Vitamin D Is More effectual Than the Flu Vaccine Research Says

Flu season is upon us, and that means people are facing up for a flu shot and seeking for natural medicine for a flu shot and stocking up on vitamin C. But what’s the best way to keep the flu at bay-vaccination.

Ask most people what they know about vitamin D. You will likely hear the same few things: it is good for your teeth and bones, and you get it from milk and sunshine.

While all of that is true, new studies show that there’s another benefit to vitamin D. It is the best natural medicine for a flu shot, and it’s every bit as essential as building strong bones.

Vitamin D used to help the body support itself against intense respiratory infection. As you get from the flu or a communal cold. We desired to take a closer look at the studies behind these assertions. It offers up some ways to help you make sure you’re getting enough vitamin D in your diet.

Dr. John Cannell, Which is the founder of the Vitamin D Council, was one of the first to initiate the idea that vitamin D lack may actually be an implicit CAUSE of influenza. Where is the actual science backing up that claim?

Conventional health authorities assert getting a flu shot each year is the best way to ward off influenza.

If you’ve perennially fallen for this annual propaganda campaign, you may be amazed to find the medical literature advise vitamin D. It may actually be a FAR more effectual scheme, and the indication for this goes back at least a decennium.

His hypothesis was at first published in the journal Epidemiology and pathologic process in 2006. It was later followed up with another study publicized in the Virology Journal in 2008.

Source: Dr. Mercola

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