New Study on Using Keto to Quit Alcohol (This Might Get Taken Down)

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how to cancel keto order

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New Study on Using Keto to Quit Alcohol (This Might Get Taken Down)- Thomas DeLauer

In this video, we will dive into some brand new research (4/2021) on keto dieting and how it can improve hunger and alcohol cravings. Stick around for more!

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47 thoughts on “New Study on Using Keto to Quit Alcohol (This Might Get Taken Down)”

  1. To clarify- the reason this might get taken down is because the algorithm will typically automatically flag anything to do with alcohol. It’s nothing personal with YouTube.

  2. It worked for me. I was sliding into a drinking problem. 2 weeks in I haven’t drank or really wanted to once. It’s amazing. For me a super sugar addict there’s absolutely a connection.

  3. Thank you for your video. It provided me with partial answer of what I might have done in order to cut alcohol consumption.
    In order to cut down alcohol consumption I started fast. It lasted for 7,5 days. After that cravings for alcohol diminished. I connected it with change in microbiome. Your video shows connections with ketons.
    If you will find further research wich connects fasting and alcohol consumption it would be great.
    Thank you very much for great work!

  4. I used keto and a fast, or was it a fast that put me into Keto to stop drinking coffee. I don’t drink coffee anymore. Feel much better. Also side effect is that I lost 60 pounds, now everything is baggy !!

  5. Two months into OMAD + Keto. Last alcohol was 06-06-2021. I have had zero craving for it, pretty much the same with all the other carbs. I'm down 35 pounds, had to add a couple of holes to my belt. the single biggest issue that I have personally, is pretty much one of boredom. I used to look forward to a few beers at the end of the day… but I like losing weight quite a lot more.

  6. Sober 17 years, switched to food addiction, found keto and fasting, now I’m lighter than I’ve been in 20 to 30 years.

  7. Hi Thomas, can you do a video on why you can't drink as much alcohol when you're doing keto? So, why the effect of alcohol comes faster? Is it because your liver is busy producing ketones? Because I read somewhere that the liver always metabolises alcohol first, because it is toxic to the body and therefore drops whatever it was doing to metabolise the alcohol.

  8. Just get arrested for an alcohol related offense and get a court ordered ankle monitor. Problem solved.

  9. I have issues with food addiction and alcohol addiction and I suffer from an inflammatory disease. When I was full on Keto. I felt so much better all around and I believe it helped with cravings. My doctor blew me off when I told her. I feel a bit validated now. I have to get back into ketosis it’s been awhile. Thomas motivates me.

  10. Started Keto/IF nearly 5 months ago. Down 28 LBS, sleep better, feel fantastic in these key areas: No pain in joints or body (reduced inflammation) and the brain clarity is phenomenal. I drank heavily for years to get numb and I wish I would have known all of this in my mid 30's.

  11. I have had the worst time with alcohol cravings for year, I started IF and keto and im on my second week with little to no craving. Never would have believed it . Just my experience so far.

  12. Interesting! Thank you! I am not much of a drinker these days but I have over-indulged in the past and before I started ADF a few weeks ago, to deal with some stress, I was craving alcohol more than usual. On my last eating day, I poured myself a glass of a lovely white wine with lunch and took two sips then dumped it out. I just didn't want it. I thought that was weird since it was a perfect accompaniment with the meal, but now it makes sense.
    Food and I have a very tumultuous relationship (old dysfunctional patterns in this relationship were really enflamed by Covid) but now that I think I am fat adapted (not 100% sure) and in ketosis when I am fasting, I have been easily sticking to my plan of eating whole (i.e. unprocessed) organic foods. I think I will slowly start to ease up on the carbs I've been eating too (whole foods like popcorn, sweet potatoes and fruit). All of this feels sane and doable in a way it did not even a month ago.
    Another dysfunctional relationship I have that was enflamed by Covid is my screen time. I think I'm less hooked than most people but way more than I want to be or than I think is healthy. And I have to say that the urge to bury my face in my devices seems to be lessening too. This is obviously just anecdotal and could be for another reason but it might bolster your hypothesis that ketosis could be used to help people who struggle with other addictions.
    Anyway, fascinating as usual. Thanks again.

  13. MSNBC had a story pointing out 79% of severe Covid hospitalization cases are in obese people. Others are of course autoimmune and other actual problems. It is Americas biggest problem. What does that have to do with his topic today? A shit lifestyle and diet is at the core.

  14. Phone addictions. When I see a 3 year old at a family dinner with their hands clutching a phone the entire time, staring blankly into it while the parents sit by, it is refreshing to hear it mentioned on a health channel like this.

  15. I stopped drinking when I first went on keto. I wasn’t trying to, it just kind of happened. No more cravings for it…

  16. I dont know if it's a coincidence but after being in Ketosis i stopped smoking. Literally I woke up one day and I forgot to smoke. I am off smoking for about 2 months now

  17. Take this video down.?No way.Keep em coming buddy..I"ll tell you when I've had enough.

  18. 2.5 years keto / LCHF / LC here. Decided to try cutting out alcohol for a week or two about 9 months in to see what would happen. I have no idea what magic spell was cast on me, but I haven't had alcohol since October 2019. If you told me three years ago that I would not be eating sugar or drinking bourbon I would have had a good laugh at your expense 🙂 Thanks Thomas!

  19. booze changes your gut microbiome ~ which changes ~ your gut brain access ~ messaging

  20. Any research on IF and Keto for hemmroids, phishers, prostate/rectal health. Just curious these things run in my family always trying to be prepared.

  21. I literally came completely off alcohol for 14 days now (I find the app "I am sober" really helps). I went immediately into a strict keto diet and can confirm that my cravings have been minimal! Appetite has been suppressed, I've lost a lot of excess unwanted fat and the brain fog has cleared tremendously even in that low amount of time. Days 3,4 and 5 we're tough for me with the cross over to ketones with headaches, nausea and general fatigue but stick with it because when you get passed that you're a fat burning machine and I can certainly say it's helped me massively with having a goal and distracting me from even thinking about drinking and those dreaded hangovers!.. I've also got into daily exercise which has helped hugely after all gym's we're shut due to covid restrictions here in Thailand. I traveled and now have a gym I can go to which is great.. My strength has taken a toll l with being on keto and no weights for tree months but the mental benefits GREATLY outweigh the negatives 🙂

  22. I quit Alcohol after 40 years on June first when I started Keto. I also quit smoking 5 years ago buy quiting Sugar at the same time. I cheated on the sugar to avoid nicotine. The cravings and reward was much greater with sugar than Nicotine allowing ne to quit smoking. I quit sugar finally in june.

  23. I started keto and HIIT back on 3/7/21 @261 and as of today 7/22/21I have lost down to 217..! I am 68 and feel great..! Thanks Thomas for all your info and I used your 25% off for my first Thrive Market order…!!

  24. Hope it can curb carb/sugar cravings. I used to be keto ish before it was actually a thing. Now I can’t stop the carb thing although I eat quality everything., it’s still not the best type of food I can’t seem to turn over to all proteins and my doctor said I am wasting away in muscle due to a chronic illness I’m wondering if this will really work. I HAVE CIRS! Chronic inflammatory response syndrome.
    Where does neuro inflammation come from?? I have mold toxicity as does my dog. ( no alcohol in 11 yrs. just don’t like the tast 🤢)
    Pls a short ans. I’m impressed this is the first time I’ve heard it used as Nuro inflammation how does that happen? You’re extremely educated and I am grateful.

  25. I so appreciate that you link the actual article when you do a video! Thank you for all your work.

  26. Well, I am a testament to this research ! Keto diet helped me quit Alchohol addiction of 15 yrs in just a months time ! Been sober for a over a month now and feel great ! Lost 10 kgs as well in the process ! Its very much possible, just need a lil bit of will power !

  27. i gave up drinking a few months ago, when i started doing the adkins/low carb/keto thing. three or four beers a day every day for most of my life. for a couple of weeks i was doing one beer a day (the dr said it would be better for me then just stopping cold turkey), then i just stopped buying it. giving up drinking wasn't nearly as hard as i was led to believe it would or should be. if you make a triangle and label the points adkins, carnivore, and keto i have been staying in that triangle for about three months now. giving up drinking wasnt as hard as some have told me it would be. and my a1c went down three points.

  28. I believe it, I almost never have the urge to drink. If I do a cheat day I try to drink but I usually end up forgetting to lol

  29. Really enjoy your videos. A suggestion for an upcoming video would be not just general things to take or do but to explore the possible ideal time of day to do certain workouts, supplements to take together, with or without food/drink, pre-workout, during or post-workout, age/men or women, etc

  30. I drink about 36 Oz's of wicked red ale everynight, for the last 3 months. Prior to that didn't care for alcohol.

  31. I noticed that after being keto for three years I barely drink alcohol I used to have a few drinks either at home or at social events.. now I have two unopened tequila bottles and I might have one drink at social gatherings. I want to say I don't have the craving for it as I used to before. The same has happened with sweets after being on keto. Great vid Thomas! Always looking at new studies. Everything evolves

  32. I used to enjoy up to 4 rum and cokes a week. After giving up sugar I realized it was the coke I was after. I tried to enjoy drinking after but it wasn't the same. I tried long Island ice tea because it's pure alcohol and lemon juice but I felt crappy the next day. Now I'm at the point were alcohol doesn't interest me much.

  33. I believe it. Could be the lack of social drinking opportunities this year (2020) but started keto and really haven't had any desire for a drink.

  34. makes sense. before Covid hit, I was 3 months sober and one keto and it really helped me deal with the ups and downs of emotions one tends to get after quitting alcohol, when I was drinking since I was 13 (I am 39 now). when the lockdowns started, I relapsed, as i couldnt get to any meetings anymore because of the restrictions, but obviously that was just me making excuses…nonetheless, eating extremely healthy and being sober go hand in hand, lots of long time sober people can attest to this, but keto takes it to another level because of the lack of spikes in insulin, which attribute to ups and downs of emotion bigtime.

  35. Just got off work, stop by to get a bottle for tonight…drinking it now while I’m watching this lol…damn

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