starbucks keto drinks
starbucks keto drinks

Looking for starbucks keto drinks ??

Check the whole video from the experienced user who explains in detail below.

Coffee Drink:
Iced Americano – Or just regular iced coffee
No Classic Syrup
Sugar Free Cinnamon Dolce Syrup
Light Heavy Cream

Pink Drink:
Passion Tango Tea Unsweet
No Classic Syrup
Add 1 packet Stevia
No water
Light Heavy Cream

White Tea:
Peach Citrus White Tea
No Classic Syrup
Add 1 packet Stevia
Light Heavy Cream

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  1. That little Beau, god bless him, he looks like he's part of the conversation 😁😀, is he friendly??

  2. I’ve gotten the pick drink before and mine has never looked that pink ! Mine has been baby pink !

  3. Ok just tried the iced passion tango loved it but I didn’t know how to order light heavy cream from the app so it was just regular heavy cream and I used SF vanilla instead of stevia since ppl are saying stevia has fructose thanks for a new cool down option

  4. Thanks for the tip on the s.f. vanilla syrup!! Who knew there was maltodextrin in it. I think their packets of stevia have maltodextrin but I'm not 100% sure.

  5. The peach citrus white tea has apple juice in it…… to be keto you need to omit the juice

  6. I watched your vids all day while I was supposed to be working! GURL- I am hooked and made the ice cream tonight..will try tomorrow.

  7. Starbucks “base” for blended drinks (makes it stick together and not become all icy and separated) has sugar and carbs but some local coffee stands carry sugar free base so you can get a keto frapp somewhere else 🙂

  8. The sugar free syrups are by no means keto. The sugar substitutes, I forget the names, still spike insulin & very high GI. High GI = no fat burning
    Even the matcha at Starbucks isn't keto, it's 1st ingredient in their matcha mix is sugar.. not pure matcha

  9. The Starbucks I worked at didn't put classic syrup in all their drinks unless its a Frappe usually

  10. Would love to know how to log this in my “Keto Diet” app and how many carbs is in this if ordered just like you did? Also, love your channel! Texas represent!🥰

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