Nama Chocolate [Only 3 Ingredients]

keto with nino
keto with nino

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How To Make Royce Nama Chocolate [Ganache Chocolate] Recipe [ASMR]
生チョコ ラッ とろける~濃厚 の作り方 [Eating sound]
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●● Recipe (レシピ):
– 250g Dark chocolate
– 150g Whipping cream
– 50g Unsalted butter
– Mold size 15cm
– Refrigerate for 3 hours
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1. Royce Nama Chocolate 파베 초콜릿 만들기
2. Làm Nama Chocolate Nhật chỉ với 3 nguyên liệu CỰC NGON mà siêu dễ luôn nèee
3. Japan Nama Chocolate Resep
4. นามะช็อคโกแล็ต ง่ายๆใช้แค่ 3 อย่าง!
5. 入口即化的三色生巧克力
6. कैसे बनाना है Nama Chocolate
7. كيف تصنع Nama Chocolate


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43 thoughts on “Nama Chocolate [Only 3 Ingredients]”

  1. We used almost the same ingredients.. except that i used chocolate chips. My choco ganache is a failure.. why? The consistency is sticky and i couldnt sliced it well or even make a shape bcause it eventually becomes messy and melts easily.. 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  2. I really like how this person can cook 👩‍🍳 really great 😊 things especially chocolate 🍫 which my family and I love. 💕 🍒🌈😊❤️✅🌺😀🤩🎄📱🥰🎇😁🍦🧪🎊⚽️🎾🏀🏐🏈🏉🏈🥏🥎🏆🥇🏅

  3. instead of cocoa powder on top should i put powdered sugar? so its less bitter for people who dont like 🙂

  4. Hi Nino, this seems a bit silly question but how do you call the sprinkler🤣 I try to find this equipment in store but I don't even know the name hahaha. My shifters are all too big to sprinkle the cocoa powder :_)Hope you will see my message:)

  5. Your videos are so comforting. I can’t explain it. I feel at home. 🙂 Thank you!

  6. Nino's channel is like an asmr channel but in reality it is just a cooking channel 😋😋😋

  7. Sao mình làm đúng công thức, mà bỏ tủ lạnh nó lại ko đông á. Chảy chảy mãi bỏ tủ đông vẫn vậy

  8. bro i come to these chocolate videos just for the satysfying chocolate crunching noises

  9. I've seen another video on how to make mousse, using 2 ingredients, chocolate and whipped cream. Too easy

  10. Honestly, I cannot wait till this "asmr cooking" trend of videos dies. It is beyond moronic, sad to see how the art of cooking has been reduced to such sensory-driven nonsense. Julia Child would roll in her grave.

  11. After adding the cocoa powder as topping, does the taste of the chocolate change….. does it taste bitter??

  12. Nice ganache! But you have a translator problem. Every time you stir something, it says to whisk. Whisking is beating in air, and you don't want to do that to your cream!

  13. First video im looking at here. Cursed Pikachu is all im going to say about this. (And that i will try this tomroow)

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