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Vitamin identifies itself as an organic substance or compound that performs as a compulsory nutrient which the living organism requires to meet physical growth needs in a suitable quantity. However, being a nutrient it may also cause some injuries and side effects if you use it excessively. While, the users will encounter with some serious and common physical problems if the amount of vitamins goes down than a required level.

There are many vitamins named as A, B, C, D, E, F, K and some compounds which are made by combining few vitamins together. Vitamin E is an extremely important member of Vitamins family that is consumed to prevent the production of reactive Oxygen species that may harm living organisms like humans and animals.

Vitamin E

1) Vitamin E:

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Vitamin E represents a compound group that has eight naturally exist nutrients or chemicals in which Alfa, Beta, Gamma, Tocopherols and Tocotrienols. There are many reasons to consume Vitamin E that is a best natural nutrient to prevent harming species and protect the cell membrane. If the routine intake of Vitamin E exceeds from 1,000 mg, then there will be some serious health problems for the users and they will definitely encounter with cell and tissue complications.

Vitamin E is used as the medicines, recover some physical injuries and growth cell formation when the body does not support this natural function. While, this vitamin comes with dozens of features and countless benefits, but excessive consumption of this nutrient may cause some heart and blood diseases which are little difficult to be treated. Doctors and physicians suggest a fixed amount of this vitamin for the people according to their physical health and age.

On the other side, Vitamin E also works as the antioxidant which is just to support all growth functions and system improvements inside the body. However, this vitamin is the most compulsory for tissue and cell development, while bone empowerment also happens with help of Vitamin E. Medical science has discovered many of side effects and risks associated with slow growth procedures inside the body. When some functions and processes inside living species slow down, then there will be more chances of cell and tissue damaging.

That is why; most of doctors and physicians suggest Vitamin E to the people in their daily intake, so that they can prevent their cells and tissues from serious damaging. Finally, it is for the boosting energy and pushing natural procedures of growth of the body and thus there will be no damage of cells. You can think about the effects and dangers when this vitamin is short in human body. There are several best, secure and natural sources of vitamin E that can be consumed in some specific diets and dairy products.

2) What Happens When Vitamin E is Short?

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Medical experts always advise people to maintain the quantity of all vitamins, especially Vitamin C and E. Here, the main focus will be on Vitamin E that has become an essential part of human body growth. This is an antioxidant that will surely protect the blood vessels, arteries, cells, tissues and other parts of body from damages and high risky effects. In fact, there will be many critical situations and effects if someone reduces the intake of Vitamin E or by chance the natural level of this nutrient goes down.

Basically, there are many ways to check out the natural and required levels of all vitamins, but the best one is to observe physical growth and evaluate any effect which you can experience. Further, medical tests will let you know how much level of Vitamin E has gone down. When you confirm the deficiency of this vitamin, then obviously you should have a consultation with doctors and diet specialists. In this way; you will get right, suitable and risk free advices to refill the amount of lost Vitamin E.

i) How to Predict Vitamin E Shortage?

Vitamin E deficiency causes by fat malabsorption that may cause several types of neurological issues due to less efficient nerve conduction. Predicting shortage of Vitamin E is a real concern for the people who are not well familiar with this most compulsory nutrient for their body. Basically, there are few medical and physical tests that are good to confirm whether level of Vitamin E has gone down or at required point. But, still you can go through the following major signs that will let you know this nutrient is short in your body.

  1. Delay in growth
  2. Quick weight loss when you are not on dieting
  • An eye disease named as Retrolental Fibroplasias
  1. Poor eating habits due to no proper digestion
  2. Development issues
  3. Metabolism deficiency that will lead physical and mental diseases
  • Liver infection that will be more chronic with passage of time
  • Muscle weakness
  1. Age spots
  2. Mild Anemia etc.

ii) Vitamin E Deficiency Leads Chronic Issues:

There are many causes of Vitamin E deficiency in which low birth weight and fat malabsorption are more common in health industry. Most serious effects of shortage of this nutrient will be on brain, nerve system, blood circulation, heart, stomach, muscles, bones, tissues, cells and liver. It seems easy to recover the body growth by increasing quantity of Vitamin E in diets and supplements, but it affects to the body just in suitable conditions.

While, the intake of this nutrient may or may not be effective in different ages. The best age to consume and get benefits from Vitamin E is till 35 and over 40 effectiveness and usefulness of this natural substance will be low than youth. It is compulsory for everyone to know what will happen if the Vitamin E is deficient or less in quantity in human body. You may experience any or some of the following infections if the level of this nutrient in your body is less than required.

  1. Possible tremors; weakness and severe muscle pain
  2. Joint swelling and irritation in physical movement
  • Feeling odd to have sex
  1. Coordination, gait and poor balance
  2. Proprioception loss
  3. Visual disturbances
  • Continuous fatigue, even you are not working
  • Feeling of grumpy and headache
  1. No concentration
  2. Nerve system issues etc.

iii) How to Refill Vitamin E Successfully?

When you are told by your doctor that Vitamin E in your body is rapidly going down, then you should never get worried about this situation. In fact, you should talk further about this deficiency and how to recover it with your doctor. For this, there are dozens of things and ways that may help you to get sufficient amount of Vitamin E in your daily intake. However, when the level of this nutrient has gone to lowest point, then you should never depend only on the foods and natural products having extra amount of Vitamin E.

These are the situations when you should go for taking some very efficient and side effect free Vitamin E Supplements like Alfa-Tocopherol that is extremely well known for refilling level of Vitamin E. This supplement is the combination of several substances and ingredients that work faster and restore the body growth and protect the cells from damages. Secondly, when the level of this nutrient comes to required level, then it does not affect inversely, but the users must stop further intake of the supplement. Cares and cautions to take the supplements of Vitamin E are more important than the intake.

iv) When Don’t Take Vitamin E Supplements:

Most of people come to know Vitamin E deficiency in their body and they go either for intake of nutrient by consuming natural foods or some best supplements. But, there are many important information which everyone should keep in mind when going to take Vitamin E supplements. Actually, these supplements are remedies that can bring the side effects and health problems as well as benefits for the users. That is why; you should never decide quickly to take such medicines that may harm your body and physical growth.

The best way to apply such supplements is with the help and advice of a doctor who will lead you to right direction. Similarly, you must be familiar with the effects and issues associated with Vitamin E supplements. Basically, this supplement must be avoided when you are suffering from some infections, physical problems, health complications and taking the treatments. In case of pregnancy, the women must prevent such supplements without advice of doctors, because these may harm the baby growth. You should never take the Vitamin E supplements when;

  1. Low red blood cells or Anemia
  2. Kidney diseases like stone, swelling or damage
  • Liver infection
  1. Blood clotting disease like Hemophilia
  2. Skin and other allergies
  3. Vitamin K deficiency
  • History of cancer
  • Had surgery or going for it
  1. Eye disorder
  2. High cholesterol
  3. Blood clot or history of stroke
  • Treatment of blood pressure, heart and stomach etc.

3) Secure, Big and Best Sources of Vitamin E:

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You should use the natural foods and other secure sources of Vitamin E, because medicines and supplements deliver the side effects as well as the benefits. Majority of the doctors advise people to consume natural foods and grains that have enough amount of Vitamin E. If you take just 4 mg in a day (for men) and 3 mg (for women), then definitely there will be no vitamin E deficiency and your body growth will be steady. But, the excessive use of products having much Vitamin E can also suffer you from serious complications.

So, you must stay average in taking the Vitamin E per day. Most of these Vitamin E sources belong to nature. Some of the best and safe sources of this nutrient are;

i) Vegetables and Fruits:

  1. Avocado
  2. Spinach
  • Cooked
  1. Tomato sauce
  2. Swiss chard
  3. Pepper, red
  • Turnip greens etc.

    ii) Milk and Alternatives:

  1. Milk
  2. Butter
  • Cheese
  1. Dairy products

iii) Meat and Substitutes:

  1. Meat
  2. Seafood, fish
  • El, Herring
  1. Eggs
  2. White, Tune, canned with oil
  3. Sardines etc.
  4. iv) Nuts and Seeds:
  5. Sunflower seeds
  6. Raw seeds
  • Almonds
  1. Pine nuts
  2. Peanut
  3. Hazelnuts
  4. v) Fats and Oil:
  5. Wheat germ
  6. Vegetable oil
  • Fats from meat
  1. Carbohydrates in dairy products
  2. vi) Grains Products:
  3. Toasted
  4. Wheat germ
  • Cereal
  1. Natural food grains

vii) Natural Remedies and Supplements:

  1. Alfa-Tocopherol
  2. Natural remedies
  • Injections and pharmaceutics
  1. Vitamin E supplements of other groups etc.

4) Ten Benefits of Vitamin E:

Vitamin E comes with a number of features and health benefits which the humans must access. In fact, this nutrient is most essential and useful for everybody that needs some natural support to grow. Medical experts have researched well over the history and usefulness of this vitamin and all medical surveys and experiments have concluded that this nutrient can empower the tissues and cells, while life of cells will be longer.

Furthermore, Vitamin E can develop the nerve system and make the brain free of useless thinking. Secondly, this vitamin carries following very common benefits for the living species like humans.

  1. Best for skin health
  2. Fertility support
  • Healing kidney and liver infections
  1. Immune health growth
  2. Cell protection and support in formation
  3. An antioxidant vitamin
  • Controlling weight of body
  • Reducing fats and recovering internal body functions
  1. A remedy to repair the damaged cells
  2. Controlling blood pressure, developing heart pumping
  3. Making the blood vessels and arteries flexible
  • Production of metabolism and growth hormones among women etc.

All these benefits of Vitamin E are common in medical science. However, you should never pay much attention to just this nutrient, because there are also several other vitamins which your body actually needs to perform many functions. Finally, everyone needs to go through the amount of Vitamin E to be consumed on daily bases and this quantity should be stable. In serious cases, you should discuss the needs of this nutrient and then take some supplements that work fast, but these are rich with many common and rare side effects.

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