New keto study fails at 2 weeks. Should we care?

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first watch keto

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A new study from researcher Kevin Hall claims to refute the carbohydrate-insulin model of obesity. But a two week study is insufficient to address the question. Plus, we have to ask ourselves if it matters in the first place.

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47 thoughts on “New keto study fails at 2 weeks. Should we care?”

  1. I know people that lost over 60lbs of weight from Keto… it doesnt matter what diet you do if you dont eat right you wont lose weight

  2. Keto fucking works, PERIOD!!! I lost a shit ton of weight in a relatively short time, my blood pressure and sugar went WAY down, I lost I don’t know how many pants sizes, I had tons of energy, I got rock hard very easily and the deed was even painful for my wife because some of my inches were no longer buried in fat, I stopped snoring, I felt calm and energized at the same time, and had shit loads of mental clarity!

  3. I’ve lived a keto lifestyle since 2019. I’ve lost weight ( not as much as I would like), stalled, stalled, stalled. My blood tests are good so something is working. I’ve also learned a lot about keeping insulin low and not eating processed foods, both of which are my main focus now.

  4. Look, keto is not a magic weight loss plan. It just isn't. Epileptics that eat a ketogenic diet don't lose weight, after all. You can certainly gain weight and even get fat on a ketogenic diet.

    When I did a ketogenic diet, I lost about 8 pounds in water, then the weight loss stopped and I even started developing gout-like symptoms.

  5. Loss weight and fat not doing keto but rather just fiddling with my macros and calories. Keto may work for (insert percentage), but I do enjoy my carbohydrates including bread, sandwich, pasta, pizza, fruits, vegetables, desserts, etc. High protein (180 grams +/-), high carbohydrates (180 grams +/-, sometimes going above 200 plus), 50 to 60 gram of fat plus or minus, and have shed body weight. I even eat a cookie or energy bar as a pre-workout kick … no need to deprive myself of any specific food group .. still lost weight.

  6. Why have all this scientific and research knowledge and then talk about CARBOHYDRATES?

  7. Truth – we are on our third year of low-carb diet, are maintaining a much lower weight, and feel great!

  8. I lost 13 pounds in only 5 weeks and that was with cheating 3 times BADLY in the first 2 weeks. Since then I've been good and I've never felt better without carbs.

  9. 64 I've been Keto for three years. Lost alot of weight. Take nor need any meds. Never going back.

  10. Could you use subtitles on your videos please, it would make them more accessible for those with hearing impairments?

  11. My husband had factors that were metabolic syndrome. Dr said lose weight, so we cut fat. Did some research and found low carb insulin model. I asked him to give me 12 weeks and if it didn’t change his bio markers, we would try something else. That was 2 1/2 years ago because it fixed him and it fixed me. Eating rich and loving it.

  12. This must be a joke. Two weeks! Of course it will fail, they wanted it to fail. There is no money in reversing T2D or getting someone to a healthy weight with all the conundrums that brings. It's better to continue getting people to be inflamed, overweight and miserable. Continue "treating" their disease with insulin, metformin or whatever other medications to lower their glucose or their blood pressure or other maladies that come with these "chronic" diseases. Keep eating all the simple carbs and keep feeding big pharma, instead of looking for a solution.
    I have lost friends/ relatives to this epidemic and the establishment continues pushing that T2D is incurable. Doctors check only glucose for years to determine if someone is a diabetic, knowingly that insulin has been regulating it down for decades until it could not do it anymore, thus the diagnosis of "you have diabetes type 2". When they could have been checking if someone is developing or had developed insulin resistance thru a HOMA-IR test.
    I had NAFLD, which is part of a metabolic syndrome problem which they change conveniently from Insulin Resistant Syndrome. I was able to reverse this diagnosis with a clean keto diet and IF. So I do know what I am talking about.
    I know changing people's habits is challenging, but at least they should give some solutions to the ones that want to hear and not treat everyone like part of the cattle.

  13. I’m pretty well convinced that keto/LCHF/Intermittent fasting works amazingly well for awesome metabolic health. Just ask all of us who follow this channel and we’ll tell ya. Hundreds of testimonials can be presented to whoever wants to listen and I’ll talk about it all day. Thanks Doc!

  14. I wish I could do keto. It tanks my thyroid and my depression every time. I know it works for other people, including people who have these issues. I don't think there is any way to make real judgments as an overall thing either way. We have studies. And then we have our bodies, our genetics and our past, and other mysteries we may not have even identified yet. I do eat a technically low-carb diet/lifestyle, less than half the SAD, because no matter what, I think it's clear that our hyper-high processed carbs lifestyle isn't natural to us and is extremely biologically recent.

  15. You said weight-loss way to many times. You know darn well too many people conflate health with weight-loss when they are completely unrelated. Keto is healthy whether you lose weight or not and many don't.

  16. What we really need to get over is the all-or-nothing attitude about losing weight. It is deadly. Rules to lose weight and keep it off: 1) Whatever diet you choose has to be sustainable. If you don't like the food you are eating what will happen when a person reaches their goal weight is that they will go back to eating the food they enjoy eating and they regain their weight. I personally like eating low carb because I'm not a big fan of bread and pasta so not eating a lot of simple carbs isn't a big deal for me and I don't feel deprived. So the diet is sustainable. There are people who love pasta and bread and low carb will not be sustainable in the long run. I have seen channels where people have reached their goal weight and have maintained their goal weight for 5 years and more but they eat much heavier carb diets but because they enjoyed their food, they continue to succeed and maintain a good body weight and their health issues have resolved. Their cholesterol is good, they are no longer experiencing diabetic symptoms, etc.

    2) There has to be a calorie deficit. You can eat keto and still be way overweight. I see keto channels that have been on for a significant amount of time and the person really hasn't lost any weight for ages. They are faithful to the keto lifestyle but their calories are too high and so their weight loss has stalled and will continue to stall until they drop calories. It doesn't matter whether they drop fat, protein or carbs, unless they are in a calorie deficit, they will not lose weight. Even though they are eating high fat, if they are eating too much, the excess calories they eat will be stored as fat. That doesn't mean that I haven't seen successful people doing keto but I imagine, if you checked their calorie input, there will be a calorie deficit. You can't beat math with food.

    3) Eat good food and as much unprocessed food as possible that fits into your lifestyle. I think that's self-explanatory., however, sometimes, a person is busy and all they have time for is to stick a Healthy Choice Frozen Dinner in the microwave, eat and continue on to their next obligation.

    4) Diets gurus that advocate only 1 way to lose weight cause more damage than good. People try low carb high fat and don't like that lifestyle and so they fail at it then feel guilty because they couldn't maintain the diet. They give up and go back to their unhealthy eating habits. "Might as well eat this fatty, unhealthy, processed pizza because I can't do it right no matter how hard I try." However, if they can eat the carbs they enjoy, avoid a lot of fat and eat that way at a calorie deficit and maintain that over the long term, they will reach their goals and maintain their weight.

    5) There is more to losing weight than what you eat or put into your body. Most people with significant weight problems have disordered eating patterns which may or may not be true eating disorders. Whether their eating is characteristic of a true, diagnosable (dsm definitions) eating disorder or not, their relationship with food isn't what it should be. Many will need help to change how they think about food or they may have to find solutions that work for themselves. Losing weight is more than just math, or what you eat, there are a lot of psychological issues that need resolving.

    Just saying, I know you advocate a low carb, high fat lifestyle but don't make those who don't want to follow that lifestyle feel guilty because they can't or don't wish to follow that lifestyle.

  17. You need months to adapt to a vegan or a keto diet. 2 weeks you still have pale stool in keto.

  18. My problem with keto is people, out there, saying that keto will not only create weight loss but also "cure" just about everything.

  19. That study only being two weeks? Purely intentional. They designed the study to be a failure.

  20. The " calories in = calories out " crowd are the closed-minded " flat-Earthers " of the food science world … they will refute even the most irrefutable evidence even when placed right before their very eyes & ears !!!

    If you take 1,000 calories of refined white granulated sugar ( sucrose – 50% glucose / 50% fructose ) and 1,000 calories of let's say Beef Liver and you BURN them in a calorimeter then YES, you will indeed get 1,000 calories of HEAT out of both substances … BUT … the SOURCE of those calories makes a MASSIVE difference to how those substances are metabolised in the body and how the various biological / physiological reactions they trigger / induce / inhibit can also affect other things like our emotions and/or behaviour eg. constantly feeling hungry or addictively craving more " sugar-hits " ( dopamine releases ) etc' !

  21. Main stream is doing everything they can to disparage KETO. They don't want us eating meat. They want us on pharmacy drugs.

  22. they can come up with any and as much so-called study as they can, but at the end of the day, what only matters is the result that people on the low carb diet are getting .

  23. I had transitioned from high carb to low carb only in 6 weeks. If you do it in crash course style, expect all kinds of problems. Lost 22kg, improved eyesight, stable and more energy, skin health better… Continuous Minor adjustments in diet as I approach long term goals.

  24. I'm not inclined toward the Personal Fat Threshold model as compared to the Carbohydrate Insulin model. But as you say, what really matters is if people can adhere and get favorable results. I've always appreciated your non-religious approach Brett 👍

  25. Is two weeks enough time to scientifically prove anything really? I don't know the answer but I really would like to know.

  26. Also, keto is a high fat diet. Atkins is low carb. The brain likes ketones. That is why I like the diet. 👍

  27. I wish Kevin Hall well, and he can continue to do all the studies his heart desires, but my n=1 results over the last 7 years show ME that when I cut down the junkfood and other high carb foods, my weight drops, I lose excess water and other bloating stuff from my belly, I sleep better, and I have a bit more energy, and intermittent fasting is emotionally easier.

  28. The $$$ behind keeping people metabolically damaged and onto statins, diabetes medication, high blood pressure medication, or medication/procedures for coronary disease is intense. Here is my experience: Got as high as 195lbs, high blood pressure, high blood glucose. Doctor wasn't concerned much about any of that other than high cholesterol. Went 30 grams and less a day of carbohydrates and am now 155lbs, normal blood pressure, normal blood glucose, and will get my latest blood panel measures tomorrow. Been following the FLCCC protocol and contracted Covid-19 the second week of Jan. Had a stuffy nose for 4-5 days that that was it. At 50+ and male I was in the 'higher' risk for complications. Pretty sure that my pre-keto days I would have been at least knocked out for several weeks flat on my back just like my wife was.

  29. Putting a cast on a broken leg doesn't work, a 3 day study proved that, the leg wasn't healed at the end of the study. People messed up their metabolic health over decades and to think that you can undo the damage in 2 weeks is only providing clickbait headlines.

  30. A year after going low carb my blood glucose went from 130s to upper 80s to lower 90s and my weight went from 234 to 184. If that's a failure what is a success?

  31. The you tube channel "Keto Rewind"…will prove this study to be a failed study. Jess (Keto Rewind) lost 100 pounds in one year.

  32. Hello doctor Scher, do you do the same data collection as dr. David Unwin? Because if more doctors could show their data also it would be the best proof I should say.

  33. Good that they stopped the study after 2 weeks. Otherwise they would risk the danger of learning something new.
    And nobody working in nutrition wants that, right Mr. Kellogg's?

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