New Keto Cereal Plus More Cookies, Brownies And Ice Cream

Looking for highkey snacks keto low carb food chocolate brownie cookie bites ??

Watch the full video review from the proof user who explains in detail below.

During this time keto companies are still releasing products! There are new cereal by HighKey snacks, cookie from Perfect Keto and Ice cream from Enlightened.

HighKey Snacks 10% off “sugarlesscrystals”
Perfect Keto 15% off “sugarlesscrystals”

Enlightened Keto Ice Cream Review

Konjac Powder
King of Keto Desserts cookbook
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Inform a person interested in highkey snacks keto low carb food chocolate brownie cookie bites and make it best freinds thank you again.


36 thoughts on “New Keto Cereal Plus More Cookies, Brownies And Ice Cream”

  1. Soooo HAPPY I stumbled on your channel I subscribed so quickly I just started doing KETO and I love it!! I’ll definitely be watching more of your videos! Thank you for making these videos. πŸ˜„

  2. Thanks for your honesty. If you're being paid by the company, we're not going to believe a less than honest review.

  3. "It's only 4 carbs for the whole container, which is good because I ate the whole pint " hahaha this would be me lol

  4. my second video of yours that I'm watching… DUDE I think I love you!! I am enjoying your reviews; you're super knowledgeable. Definitely subscribing and I look forward to catching up on your posts.

  5. Thanks for the review!!I agree with you about the cookies I have several boxes IWish I could giveaway also!!happy I found u!!

  6. Found you and I love your channel. I subscribed and will be enjoying your content. Entertaining, informative and funny. I will pass you on to my Keto loving daughters.

  7. Love this. So much stuff I didn’t know about. ❀️❀️❀️

  8. Why did I take this long to stumble upon your channel? Love the reviews. Subscribed πŸ™‚

  9. Literally just found your channel and subscribed immediately. I love how informative your videos are and so descriptive. Well done.

  10. The cookies are so amazing. I haven't found the cereal yet. I also love the ice cream with Enlightened. I did a review on that too.

  11. I just ordered that cereal! I usually try to keep up with these things but had no idea they had a cereal! I'm really excited. Thanks for the review of these products. There are a couple I've got my eye on.. besides the cereal. That was an insta-buy, lol. Stay safe and healthy out there!

  12. Hey do you use Carb Manager? Is it safe to assume keto grade β€˜A’ means that it won’t kick me out of ketosis? Can I skip reading the ingredients?

  13. I got the 6pk variety pack of cookies from Chipmonk about 2 weeks ago and I just didn't enjoy it. All of them had this annoying aftertaste to me. I enjoyed Bett3r Keto cookies more.

  14. Thank you for your honesty. Most are saying they are delicious which I figured it wasn't as good πŸ˜‚ . The company needs to know so they can do better 😊

  15. I definitely want to try perfect keto cookies πŸ€” I'll send you shipping money 😁

  16. Have you had the caramel double dough flavor by enlightened? I didn't find it very flavorful πŸ€” I've tried all except the one you just showed. Butter pecan is my favorite.

  17. 2 weeks 2 long…glad to see you back and glad you stuck with hair I love it πŸ’™πŸ’™ thanks for heads up on new snacks always need new ones I hate making my own keto desserts πŸ˜‚

  18. Ugh πŸ₯° I love Your Channel. Great content πŸ‘πŸ½. I hope my business, Sweet Cheatz, will become big enough to get your critique! Besides that I have seen the high key cereal on Instagram and omg I can’t wait to try!

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