keto fast food
keto fast food

Looking for keto fast food ??

Check the whole video from the experienced user who explains in detail below.

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Inform a person interested in keto fast food and make it people Happy again.


38 thoughts on “MY TOP 5 KETO FAST FOOD PLACES”

  1. Hey Guys! Just a disclaimer as a couple of my subscribers have brought this to my attention: Apparently the owner of Jimmy John's has been known to hunt endangered species for sport, and I am not in support of that at all. I was unaware and was basically going from a food standpoint, but honestly any sub place should be able to give you a similar order. I just moved to the south so most of these places are new to me. Firehouse is the best food of the 3 in my opinion and doesn't support killing endangered animals 🙂

  2. Hi, you said you went to Popeyes I think it was and got the blackened chicken and you said it was only one car per piece of chicken but was that including the sauces you mentioned? Also you said you take out the rice & beans at another restaurant. Beans aren’t keto? Thanks for helping!

  3. Wendy's bacon cheeseburger is a Baconator they actually don't come with lettuce. It's just bacon, beef, cheese ketchup and mayo. I worked at Wendy's for 5 years.

  4. Get the power bowl with steak and seasoned beef to increase the fat since chicken is leaner. It'll fill you up more.

  5. I wish the power bowl was bigger. If you ask for no rice it’s literally so tiny and expensive because of the meat add ons and whatnot.

  6. I find it easier to just take the buns off the burger. Thank you for asking for extra lettuce.

  7. I go to taco bell and order 4 tacos and tell them i cannot have the shells and they make me a huge salad and put it in a plastic bowl it is 👍

  8. Looks like lunches at work will be the most challenging on the keto diet for me.

  9. Apprently by the all the comments, you should do a video on your hair. You look spot on!

  10. Also In-N-out does a lettuce wrapped burger. Order whatever burger you want "protein style". So good

  11. I'm not on any diet, but I do try to make healthy choices. But I am so glad you said Popeyes! If I do get fast food, I go to either Popeyes or KFC because you can actually get more of a real meal compared to all the burger places.

  12. I am soooo irritated as I have not got any notifications from you in forever and see I have some catching up to do with your vlogs. I've missed you soooo much, you look AMAZING lady!

  13. Jimmy John's unwich Gargantuan is two delicious meals for $8. Not bad for keto fast food.

  14. You are a very pretty girl! If u love doing make up then great, but you can totally tone down the distracting eye makeup if u want. I don’t wanna be mean or negative so, yeah…

  15. Whataburger will give you a bunless burger and you can add all over their great toppings. And the Flying Dutchman at In-n-Out.

  16. Thank you for posting this. I'm starting Keto in July and I go out to eat with my coworker on Fridays and I need to make a list of places and what I can eat. This is so helpful!

  17. I'm so happy you said Chipotle! My boyfriend was trying to say it wasn't healthy lol

  18. Thank you so much I hardly ever go out to eat in the 6months I've been on Keto cause I've been afraid of hidden sugars. So these are some great options when I'm in a pinch👍

  19. Just subscribed to you, gathering info to start Keto tomorrow. Love that you said the F word. Makes you so much more of a real person! Love your eye make-up, too! Think I'm gonna love your channel!

  20. I would rather go to Applebees, Logan, or some place you sit down and get real food. But I have done the burrito bowl and the blackened chicken before.

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