Nicole Makes Keto Chaffles | Low Carb Waffle Ideas | Ketogenic Breakfast Recipe

keto breakfast ideas
keto breakfast ideas

Looking for keto breakfast ideas ??

Check the full video review from the proof user who explains in detail below.

Combining egg, cheese, and almond flour, chaffles are the keto-friendly answer to breakfast waffles. Nicole tries making these for the first time, and the results are pleasantly surprising.

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Nicole Makes Keto Chaffles| Low Carb Waffle Ideas | Ketogenic Breakfast Recipe


Ping a person interested in keto breakfast ideas and make it best freinds Happy again.

13 thoughts on “Nicole Makes Keto Chaffles | Low Carb Waffle Ideas | Ketogenic Breakfast Recipe”

  1. I absolutely LOVE your low-key honest personality and avoidance of excess adjectives and drama.

  2. Most people I've seen split the mixture in two portions and you don't get the overflow.

  3. So my wifey got me on the Keto Chaffle kick.

    I have lost about 20 pounds in the past month just from substituting out my carbs!

    I love these recipes, I pack my breakfast and lunch in my DIVY meal caddy (which fits chaffles perfectly) so I don't miss a beat with my meal plan. Thanks for all the awesome recipes!. If you guys are like me and need an awesome meal caddy to keep your meal plans on beat for work or on the go, then you need to check out DIVY meal caddy                                                                  This actually has been a huge part of me keeping my daily meal plans. Thanks again

  4. Very interesting cooking channel 👍I'm enjoying your channel ❤👍👍🇰🇷

  5. Just use Smuckers sugar free or Log Cabin sugar free 🙂 Also: the recipe 1 egg + cheese makes 2 chaffles, to avoid the overflow 🙂

  6. The sweet version is a no but the savory version actually sounds good 😋 thank you for this recipe. I loved seeing the process !

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