Mishti Mukherjee की death की वजह बताई जा रही है Keto Diet, जानिए क्या होती है ये Diet

What Is The Keto Diet
What Is The Keto Diet

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तेरा तुझको अर्पण के लिए यहां क्लिक करें –


Bollywood and Bengali Cinema actress Mishti Mukherjee passed away on 2nd October 2020 due to kidney failure. As per the reports, she was suffering from kidney disease from a very long time. Some reports even suggested that her death happened due to her Keto diet plan which led to the failure of her kidneys. A lot of health-conscious individuals who also look forward to losing their weight follow Keto Diet. In this diet plan, carbohydrates, major energy giving foods, are excluded from the diet. The practice first started by Greek physicians and doctors for the treatment of kids and adults suffering from epilepsy. However, with passing time, Keto Diet has been adopted by people who want to lose their weight.

Keto diet has its own pros and cons, know all about them in this video!

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46 thoughts on “Mishti Mukherjee की death की वजह बताई जा रही है Keto Diet, जानिए क्या होती है ये Diet”

  1. I'm an epilepsy patient can i follow keto diet?? Is there any problem?? If I follow keto??

  2. People with inadequate knowledge speak what you have talked in this video. Pl read the scientific credible evidence before preaching.

  3. Gurup mai kise ne keto daet midesan li ho pizzzzz es ke fohida bi huaa pizzzzz bolo

  4. Have you ever exhausted tremendous energy and time on someone who didn't appreciate you? Perhaps after a while, you labelled yourself dumb, naïve and foolish. You may have even asked yourself these questions:⁣

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    Why did I trust them and ignore the signs?"⁣

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    Believing, trusting, appreciating, giving and supporting are all traits of a compassionate being. Sure, you might have shown these qualities to someone dishonest and disrespectful. Still, their actions and incapacity to show gratitude for your energy does not take anything away from who you are. Can you imagine how progressive the world would be if it was filled with your positivity, understanding, and gentleness? ⁣

    Please don't punish yourself for choosing the wrong people. In reality, no one is wrong for us; they are just contributing to our evolution. People are also doing the best they can with their conditioning, resources and belief systems. We don't need to turn cold to stay warm. We only need to remind ourselves that we have a lot of love to give – and one day, someone will treasure our energy and be willing to head towards the light with us.⁣
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  5. Do not get me started on the keto diet… that shit almost killed me. If you want to lose fat, get the Agoge diet in my humble opinion, it worked great for me

  6. One died allegedly due to keto bt der are millions dying due to carb… Wht abt dat

  7. U need to update ur knowledge….i hv known people doing keto for more den 10 years nd r very healthy….

  8. According to them eat every 2 hours so insulin will always high and you will never loose weight… what a comedy

  9. Hm Internet and YouTube par itna jada bharosa krne lag gaye hai ki kuch v aankh bandh karke vishwaas krlete hai. Khudko expert naa samjhe, expert se jaake khud consult kare

  10. ये बंगालिन औरते जवान बने रहने के लिए कुछ भी कर सकती है। क्यूंकि इनका फंडा ही यही है ।

  11. Keto diet is good for blood pressure and diabetes prblm and many people is on doing keto over a 1 year ya more than that and they are perfectly fine….! Most important thing is ones you are on ketosis you have to slowly reduce your fat intake and also do regular test because it's that not evry person will suit this keto

  12. Early men did not have all these wheat and grains and all the fruits to feed on.. the primary source of them was meat.. which means they were in nearby ketosis..
    We humans over centuries have come to this stage where we need all the processed food..
    To summarize keto diet is more natural than any other diets on planet.

  13. Madam bina padhe kuch bhi mat boliye..ek baar gluconeogenesis padhiye..
    Ek sawal aapse poochta hu bataiye sher ( lion) kaise jinda reheta h.. wo bhi to carb nahi khata poori life and uske paas bhi brain h jisko glucose chahiye..
    Mjhe pata h aapke paas iska answer nahi hoga.. aapka kaam h media reporting karna aap wahi kariye.. daactari hum kar lete hain..

  14. If u dont know anything…medically so do make such vedio….medical padh lo pahle fir bolo keto k bare me… little knowledge is dangerous thing.. first gather true facts then only put vedio…. people r doing keto since 30 years n they all r perfect….some illiterate n non medical without any full knowledge of keto if do keto then anything will happen like she died n made such demotivational vedio….

  15. People are following keto for years and there might some changes as per their need.
    Keto is one of the best diet for weight loss. And your brain works much better in ketosis than normal and you would be much focused.

  16. जैसे hai waise hi rahe…. 🤔🤔

    ऐसा मत बोलो आप…..

    Wrna मैं आज भी सोया ही रह जाऊँगा……ठंड भी काफी है…

  17. मज़दूर कभी नींद की गोली नहीं खाता और न ही वज़न कम करने के लिए कोई गोली खाता है।उसका कोई डाइट प्लान नहीं होता साहब।

  18. हमको मिटा सके यह जमाने में दम नहीं,,

    हमसे जमाना खुद है हम जमाने से नहीं

  19. Yaar humare Dada ,dadi sab kon si dait karte thay kuch bhi to nhi fir bhi kitne majbut or healthy rahete thay. 💪 right bas healthy fresh khana , time se khana , sona or kaam subah jaldi uthna or raat ko jaldi (time) sona wo log ka jiwan time se tha esliye
    humare jeewan me time tebal bahut jaruri he

  20. Pakka neechay koi chutiya flirting comment likh raha hoga is reporter Kay liye

  21. Carbohydrates khaye bina bhi glucose body me ban sakta hai agar proteins and fats consume kiye jayen. Fats glucose se better energy sources hain aur healthy bhi. Fats se bane ketones brain function ke liye glucose se bhi better hote hain. Isliye keto diet ya fasting diabetes aur obesity ka sabse achha ilaaj hai, but with proper guidance. Glucose humesha body ke liye achha nahi hota, balki cancer jaisi bimari me glucose ka kafi contribution hota hai.

  22. Hi I have gone through few comments, I respect who knows n also who has know idea about it….. Anyways Misti Mukherjee was my close friend…. N she was the best ever person ever met….. People talk n people view…. Word or right…. Hats off to you guys…. But I missed my friend no body can replace it…… EVER

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