NEW KETO BREADS!!! :: Keto Food Review w/ Healthy Life

lewis keto hawaiian bread
lewis keto hawaiian bread

Looking for lewis keto hawaiian bread ??

Check the full video from the proof user who explains in detail below.

Some really awesome new products by Lewis Bakeries and Healthy Life. Definitely try them for yourself if you can find them!

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20 thoughts on “NEW KETO BREADS!!! :: Keto Food Review w/ Healthy Life”

  1. Great news! I went to the doctor today for my annual check up and I was so afraid this bread wasn’t low carb. My urine dip sticks had been coming back negative and I was blaming the bread. I thought I was going to have to give it up. My doctors office did a urinalysis and my ketones were 15mg/dl. I think I’m just one of those people who take a long time to get into ketosis but the bread is ok. 🥳

  2. Has anyone done a blood sugar check. I’m not in ketosis yet so I can’t tell anything. Can anyone be the Guinea pig and let the rest of us know? I remember the dream fields pasta lies from a few years ago. I’m suspecting it kicks you out of ketosis but would really like to know for sure.

  3. I love that Hawaiian bread, made tuna melts out of them. I am not a fan of thier hamburger buns, too soft. I prefer Auntie millies buns. I can't wait till they stock the cinnamon bread at my store. Seem like a good French toast bread.

  4. Thanks for this review! Going to try it. Thought about buying it but most keto breads I’ve tried I haven’t liked.

  5. This cinnamon Keto bread is legit. Bought it just to try for toast, but now I'm making sandwiches out of it. Great stuff.

  6. Nice review. I found the Lewis Cinnamon last night. I have eaten the end piece so far and WOW! Gonna see what that one piece does to my glucose before I proceed. I did a search on the bread and found this video. I’ll try to find the Hawaiian too. Thanks for the review. I’ll check out your other videos and sub.

  7. The cinnamon bread with a no sugar almond butter. Add a teeny pinch of swerve. Is really nice. Also makes fantastic French toast.

  8. I asked if they would give a discount on shipping because it's so delish..but they were like no. Man, the shipping is extreme!!

  9. Just grilled the Hawaiian keto bread into a hot ham and cheese. It was sooo good. And I'm super full

  10. Omg I tried the white bread this morning a quick sandwich since I wasn’t in the mood to cook and I couldn’t even finish my sandwich that sciency taste you spoke of is there which is crazy I never had keto bread that tasted like that before. I’m gonna try it toasted with butter tomorrow for breakfast and if I don’t like it I’m definitely gonna have to toss this bread. My question is do the Hawaiian slice bread still have that taste?

  11. I tried the hot dog buns tonight they’re hefty was full of one with a small salad I also got the white bread haven’t tried it yet though still looking for the Hawaiian and cinnamon one though went two different stores.

  12. I am so glad that you reviewed these! I saw them at my local Kroger in Tn and was so excited! However, for $6.00 I hesitated to purchase without seeing a few reviews. Thanks for the video! You could tell from your expressions that you really enjoyed them!

  13. The Hawaiian is excellent. I enjoy it as toast for breakfast, which I don't eat until about 2 in the afternoon since I do 16-8 besides keto.

  14. Hey man, now I'm messaging you on another video, but your Facebook link won't work for me, cuz I was gonna add you on there for some easier communication lol.

  15. We love these and wondering if their nutritional value claims, eg., net carbs, etc., on their labels have been reviewed and approved by the FDA?

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