Mark Cuban Calls Out Scammer on Shark Tank…

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Mark Cuban Calls Out Scammer on Shark Tank…

Hundreds of entrepreneurs have pitched their so called best business ideas live on tv in the show Shark Tank. We all know the tv show sharktank as the place where people’s ideas can be brought to life or brought down. This television program features some of the richest people in the world which include Mark Cuban, Keavin o’leary, Daymond John, Barbara Corcoran, and Lori Greiner. Since the show debuted in 2009, there have been some pretty memorable pitches which include the best and the worst. In this video, we’ll be going over the top 10 most savage Shark Tank Moments. We’re talking ideas and shark tank episodes even from season 1 when it first aired on ABC network. Some shark tank pitches will stand out for different reasons. Some of the products that the pitch’s are seeking investing for may sound ridiculous. In others, pitches may sound too good to pass on. Watch the video to see some of the most savage shark tank moments on the network. If you’re anticipating shark tank full episodes of season 8, we include clips of that season as well.


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28 thoughts on “Mark Cuban Calls Out Scammer on Shark Tank…”

  1. I know this is a few years old and most commenters have already told you and thousands have agreed, I feel compelled to say, you talk too much.

  2. In the UK this show would be known as Dragon’s Den it’s the exact same thing.

  3. 12:20 – Sooo that is not Robert Herjavec, that was Kevin O'Leary. If your going to do commentary over the actual clips, at least get your info correct. Your last episode you had no clue Jimmy Kimmel was actual an actor and his pitches were not real… come on man, Jimmy has been around for 20 years and you still didn't recognize him? Feels like you are just rushing content to try and get stuff out there…. explains why you are still under 50K subs after 3 years but yet got 2million views on this video alone.

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  5. The bacon guy defo got that idea from Michael Scott in the office US when he burns his foot on the George Forman grill as he wanted to wake up to the smell of cooking bacon lmao

  6. The Youtube lead-in shows a different entrepreneur on the Tank than the one that Cuban called a scammer. That is unfair and demeans the presenter shown who was in no way scamming nor accused of that.

  7. Rename your channel to hyperbolic…because you don’t stop flapping your cockholster and let us watch the clips.

  8. Skinny mirrors are used in malls and other clothing retail stores. Joke’s on you, Shark Tank

  9. I actually have the Pavlok. In college I worked a lot and it helped a ton with my sleeping schedule and keeping myself on track while studying. I set the alarm so I have to do jumping jacks to turn it off. Some truck driver got a kick out of that when I woke up early one day and had to do jumping jacks at a stoplight to make it stop electrocuting me. Also used it as an experiment with a kinky friend of mine. She had a good time. 10/10 would recommend.

  10. As someone who has struggled with confidence issues, #9 is actually not a bad product, absolutely not.
    As with many things, it depends on how it's used. If you want to sell these mirrors to people for their private homes, to help them feel better about themselves, this is actually a good product.
    However if you sell these mirrors to clothing stores, in order to help sales, it's bad, because your intention is to sell a product by any means necessary.
    And as far as I know, most clothing stores have been using these kinds of mirrors for ages, if I'm not mistaken since the 80s, so well before the very first episode of shark tank, so I fail to see what's new about this product.

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