Podcast – Discussing Keto For Fighters

boxer keto diet
boxer keto diet

Looking for boxer keto diet ??

Watch the whole video from the proof user who explains in detail below.

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Is a Keto diet a good idea for fighters? When is it useful?

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10 thoughts on “Podcast – Discussing Keto For Fighters”

  1. As a martial artist I can honestly say that for me ketones are a much better energy source than glucose. I have more energy as well as better mental focus.

  2. There’s no way one can efficiently hit Muay Thai pads on keto. Boxing maybe, but after speed kicks on keto you will pass out or throw up.

  3. Your body still produces glucose & glycogen in a keto-adapted state from lactate via the Cori Cycle, as well as the glycerol backbone of triglycerides, free fatty acids and in a severely famished state amino acids like alanine. Studies by Jeff Volek & Stephen Phinney show no difference in glycogen replenishment between high carb and keto adapted Elite athletes despite both groups depleting muscle glycogen in a max effort exercise test

  4. Alactic is creating-phosphagen (sp?) energy system, the capacity of which can be trained and developed. Is it optimal? Nah. Can it work? Theoretically. Stay hydrated/supplement with electrolyte tablets takes care of lethargy.

  5. I was on keto for 2 weeks and i burned a lot of fat, never had abs until then, great for fat burning but you’re right on the explosive part, it’d be efficient using it for a week before a fight in pro fights for the weigh in

  6. I find that when I have fatty foods like coconut oil,fish etc my mental concentration is sharp, I would love to translate this mental edge into my football lasting for 90 minutes. My questions now is will a keto diet be able to last me 90 minutes in a football match, with the added mental edge, especially if I go to penalities? Thank you for reading

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