes inelastic. Runners and swimmers die sooner than avg person!

  9. 180 minus my age, I can't even walk at that rate. None of these formulae seem to work for me. My max HR is way above any of the calculated numbers.

  10. MAF is a great mechanism for building a wide aerobic base and not getting injured. The formula is bad for those who naturally have a higher or lower than average max heart rate. That said, it's utterly boring to go so easy so long.

    The fat adaption is amazing though. Just take caution if you're already thin and have trouble gaining weight.

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