Ordering at a Mexican Restaurant on a Carnivore/Keto Diet

keto friendly restaurants
keto friendly restaurants

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This was my first time at On the Border and what an awesome experience as a Carnivore!!

Anytime I’m at a Mexican restaurant I always start by asking if I can add meat to the fajitas…but On The Boarder was super accommodating and had “sides of meat” already as an option.

Next time I might skip the shrimp which was only three pieces of shrimp and get an additional portion of steak instead (for almost the same cost). But overall I am super happy with this experience and will definitely be using it again as I travel.

Are there odd oils or seasonings in this you should be concerned about? Maybe 🤷🏼‍♀️ It definitely depends on your health goals if this is a good option for you. Not something I would recommend for every day, however, it’s a really fun treat when you want to go out to eat but stay on track. I travel so much that when I’m in another state this is an awesome option.

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35 thoughts on “Ordering at a Mexican Restaurant on a Carnivore/Keto Diet”

  1. I find that carbs keep me bloated, I like this diet, but I can't help myself with veg and fruits me like

  2. Been wanting to do this diet for awhile, just need the extra willpower lol finding it very hard to give up oatmeal and peanut butter lol

  3. What kind of self respecting carnivore wouldn't eat peppers and onions with their fajitas???

  4. I dont get why you can't have all of that but with the veg too ?? I get you may not want the tortillas but why not the veg

  5. I’m keto and fajitas are my go to I LOVE the peppers and onions with queso dumped on it. How do carnivores poop without any fiber. This screams constipation to me 😂

  6. Ahhh i just love how these athletes are eating 100 to 200g of carbs each day and look so good and fit and energetic while these people trying these stupid diets look like they force themselves to like everything they are eating😂

  7. You can tell she is really a rude person but tries to act nice and polite in her videos, you can see it in her eyes and body language

  8. Dirty keto …u can eat veggies on keto to make this healthy the fajita veggies consist of onions and peppers hold the onion and eat the peppers for vitamin A and fiber as well as vitamin C… it’s also way too much protein if you eat too much protein the protein converts to sugar and throws you out of ketosis the guacamole without onion would have been an awesome addition to add healthy fat as well as added fiber …. This is really dirty keto

  9. I'm a carnivore but I do most of my own cooking. I'll have to try this at my local Mexican restaurant.

  10. I don’t understand how this is better. All you want is meat. You could of paid the same for a full fajitas plate

  11. This is so bad for u, dairy gives u unnecessary hormones that your body doesn’t need. Not to mention that the milk used to make the cheese was stolen from a baby cow who needs that milk from their mom. there are also absolutely NO veggies wtf. SMH 🤦🏽‍♀️

  12. I’ve been seeing these carnivore videos and just curious as to the reasoning for this diet. Is it just a personal choice or is there a meaning behind it? Not shaming, just curious

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