Mission Electric: Nitin Gadkari, Jeetender Sharma & Ketan Mehta Exclusive | India Today Conclave

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ketan mehta hop electric

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Watch Union Minister for Road Transport & Highways, Nitin Gadkari, MD and Founder, Okinawa, Jeetender Sharma and Founder & CEO- HOP Electric Mobility, Ketan Mehta discussing on the topic -‘Mission Electric: Meet the pathfinders. How India is moving to a green economy’.

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At a time when a crippling pandemic, personal loss and anxiety marked the year gone by, the India Today Conclave promises to bring stories of resilience from those who fought all odds to scale greater heights.

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In every sphere of our public and personal life, we will probe new ways of being. We will ask for a rethink. We will reach for #ABetterNormal.
India Today is organizing the 19th edition of the India Today Conclave on Friday, October 8 & Saturday, October 9, 2021 at Taj Palace Hotel New Delhi
The India Today Conclave is the country’s most prestigious global thought platform. It has been the signature event of India’s most trusted news brand for over two decades and aims to chart a bold new future through a free and honest exchange of ideas amongst the finest global minds.

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31 thoughts on “Mission Electric: Nitin Gadkari, Jeetender Sharma & Ketan Mehta Exclusive | India Today Conclave”

  1. This man is only talking about development 👏 no religion no propoganda ( respect × 10000 )

  2. Hi Sir,since l have put this programme on mute,l am not able to comment on it,so kindly save this presentation ,thanks.


  4. 24:00 there all multiple national highways connecting Prayagraj, he should have atleast told about which one he was talking…

  5. Why does he want EVs so badly? Its so weird for a politician to push for one specific micro-industry segment so much.

  6. The Indian minister is looney, he wants to transform Indian automobile sector to electric; and all the audience likes it since the same is "gd fr environment"; what a joke – how India produces electricity – "by burning coal" that produces more pollutants than petrol. 81% assemble hota hai – not production. All batteries loose their retention capability and instead of creating/testing and actually developing something workable, they are propelling something that is a fiction- it is a bubble; GARBAGE.

  7. Sir aap plastics ko blend karke polyblend form me use karne se bitumen ki water repelling property increase hota he? kya isko implement karenge?

  8. One of the best thing in nitin gadakri ji he is very optimistic and he can predict the future.

  9. we are fortunate that this man Rahul did not interview Thomas Alva Edison. Instead of inventing the electric bulb, he would have committed suicide.
    Just observe the first 30-40 seconds of his question.
    Full of negative thoughts. How can these mean people educate the innocent and ignorant people on issues of public interest.
    Take health, Covid, Vaccine, Farmer's strike, EVs, Cricket – they are experts in all. Some publicity mongers may enjoy them
    Nitin Gadkariji was too polite and diplomatic.
    Soon Indian media must change.

  10. Before increasing the speed India needs to revive the DL process. India should push all the existing DL , and retraining examination of DL.bwhich will create lots of job. Before that India RatO has to upgrade their staff and learn rules creat takes plan. Bhai aap logo main thud ka creativity bnahi hai copy kar lo Baki desho se.and follow rule

  11. Rahul is such a bad host, he is getiing gazab bezatti still he is asking silly questions.

  12. Nitin Gadkari has really pushed India's EV industry ahead while these Tatas Mahindras, Bajaj & TVS were dragging their feet and outright refusing to go Electric… and complained about "lack of infrastructure" … as if India doesn't have electricity.
    What to say… a company like Tata could not foresee the success of a vehicle like NexonEV

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  14. इतिहास की अनसुनी बातें

    क्या आप जानते हैं कि तीन मुग़ल राजाओ फरुखसियर, अहमद शाह बहादुर व शाह आलम को लाल किले में ही अंधा कर दिया गया था । दिल्ली में अंधा मुग़ल नाम का इलाका भी अंधे मुग़ल राजा शाह आलम के नाम पर है। शाह आलम ने तो मराठों से उसको अंधा करने वाले से बदला लेने की गुहार लगाई और मराठों ने इसके बदले में दुश्मन की आंखें निकालकर मुग़ल राजा को भेंट कीं।
    3 मुग़ल राजाओं हुमायूँ, जहाँगीर व शाह जहां ने तो अपने भाई बेटों सम्बन्धियों को ही अंधा कर दिया था।
    कुछ मुग़ल राजा व एक लखनऊ का नवाब तो वासना व अफीम में ही लीन रहते उन्हें राज्य चलाने से कोई मतलब नहीं होता था।
    एक राजा तो 20 वर्ष की उम्र से ही घुड़सवारी तलवार से ज़्यादा बालाओं में रुचि रखता था।

    एक मुस्लिम शासक को सिखों द्वारा सिख बना दिया गया था, उसका नाम भी बदल दिया था लेकिन उसके उल्टे कामों के बाद उसे सिखों द्वारा दोबारा मुसलमान बना दिया गया था।

  15. English mein bolna jaruri hai kya? Hindi mein hi baat kar lete. All the answers are simply diplomatic/political. Nobody is giving a direct answer. What are these conclaves about anyway?

  16. What is the life of the battery for EV vehicle? What is the replacement cost for the same? When you compare costing of EV vehicle with petrol vehicle, especially in case of 2 wheeler, when you say 1rupee per km for EV and 2.5 Rupees per km for petrol vehicle, have you considered replacement cost of battery?

  17. Questions were very lame, the reporter didn’t ask real and important questions like, how india will maintain the grid to support the load or what government is doing to support startups and is there any incentive for customers to buy EV like other countries are doing?, is government doing anything for the battery production as right now maximum is handled from China and Japan?…these are the key ones, hence the interview was just blabber and high level talk nothing constructive.

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