Mega Review – Keto Bakes Waffle & Pancake Mix plus the Presto Stuffler & More

keto bakes reviews
keto bakes reviews

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Check the whole video review from the proof user who explains in detail below.

Originally, this was just going to be a review of the pancake and waffle mix from Keto Bakes, but it wound up becoming a “Mega Review”. Besides the pancake mix, I also review the Dash Everyday Griddle, the Presto Stuffler stuffed waffle maker, ChocZero strawberry jam, and Walden Farms maple bacon syrup.

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0:00 Intro & ingredients
3:18 Making the batter
4:26 Pancakes
9:08 Waffles
10:58 Stuffed waffles
13:45 Summary

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34 thoughts on “Mega Review – Keto Bakes Waffle & Pancake Mix plus the Presto Stuffler & More”

  1. Love your reviews. Always something new to keep Keto from becoming boring. Made my first stuffed waffle this morning and it came out fabulous. I’m going to have fun with this. Thanks!

  2. What about adding a little finely shredded mozzarella (I buy Italian blend cheeses no spices or herbs) to the waffle battled for that crispness.

  3. This was really exceptional and fun! I love pancakes and waffles! I do prefer my waffles to be crispy so if you figute that out, recipe please give us an update! I did keto about four years ago and had great success but then the pandemic hit and I ate whatever I wanted and so I’m back on it and noticing I’m having a harder time losing weight and I’m wondering if it’s because of these products that I think you said contain modified starch? Modified something. I’ve heard that about the Atkins products throwing people out of ketosis. Is the only way to test insulin spikes through blood? I’m not a needle person but I do want to know if something spikes my insulin. I use the urine sticks but I have a feeling they’re not as reliable. If blood is the most accurate way do you have a tester (i’m not sure what they’re called 🙈) that you recommend? I’ve been catching up on a lot of your videos but haven’t seen that specific information yet. Thanks so much.

  4. Hey Steve thanks for the great review….I can't wait to try this product! Now I need a Stuffler! Lol
    Where did you get the Walden Farms Maple Bacon Syrup?

  5. Steve, you make me want to get back in the kitchen and start cooking again. I’m 46 and haven’t really done any serious (😅) cooking since I was a senior in high school.

  6. I kept saying "Oh wow" when I saw the Stuffler waffle. Looks like I'm starting my Christmas list early.

  7. Should have mentioned that leftover batter will be very thick. Just plop it into the center of the waffle iron and it cooks up the same.

  8. I would rather use pure maple syrup than that chemical filled substitute. I know that is not Keto but nature trumps chemicals and "natural and arificial" ingredients in my life.

  9. I've been wanting a good pancake mix, Birch Benders is pretty good but not enough to convince the family. Thanks for the review!
    Side note: I can't think of how to say this without sounding weird, but I think I'm old enough that I can … you're looking great, you can see the workouts are working! Great job!

  10. The stuffler looks amazing! And for a clean maple syrup surrogate, try RX Sugar brand which is all allulose and flavours.

  11. Walden’s syrups are amazing. I’m not much of a fan of anything else I’ve tried tho

  12. I like that you kept in forgetting to put the mix in, keeping it real. We all have our mess ups. Thanks, great review. I purchased some of the pizza mix from a previous vlog and I absolutely love it. I’ll now try the pancake mix. Thanks for passing it on!

  13. Steve have u ever made a Chaffle recipe in a full size waffle maker? Did it work out? Thanks…

  14. Chicken 'n' waffles stuffed waffles…. I think a lot of Stuffler recipes may be in your cookbook 🙂

  15. I am moving and I put all of my Keto Bakes mixes at my new kitchen as motivation to move faster…. can't wait to try them all!!!

  16. I bought a Dash griddle a couple years ago and do not like it at all. Forget the heat uniformity, if you're cooking bacon, the grease gets all down into the slot around the surface and makes a huge mess.

  17. I really liked their waffles. I put the extra in the fridge and then put them in the toaster the next day, came out great. Their buns are really good and the biscuits pretty good. I was so so disappointed in the pizza crust, I couldn't even finish the pizza.

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