ceraven chx+ket antiseptic mousse
ceraven chx+ket antiseptic mousse

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Hey guys,

Today video is about my dog Cali skin care routine, she had a allergic reaction to something. Which I thought was mange but it wasn’t/isn’t. I first took her to the Vet about 4 months ago, they told us she had an allergic reaction, but didn’t know from what. They proceeded to shave around the affected area and gave me antibiotics for her skin, medicated shampoo, and some anti-itch pills. It helped and her coat got better, but to maintain her coat this is my weekly wash routine I do to keep her coat nice. I also still give her the anti-itch pills, I put it in a treat so she can enjoy them. Hope this helps anyone who’s dog is suffering from skin issues. Cali is doing so much better now as you can see in the video.









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  1. My friend had this same problem with his lab/pit mix and it turned out it was is rug at his house. It hadnt been soap washed ever and I guess over time he didnt realize it was dirty. To the eye it cant really see these things. After he got it washed his dog didnt have rashes and open wounds anymore. No more indoor allergies. He gets his rug washed once a year now. Also volunteering at a veterinary clinic, recently grain free is no longer a safe bet as many vets suggest it leads to heart problems. I suggest you speak to your vet about food options. Especially for pits. 2 weeks is ideal for baths giving natural oils in the dogs skin time to replenish. I see youre doing a great job at improving her condition! Keep it up!

    Edit: Also cleaning a dogs paws after a walk is very very underrated in all dog owners. This is vital. If a dog itches itself after being walked, even a little itch can start an infection or chain reaction to more itching. They paws go all over the rug, couch, beds, their beds. And they lay on all of those. Cleaning a dogs paws with certain wipes can make a bigger difference than a lot of people would think. Its another way of taking the shoes off on a dog. If we slept with out shoes on soon our beds and couches and rugs would be unsanitary to sleep on. Same goes for dogs. Especially with their paws being so coarse. Plenty of filth and bacteria can settle after a simple short walk.

  2. I know dog food seems expensive but feeding them a whole, raw diet changes almost everything. I resisted for years but after my boy came down with either DLE lupus or severe Atopy and my girl developed uti infections and both had leaky gut syndrome… obviously the only thing I hadn’t tried was whole, raw foods. I tried vet prescribed crap, I tried the most expensive to the most popular kibble foods and every time my dogs reacted significantly with diarrhea, skin symptoms, etc! Raw is more expensive than kibble however the benefits were beyond my expectations. My girl still has yeasty smells and light itching especially during summer which is why I’m looking for something safe to use but I saw that this is reoccurring for your pet and thought you need to hear from someone who feeds their pets raw. Look into it, be wise if you decide to make it yourself to ensure you have all the organ meats, etc. and follow proper barf ratio or be careful buying packaged raw. It really works inside out!

  3. I feel you pain. I have a blue pitbull and he has a flea bite allergy.. whenever and wherever he scratches, it cause secondary staph infections/Hotspot. I've come to find that if I catch it early, by clipping the fur with sizzors or dog hair clippers, depending on the size of the hot spot or hot spots, then i wash the area with warm water and regular soap mixed with salt, as salt does a great job at killing bacteria. Then I rinse the area with warm water, Then dry, then I disinfect with Chlorhexidine 2% solution.. let the Chlorhexidine have contact for 5mins. Then I dry the area with both paper towels and a hair dryer. The secert to stoping Hotspot is to catch them early before they become inflamed and massive and spread. Also to cut or shave the hair around the hot spot. The fur will matt over the Hotspot and it will start to discharge and smell very bad and be very painful to the dog. The dog most definitely want let you touch it then. You will risk being bit.. the vet will have to step in at this point and charge you a arm and leg for sedation to avoid risk of being bite and so they cut the fur, clean it and disinfect it without being bit. Antibiotics will be needed because the bacteria infection is severe and steroids will be needed to bring down the inflammation. If you treat a hot spot soon as you see it, it won't have time to become inflamed and discharge and bleed and spread. No need for antibiotics or steroids or a vet vist.. the goal is to clip or shave the fur around the Hotspot. This is so hair cant Matt over the Hotspot and stop it from healing. Also, it will leave the Hotspot open to air/ very good, because air drys out the Hotspot. If you catch the hot spot early enough, you want even have to cut or shave the fur. Next thing to do is clean the Hotspot with warm soap and purified water and than rinse the Hotspot good with saline water aka purified salt Water. Never use tap water Then its full of contaminants and heavy toxic metals & ect.. alkaline water would be even better because of its ph…Then apply Chlorhexidine 2% or 4% solution and let it have contact on Hotspot for 5 to 10 mins.. then you dry the Hotspot with paper towels and a hair dryer. Always remember, you want hot spots, clipped and open to the air, clean, disinfected and dry…. note.. with staph skin infections. You must address the true cause of the Hotspot though. It could be flea bite allergy, food allergies and or environmental allergies.. also, keep in mind, any dog with immune system problems and or hormonal disorders will have skin problems until those immune or hormonal problems are addressed.. Also keep it mimd, if your dog natural good bacteria and yeast is low. Your dog will have skin and other problems. Get your dog on probiotic with prebiotics and enzymes with atleast 10 or more live culture strains and make sure they come in capsules that can survive your dogs stomach acid to be able to the its magic. I can't tell you how to feed your dog but raw meat diet mixed with bone for calcium and minerals, organs for protein and vegetables and fruit and certain% of fat and omega 3's and ect does wonders for your dogs health. But if you want to feed your dog kibble. I would go with grain free, preservative free, artificial flavors and colors free and ect… as far as water, stay away from tap. Give your dog spring water and you must add in minerals and vitamins with the minerals and vitamins packs they sell in stores, you can use distilled water also but you must add in the minerals and vitamins. You can also use alkaline water. Just add in the minerals and vitamins.. you must remember, that staph and fungus grows naturally on dogs skin, you can't completely rid them of the staph or fungus. Its only when the dog immune system is weak can those natural staph and fungus overgrow and cause infection. So the true fix is to boost your dogs immune system to be able to fight off staph and fungus overgrowth naturally. You do this by giving your dog probiotics for atleast 3 months. Never let your dog Hotspot get to the point that antibiotics are needed because they kill the bad bacteria and good bacteria in your dog. So if your vet give your dog a antibiotic, make sure the vet give your dog a probiotic too… so the probiotics can replace the good bacteria that the antibiotic killed

  4. You want to get him bone dry after his bath. That anti fungal antibacterial shampoo is worthless if you can’t get them dry. Like dude said they start to get yeasty.

  5. I have a gsd tryed everything vets like 5 antibiotics and it comes back I have spent so much on vets shompoos nothing seems to work was your dog itching all the time?

  6. Omg!!! She's adorable. I already watch this but I was too busy looking at her. After in saw this I saw your gf's prank…Omg 🤣😂😅

    Hmmm I'm going to have a problem…my dog is afraid of the tub any advise on that? 🤣 I've tried going in with treats inviting him, we play fetch and I throw his balls in and bada. I can't lift him in he runs. Someone had to train the pittie but it was a very long process. She had towels and pb walls you name it.

    Thanks for the info! I was looking at that brand, Jax N Daisy and Moosh. I will have to use a lotion and not a spray. Ever since he had a hot spot and I used a spray he got scared of spray must so I ended up having to get an eye dropper to get it between his paws. The stuff they suggest at petsmart was good because it was an ointment but I didn't work. I'll get the lotion from Jax N Jill everyone (dog parents, foster moms and rescues) in our IG community have had great success with Jax N Daisy. There's nothing cuter than watching someone apply lotion on their big and big baby pittie's armpits and legs 🥰🤣
    Wow Princess Callie really had a reaction to something. Poor thing. I hate seeing them in any discomfort. Keep the princess Callie movies coming 😁

  7. I had the same problem with dog,
    Negative for all allergies on panel, blood, urine, stool, skin scrapes all normal…
    Still give him an allergy shot every month to be safe…
    I use Duoxo Chlorahexadine shampoo weekly, with wiping down affected areas in between,
    Switched to a species appropriate diet and have seen major improvements! 🙂

  8. I’m treating my dog now for a skin bacteria infection. I was in Austin, TX for 2 weeks and I had to board her. When I got her back from the boarding place within days she had a skin infection. She is an old lab so I’m pretty upset about it. She’s not itching but she has crusty, smelly, puss skin only on her back in certain places. I did take her to the vets 4 days ago and they put her on antibiotics and I’m to bathe her with antiseptic shampoo twice a week. I did full bloodwork and so glad she is in perfect health otherwise.

  9. Yea my pitpull hase had skin issuse for a wile but yea she's cute, wat kind of pit is she?

  10. It could be a yeast problem. Try a grain free food. Grains and potatoes can cause excess yeast. Also research chlorhexidine. You can buy a gallon of it on Amazon for $20. You can dilute and make your own spray and add to shampoo. Much cheaper. Beautiful dog 😊

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