MMA Q&A – Episode 4 | "Am I On The Keto Diet?"

boxer keto diet
boxer keto diet

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I’ve been getting a ton of questions coming in from people enrolled in my Fit & Fight Ready Online Program so I’ve put together a 5 part MMA Q&A series to answer the most frequent questions that we receive!

This episode we are covering what a proper MMA training schedule should look like, what I think the best way to train is and if I am on a keto diet and more!

Hit up the comments sections with questions you have for me so I can include them in future Q&A Episodes. 💪

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26 thoughts on “MMA Q&A – Episode 4 | "Am I On The Keto Diet?"”

  1. Bro fuck USADA, you're a legend even if you dropped dirty. Keep putting out good content. 👌

  2. Not an MMA fighter, but I just started and trained BJJ for the last two years and I naturally gave myself at least a month off from training. I get absorbed into training and it literally consumes me, combined with a full time job it can get bad real quick if I don't let off the throttle. Taking a break really resets my brain, body and spirit.

  3. This is awsome TJ! Looking forward to see you come back, if not for the weightclass it would be a dream to fight you. Thank you so much for your channel, really good content😊

  4. What do you think of GSP's coach workout philosophy? That we shouldn't go 100% every workout, that we should go 50% and that way you can workout everyday and not be sore as opposed to Working out until you can't move your muscles and working out a 2-3 times a week. I probably worded it wrong I watch that Joe Rogan podcast a while back lol

  5. What advice would give someone when picking a gym to train and fight out of and call home?

  6. Is it better to cut lots weight and fight heavier on the day or to remain around that respective weight class' weight and be more energized in the fight?

  7. TJ, can you confirm which procedures you had done in your shoulders? I think loads of people would be interested to know exactly what was done.

    Did you have a biceps tenodesis?

  8. Hey TJ!! I want to be FIGHTER in the ufc in bantamweight division im 1.82 high
    58 kg
    My question im ok to this division?

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